Steeda Mustang GT/V6/BOSS 302/GT500 Jacking Rails (2005-2014)

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Steedas S197 Mustang jacking rails for the GT, V-6 ,Boss 302, & GT500 allow you to jack up your Mustang with confidence anywhere along the jacking rail, preventing damage to your factory pinch welds.These will fit fastback coupe & convertible 2005,2006,2007,20

Part Number: 555 5209
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The team at Steeda has come out with a product all S197 Mustang customers have been waiting for: Ultra Lite Low-Profile Chassis Jacking Rails! Made in-house from the same material we have used to keep Fox Mustangs from flexing for 25+ years, these Jacking Rails feature CAD-designed, laser cut, high-strength steel brackets and stout 2" x 1-1/2" steel tubing.

Powdercoated wrinkle black for a low key, yet durable finish, these will last a lifetime under your 2005-2014Ford Mustang. Unlike the competition, Steeda includes zinc-plated, flange-headed, grade 10.9 hardware - a simple bolt-in design that can be removed at any time as they use factory mounting holes. These allow you to jack up your Mustang with confidence anywhere along the jacking rail, preventing damage to your factory pinch welds. They provide a great point for jack stands and 2 post lifts.

Lastly, these will work with Steeda Mustang Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace without interference. The rigid factory S197 chassis does not require subframe connectors but added chassis stiffening with minimal weight increase can be realized by fitting Steeda 555 5551 braces. The 555 5551 also provides for even more jacking points when used with jacking rails. Steeda's new Ultra Lite Low-Profile Chassis Jacking Rails add convenience and function to your American made muscle car.

Fits Fastback coupe & convertible 2005-2014

Note: Will fit 2012-13 BOSS 302 Mustang, or any S197 Mustang equipped with the BOSS 302 quad-exhaust system.

Product Benefits
  • Allows you to jack up your S197 pony car anywhere along the jacking rail, preventing damage to your factory pinch welds
  • Will work with Steeda Mustang Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace without interference
  • Made in the USA using high-grade materials

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda and we've got something for you to be jacked up about. The Jacking Rails for the Ford Mustang S197 model years 2005-2014.     The Jacking Rails are named appropriately so they're Jacking Rails designed for you to raise and lower the car with more convenience versus trying to find the small locating tabs. I could say that's the end of the video but those of you that know me and the videos that we do, know there's plenty more content here. So let's carry on with their importance and how we make them. Alright first the importance. If you're doing work in your own garage or taking it to the local shop it's going to make locating the jacking points much easier because you have this full length to utilize the jack, to raise the car. Most of the time you can go centered right underneath the mirror or just behind the mirror and raise one whole side of the car with the jack. Obviously all safety concerns need to be followed here as far as jack stands and not being under a car without it being properly supported. The idea is for these to make that all easier. So simply put you put your jack under the front the back or toward the middle to raise an entire side of the car. This is great if you're at the drag strip, autocross or track day and you need to swap out tires or do some work to the car. It's also great if you're doing a long-term project any you need to put the car on jack stands at all four corners. You can utilize the full space you can go just to the front or just to the back and securely raise the car. From the factory Ford utilizes these small pinch welds and it's great for that scissor jack in a bind if you're stuck on the side of the road and need to replace a tire. They aren't really designed to host the jack and or the jack stands as far as what you're going to use in a garage. We're assuming that using a nice proper floor jack if you