Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Bumpstop Kit (2015-2019)

Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Bumpstop Kit (2015-2019)
555 4445

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Product Install Instructions

Product Benefits

  • Prevents damage and fatigue to the shocks
  • Adaptable for various vehicle ride heights
  • Direct replacement of stock components

Once again Steeda has paved the way for you to take your 2015-2019 S550 Mustang to the next level with the Adjustable Bumpstop Kit. Designed and engineered in-house specifically for the S550 Mustang, these bumpstops are made from high-impact polyurethane which makes them stiffer than factory and prevent damage to the shocks, and other suspension components. The adjustable feature gives the customer the ability to use the kit on a stock or lowered ride height vehicle. This means no trimming of the factory bumpstops in order to maintain a safe and quality ride on lowered vehicles.

Works with all stock shocks and struts EXCEPT GT350 MagnaRide (NOTE: The shocks on the Performance Pack (PP) models has a smaller diameter shaft. Our bumpstops will work, but they will not fit as tight.) Retains stock boots.

For Steeda Springs 555-8208, 555-8209. 555-8210, and 555-8212 : Both are to be used at SHORT height

For Steeda Springs 555-8214,555-8222, 555-8211, and 555-8213 : Both are to be used at SHORT height

Fits ALL Steeda and Koni shocks and struts. Vogtland, KW, and Roush Front will work, rears are under testing.

MPN: 555-4445

Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information
Tools Required: Shop Tools
Time of Install: 15 minutes if doing spring\shock install
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

hey guys this is John from Steeda. I'm here this week to give another tech tip on something that's really left out often and kind of goes under the radar. It's your bump stops I get a lot of calls every week from people who put Springs on their cars and they say “hey, you know my car's riding really bumpy right now” or “hey it's handling a little bit weird” And a lot of times the problem is this right here. See the factory ones? It's pretty spongy. You can move it around. It's that way just because it's made from the factory. The car is gonna hit it. That's how the car is designed on these, but when you lower it it screws that all up. These over time will degrade and fall apart. These are one of the front's and you can see they're gonna start to fade a little bit. This week we're going to focus on the rear bumps stops and this is what your stock one looks like. It fits on a stock shock. I got one of our steeda right here. Sits like this underneath the dust boot and what they do is it stops the shock from going too far down and cause any damage to it. Now there's a stock suspension. it's about only about an inch away from the bump stop on stock springs which is fine and dandy if you don't have lowering springs and I know aftermarket shocks anything like that. the problem is when you lower it it's sitting on top of this all the time and it's creating an artificial spring rate we like to avoid. Then it's something what we've learned in our years and years of racing so we're gonna show you how to fix that today. So the first thing we do is just toss that we're gonna go to one of our Steeda sets right here and these are a two-piece design and it lets you just choose the height based on if you have a minimum drop spring or a stock spring versus a real lowering spring. Now if you're using the shock or something that drops at less than half an inch you're going to run both of these put together, like this. Now if we're doing one of our lowering springs like our Steeda sport progresses, which is our most popular spring, you're gonna run it like this. So, quick and easy way to get the dust boot, put on this is just to drop this on it and let it go to all the way down. Take the dust boot, drop it all the way down and kind of walk it down on top of it and it pops on like that. Pull it back off. Now we're going under the assumption we're putting one of our Steeda sport progressive springs onto that. So I'm just going to drop the o-ring on top of the shock right here. Walk it down, just sit it a little below that. We're gonna leave this one out because that's only for stock springs and minimum drop. We're just gonna drop this right on top here. Put your fingers on top push it down a little bit until it's right here under the lip. Congratulations, you've now reassembled your shock. All you need to do is put the shock back together on top. Stick it in the car and you're good to go. This is something that I can't stress enough. A lot of shops, if you take it to your everyday automotive shop to put the springs on, they don't know this stuff and it's really not their fault they're not specialists so you just remember if you take it there they got to trim the bump stops or the better way to do it is install the Steeda adjustable bump stop kit. And also I've got the front's out here just to show you it's the same deal. The front's come apart in two pieces. For stock or a minimum drop you're gonna run it as the big part. For aftermarket springs like our Steeda upper sport progressives, our steeda or competition springs, you're gonna run the single upper larger part. So I hope this has really helped you guys out and giving you a little bit of an idea of what to look for next time you're putting the springs in a car and having somebody to put them in. If you've got any questions give us a call at 954-967-0774. Ask from me, John, or just you know, send us a message on the live chat, send us an email we're more than happy to help you out. Speed matters that it matters to you. We want you guys to win thanks for tuning in.

Customer Reviews

Excellent Product!
This product might seem benign, but it provided an ease of conscience that would otherwise not exist when cutting the stock bumpstops. My sport progressives on my non adjustable pro actions have the perfect stance and fitment. I will spend $50 to get a perfect fit product rather than risk it myself anyday!
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles, California. on 12/14/2017
There are no reviews for this product!

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