Steeda S550 Mustang Adjustable Swaybar Endlinks (2015-2023)

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Steeda's adjustable stay-bar endlinks make a great upgrade for the stock endlinks as well as the perfect dual purpose street/open track piece.

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Steeda's adjustable stay-bar endlinks make a great upgrade for the stock endlinks as well as the perfect dual purpose street/open track piece. For street applications these endlinks are as quiet as the factory units. They will not add NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) like rod end units.

This swaybar endlink kit also fits the S550 GT500

Product Benefits:
  • No added NVH
  • Stronger than OEM endlinks
  • Limited lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from, here today to show you our Adjustable Sway Bar Endlinks for the S550 Mustang. The purpose of the sway bar end links is to connect the sway bars to the suspension. Now we talked in our other videos about the sway bar and the effects that they have on the car, the positive effects of course. Now we also talked about how the sway bars mount to the chassis with D brackets. Well they amount at the suspension with endlinks and thus here we are. Due to their location the sway bar endlinks play a key role to the way that the suspension especially the anti-roll bars work. Now this is important because as the suspension compresses and rebounds the endlinks will move with it. Again they attach at the front to the strut, at the rear to the control arms. So with each movement of the control arms or the struts, the end link has to move and it's going to push against the sway bar. Now driving down the road these will work in unison. Suspensions going to travel, again assuming the roads flat it's going to travel equal side to side left to right. The endlinks are going to control the sway bar, there's not going to be any real tension against one side or the other. Now as we get into a roll situation again whether we're carving canyons going to an autocross event or a track day when the car wants to lean it's really up to the endlink to communicate with the sway bar or physically work against the sway bar or with the sway bar. So as you go into a roll situation, this sides going to ultimately push against this side and this side even though it's unloaded is actually trying to pull up against the spring. So lets you get your anti-roll your sway bar set up but the end links are what are making this happen at the most important points. So why change your factory endlinks. One reason strength. We use high-grade components including aerospace aluminum for the connecting collar as well as hardened steel for the ball studs. This ensures a lifetime of durability regardless of what sway bar you use these with. Now that's also important to note that these are compatible with the factory sway bar, any of our Steeda sway bars including our massive 1.5 inch front sway bar as well as other aftermarket bars that can be matched with the factory endlinks. Another reason to upgrade to our adjustable endlinks is, adjustability. Now a lot of you have lowered your cars are planned to lower your car very soon and when you do this you inadvertently change the position of the sway bar. It changes the angle of the arms. Our adjustable end links will allow you to bring that back to the factory angle and this will bring back the effectiveness of the sway bar. Whether it be a factory bar or aftermarket bars. The adjustability of our endlinks is also paramount when used in conjunction with adjustable sway bars like ours. Where you can adjust it from a stiffer position to a middle position to a softer position and with each of these positions means you may need to adjust the length of the end link. Longer or shorter to bring the sway bar back to the factory angle. This also means that while the cars suspension is a static state you can make sure that there's no additional preload or artificial spring rate into the sway bars. What this means is that from the factory and really anytime you lower the car whatever it might be, there's little variances left to right, corner to corner in the car and this can create an artificial spring rate. Meaning that the sway bar may have just a little bit of tension on one side which might actually create a little bit of ride height difference on the other side. So by doing this you can actually run the endlinks at slightly different lengths to take away any type of preload on the sway bar. This means the car will be perfectly balanced left to right and especially if you're auto crossing the car going to track days you will notice this difference. We've also made the unlinks very easy to adjust so that you don't have to remove them. Any changes can be made on the car simply by turning the collar to either lengthen or shorten the end links to the desired length. Our end links are direct replacement for the factory pieces and don't require any modifications to the car. We also back these with our lifetime guarantee. We offer these as a complete set or as front or rear sets. We proudly manufacture them in the USA out of Valdosta Georgia facility. Tell us what sway bars do you have our endlinks paired with. If you have any questions or comments post them below. If you enjoyed the content of this video please be sure to share with other like-minded enthusiasts. Don't forget to follow us on social media and most of all have a great day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 30 Minutes
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

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