even try to use anywhere else along that pinch weld it's likely going to fold over. Even if you run into a job that's just a little bit too big to do at home, whether it's a space constraint, a tool constraint or all the above and you have to take the car to a shop. The shop will appreciate the jacking rails and the reason being is instead of them having to extend the legs of their lift really far underneath the car to try to catch the mounting points of the subframe, they can simply go to the jacking rail. What's really important and cool about this is it also saves them from having to extend those pads really high up because some of the shops that simply don't care unfortunately they do exist. Some of the shops that simply don't take quite as much care of your car as you would, sometimes can damage the rocker panels. So by having the jacking rails further out at the pinch welds not having the lift go so far into the car it helps prevent that makes it easier for the shop. They're happy and you're happy.   The Steeda Jacking Rails are constructed of high grade steel and the area that you'll utilize for jack stands or to raise the car is made of two inch by one inch steel. The two inch wide portion allows you to set the jack stands and or the jack under it easily. The one inch depth allows it to both be low profile meaning it sits up and close to the car but come down just far enough that's easy to locate so you can see past the pinch welds to the jacking rail. Once again making it easy to work on. If you're at the track if you're simply trying to get something done in the garage it makes it nice and easy to locate once again you take the car to the shop they will love the fact that you have these on the car.   The mounting brackets at each end are laser cut and then welded to the Jacking Rails. We finished these off in a black powder coat for durability and corrosion resistance. These are also backed by our lifetime warranty and proudly manufactured in the USA out of Valdosta, Georgia facility because Speed Matters!   Installation of these is really straightforward, we do recommend putting the car onto a drive on lift because the front subframe needs to be lowered a little bit. This also brings us to our next point, those front bolts the factory bolts due to the age of the car not that they're necessarily getting old but let's face it, the cars came out in 2005. Some of you guys are working on a car that's got some time on it. The reality is that as you're pulling those bolts out the threads may get marred a little bit and more importantly the threads in the body may also be well not in the best shape. So we do recommend a tap and die set and if those bolts really look pretty ugly contact your local Ford dealership ahead of time and get a couple of those replacement bolts. The rear bolts are provided. They're zinc plated for corrosion resistance as well. Now a couple of things that you can do to make your life a little bit easier, throughout the duration of these once again use a jack that has a jacking pad on it that's made of rubber or polyurethane, something to protect the powder coat. Same thing on your jack stands make sure they've got the rubber boots or the polyurethane boots on the ends of them to keep the surface of the jacking rail nice and clean. These things are subjected to a lot of elements being underneath the car and although you don't see them, anything you can do to help protect them will obviously help you in the long run.   If you have any questions or comments please post them below. If you've installed these already and have some tips like removing some of the seam sealer especially on the later S197s to get these things to fit up perfectly square, definitely post those below as our viewers love to see your feedback. Be sure to follow us on Social Media as well to see the latest and greatest things that we're up to with our Mustangs as well as other Ford vehicles and go to to learn more about the Jacking Rails as well as so many of the other products we offer for the S197 Mustang and other Ford vehicles. Thank you so much for watching and have a phenomenal day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

