These Are The Top 5 Upgrades For Your Coyote Mustang

In the world of the Mustang, the newest engine has quickly asserted its dominance. The Coyote 5.0 liter V8 has been a massive hit since its debut in 2011 with the S197 Mustang, and has made itself a force in the S550 Mustangs now. Since its debut, the Coyote has been shown to be incredibly versatile for different uses, even finding its way into the F-150 pickup truck outside of the Mustang line. With the most performance-oriented and upgrade-ready Mustang V8 in decades, the Coyote offers power, precision, durability, and versatility for the Mustang enthusiast.

The Coyote Mustang is able to perform well above its weight class, and modifications help it do even more. When you begin modifying your Coyote Mustang, the options are nearly endless. However, there are some upgrades that do stand out for these cars more than others. Like many Mustangs, there are many upgrades that are common across the board, but the top modifications for these cars are different from many of the ones before. If you are looking to get the most out of your car, then you can not afford to miss a select few types of upgrades, as well as what exact mods in those groups.

Aerodynamics Intake Shifter Exhaust Wheels and Tires

mustang front splitter

Coyote Aerodynamics Upgrades

With the Coyote engine, the Mustang is able to put out a lot more power with fewer upgrades. With more power, you need more handling to ensure your car stays on the road at higher speeds, whether on the road or on the race track. With proper aerodynamic changes, you can get your Mustang to handle upgraded power output. These changes include rear wings such as the Steeda Functional Race Wing on the S550 platform as well as front splitters, both of which help redirect air around the car to keep it more stable on the road. With upgraded aerodynamics, your Mustang will handle better than ever before because of the extra downforce on the car.

mustang rear spoiler

As you increase downforce through the use of spoilers, splitters, and other add-ons, you can improve your handling at speed which makes your car both safer and faster. While the rear spoiler helps add downforce over the rear wheels to help prevent loss of traction while cornering, front splitters help add grip over the front end of the car while reducing drag. On the S550 chassis, adding on the Steeda Mustang GT Front Chin Splitter has shown proven benefits over running without one. Running your Coyote Mustang with a front chin splitter helps redirect high pressure air that would be going under your car elsewhere, helping you maintain control over your car under hard driving. As a result, your Coyote Mustang will be able to make full use of its power and can corner more aggressively as well as being able to accelerate harder too.

steeda air intake

Coyote Intake Upgrade

If you intend to get serious power out of your Coyote motor, you need to make sure it can breathe properly. As an engine runs higher in the RPM range over longer times, the engine can get heat soaked which will lead to a drop in power and can damage the engine if not given proper time to cool down. If you want to get longer life and higher performance out of your Coyote engine, or any in general, the addition of a cold air intake is guaranteed to help your car last. On the Coyote motor, adding one such as the Steeda GT ProFlow Cold Air Intake helps prevent heat soak and can work with tuning software to bring out over 30 more horsepower with what is one of the simplest performance upgrades on the market.

tri-ax shifter

Coyote Shifter Upgrade

Whether on the road or the track, ensuring you have a proper setup for your Coyote Mustang is incredibly important. Regarding performance for a manual gearbox, a smooth and direct shifter makes a massive difference, and when it comes to those paired to the Coyote motor, the Steeda Tri-Ax Street Short Throw Shifter is one of the best options for your car. These shifters are specially designed to enhance the shift feel while shortening the distance between gear throws, connecting you even more to your car and enhancing the driving experience. With a motor as expressive as the Coyote, upgrading to a short throw shifter like this will change your driving experience immensely.

coyote steeda exhaust

Coyote Exhaust Upgrade

A defining upgrade for any Mustang, upgrading the exhaust on a Coyote Mustang is generally one of the first upgrades to be made for the car. These engines are known for being loud, sporty, and aggressive - all while still giving the classic muscle car sound that the Mustang is known for. For this reason, upgrading your exhaust is one of the top five upgrades you could do for your Coyote-powered Ford Mustang. An expressive exhaust system can bring out more personality for your Coyote Mustang and will also improve horsepower on the road. Adding an exhaust such as a Steeda Mustang GT Axle Back Exhaust brings out the sound you want your Mustang to make while adding power to the car as well. As one of the most popular and most enjoyable upgrades to your Coyote Mustang, both the S197 and the S550 generations benefit from power gains as well which is part of why these upgrades are so popular.

str wheels

Coyote Wheel and Tire Upgrade

While many people may not think about upgrades outside of exhaust and engine work, one of the most important upgrades you could do is also one of the most important parts of your car. Whether you have stock horsepower output or are boosted to near quadruple-digit numbers you need to make sure you have proper tires on your Mustang. Running on proper tires for your car’s performance can make or break your Coyote Mustang’s drivability. If you want to ensure that your car can actually put down power or can hold the road when it needs to make quick movements on the track. A set of proper high performance all-season tires, such as the Falken FK453, is a great way to ensure performance year round while also not having to worry much about issues.

Like tires, a good set of wheels can change the driving feel and performance of your Coyote Mustang too. Different wheels can weigh down or lighten your Mustang by a good bit, with some wheels weighing enough to actually impact acceleration negatively. For your Coyote Mustang, you want a wheel that will complement the looks of your car as well as the performance, meaning a lightweight cast wheel is the perfect pairing for your Coyote Mustang. Our 20” ST-R Gunmetal Staggered Mustang Wheel is a low-pressure cast wheel, resulting in more strength and less weight, making it a perfect wheel to run on your Mustang to keep weight down while ensuring that you can fit wide enough tires to keep traction on the street after power upgrades are done.

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