Here's What We Know About The 2022 Ford Bronco Colors

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It is no surprise that the Ford Bronco is taking the world by storm with its rugged and aggressive looks, good power, and massive following. Aside from some very slight roof issues, the Bronco has been one of the single most successful mass-production vehicle launches in years. For 2021 the Bronco finally hit the market and dealerships have not been able to keep them on the lots, even with major dealer markups bringing some prices up well over $70,000. With their first year of production nearing the end already, the Bronco is getting ready for a big second year to seriously take over the SUV market.

The Bronco is set to be a major success in 2022 even with the current chip shortage as orders are still pouring in as the vehicle sits right now. That said, there are major changes coming to the Bronco most likely for 2022 including finally getting the Bronco Warthog model, plus all new options. One of the most visually appealing parts, however, is that there seems to be all-new colors joining the Bronco’s already colorful palette to make the road as well as a nearly full-fledged off-road model more vibrant than ever before. With Ford revamping other vehicle color options as well, it is exciting to see which colors are available on the MY2022 Bronco.

Rollover Colors New Colors Bronco Raptor

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Bronco Rollover Colors

According to some sources, there are eight colors that will be rolling over from the MY2021 Ford Bronco. These colors are very popular options for the vehicle, and although there have not been any announcements on which colors will be added to the list it is safe to guess what will be added as a result of the new colors for the 2022 Mustang being leaked recently as well. As it sits, the Bronco offers some fan favorites like Area 51, Cactus Gray, Race Red, Oxford White, and more. It is unsure about the future of the debut color Cyber Orange going by a Ford spokesperson, but hopefully this color stays on the options list since it is a definite departure from the humdrum colors of most SUVs.

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With these colors expected to roll over into the MY2022 Bronco, some of the more unique colors will still be available. Like Cyber Orange, the Bronco debuted in Area 51 as well which is an eye-catching green and blue-tinted gray color unlike anything else on the road. Both Area 51 and Cactus Gray stand out even among other gray vehicles, and Race Red is more vibrant than many red options from other brands as well. While we wished that more of the bright colors would be staying, we are looking forward to the colors that should be replacing those.

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Bronco New Colors

While Ford has yet to confirm anything regarding new paint jobs, there have been rumors about some new colors joining the lineup. With both Antimatter Blue and Velocity Blue possibly leaving the color list (according to leaked information) in addition to Rapid Red and possibly Cyber Orange, the color lineup is in need of more vibrant options. While the new Mustang is on the way with new color options itself, it is possible that some of these new colors might work their way onto the Bronco for MY2022. With the Bronco being an enthusiast vehicle, some color sharing would make sense, so it is possible that colors like Oil Slick Blue-Purple, Grabber Blue, Eruption Green (which has been confirmed), and Code Orange will be making an appearance on the MY2022 Ford Bronco to keep the lineup vibrant enough for enthusiasts to enjoy. Additionally, Ford has said they would be bringing Hot Pepper Red out for the Bronco as well

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Bronco Raptor

Additionally, it is very possible that there will be a color not yet announced joining the Bronco’s lineup. With the yet-unreleased Bronco Raptor still waiting to be unveiled for public purchase, there has been recent speculation that there will be a model-specific color for it to go with the offroad or animal-based name. For such a dedicated off-road variant, a special-edition color option would be unsurprising, but until Ford announces it themselves there is no solid proof that they would move forward with it, just as the only Mustang to get Ford Performance Blue was the GT500 model. These model-specific paint options are not uncommon, with Fighter Jet Gray only available on the Mach 1 initially and Cyber Orange only being available on the Mach E and Bronco at first too.

2022 Ford Bronco Paint Colors

Paint Code Paint Colors
KU Area 51
NE Cactus Gray
M7 Carbonized Gray
SB Cyber Orange Metallic
JS Iconic Silver
YZ Oxford White
G1 Shadow Black
FA Eruption Green
CN Code Orange (Raptor Only)
EA Hot Pepper Red
Desert Sand (Everglades Only)

Image Credit: Ford Media, Motortrend, Bronco6G

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