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Retired tech
Excellent, well fitting and effective product!
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Dropped Stang
So my intent was to "drop" my car to get rid of the truck like ride height. I'm working with a 2008 Mustang GT/CS convertible. I did NOT like the idea of jacking the car in the air via pinch welds or trying to get a low profile jack under the rear pumpkin (once lowered). So, I figured the Steeda bolt in jacking rails were worth a shot... Boy have they've worked nicely... It was a bit of a challenge with a convertible as you need to remove (2) bolts per side and slide the jacking rail tabs under the "extra" support structure for the convertible (this is NOT on coupes) and it was a challenge to pry the factory front chassis support down while sliding the jacking rails into place. Everything bolted up fine once in position. They hang about 1/2" lower than the car rocker panel skirting. It's really cool how you can lift the entire side of the car by placing a floor jack anywhere along the length of the jacking rail. It's so much easier to get the car up in the air for any type of work. Definitely worth the effort if you perform your own maintenance.
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These jacking rails are a "Must Have" for all Mustang owners. Makes jacking the car a "No Brainer." No more crushed pinch rail, and lifts the entire right, or left side of the car from one position per side. Easy to install, even for someone with beginning mechanical skills. Money well spent. Again............. All Mustang owns should purchase this product !
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What a simple effective solution
Finally got my rails installed. Went on just as advertised. Didn’t take more than about an hour to install. Fit was perfect. What I like most is I can still put jack stands in the correct place on the pinch welds. I know a lot of people put jack stands elsewhere but I try and follow manufactures recommendations to the letter. An elegant simple solution for every S197 owner who doesn’t have their own lift.
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Worth the money spent
I was impressed on how simple and easy these installed they make jacking my 2012 Mustang gt easy and when you tie them together with the steeda touqre box it really stiffens up the chassis if the car
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Jacking rails
Obviously makes jacking up the car less of an issue. My goal was to make using my QuickJack lift more stable. My QuickJack is not the extended length version so the rear jacking point does not get to the factory cutout pinch weld location. Before getting these rails I ended up using rubber blocks on the pitch weld…not a great way to go. Now with these rails I am lifting on a very secure surface. I also painted the ends of each rail with safety yellow paint to make seeing the ends more easily in low light situations. I am also thinking that if the car ever has to go to a dealer / service location, the service technician will see the bright yellow areas and realize that there are jacking rails installed.
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Jacking Rails
They work great and were super easy to install.
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Verified Buyer  
These are a must to lift the vehicle more conveniently and easily, and save wear and tear on the pinch welds. Installation was straightforward, but plan on running a tap through the rear mounting locations before installing.The rear holes are unprotected and will likely have surface rust and debris impeding bolt placement.
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Steeda Jacking Rails
Wanting to save my pinch points, I purchased a set of these Steeda Jacking Rails that was promptly shipped to me and after looking them over and seeing the professionalism in the product, I installed them in about 30 minutes and they fit like they were OEM. They work fantastic
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Your item was great. Second time I’ve purchased.
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
I give this a thumbs up. Without the rails, it was hard to find a solid spot to jack up my 2005 GT. Now I can put the jack in the center and lift the whole side at once. Downfall ...just wish they had been 1 foot longer to extend back farther.
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Jacking rails
I added these as I am a home garage person without a lift, and this makes jacking the Mustang much easier Easy to install.
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Well made, clear's side exhaust
The product came well packaged with a piece of cardboard placed between the rails and both ends tightly wrapped with heat shrinkage plastic wrap and bubble wrap. If you exercise care the rails can be unwrapped with no damage to the excellent finish.The instructions are very good, I'm not giving them an excellent rating because they did not provide torque specs for the bolts or mentioned the use of medium thread locker. But to help those who may purchase this product according to the Service Manual the 18mm headed bolts on the Front Subframe (incorrectly referred to as Cross Brace in the instructions) should be 85 lbs-ft, and the 15mm headed bolts to secure the rear of the Jacking Rails should be 46 lbs-ft. I recommend using medium thread locker (blue) on all 8 bolts. As to installation I would not attempt to do so without having the car lifted whether on a drive-on lift or put on jack stands (not on the pinch welds, that area must be kept clear in order to install the rails!). After removing the front subframe bolts you'll need to use 2 screwdrivers to pry the subframe downward to gain about 1/8-3/16 inch clearance to slip the front plate of Jacking Rail. Center the bolt holes in the rail openings and start at the rear and work toward the front in securing the rail to the car. Obviously, pull the screwdriver from under the Front Subframe before tightening those bolts.My car has not been driven on wet roads and is kept in the garage when not driven. The two threaded openings, on each side of the car, used to secure the rear of the Jacking Rails may be rusted or have debris. If so, determine the diameter and thread pitch and obtain a tap to clean out the threads before attempting to install the new bolts provided. After, spray the threads with BrakeKleen or similar and allow the solvent to evaporate before installing the bolts with thread locker.The exposure (or non-coverage) of the rear-most pinch weld is not an issue as there is plenty of bracing of that weld at this location. I use a QuickJack to lift the car with these rails and it worked perfectly with a rubber supports placed at the back pinch welds and another near the front of the Jacking Rails. I have not tried supporting the car with Jack Stands placed within the length of the Jacking Rails. As I mentioned in the title, there is no interference with the Boss' side exhaust.
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Sweet ,and nesserary Add on.
Went on nice ,perfect bolt hole location, put the car on jack stands on the rails as soon as I got them on,solid as a rock. :tip get a tap and chase out the rear threads with penetrating oil to clean out the body threads on the back. Get a mirror to align the front holes ,use a small hammer to bang the bar around to align the holes before putting the body k member screws back in. Awesome product,must have for all us shade tree guys with no lift.last pic =rain delay??
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Almost a must have...
Got tired of using a pinch weld adapter every time I changed the oil or rotated my tires. Getting the jack lined up was always a pain in the butt. My Bullitt is lowered about 2 on H&R Super Sport springs so I was concerned about clearance but these sit about 1/4-3/8 below the pinch weld. Still have to rock the car a bit to get a jack with a puck under there but still way easier than trying to line up the jack with the adapter. The fact that you can raise the whole side of the car is a major plus for rotating tires. These rails also make it so much easier to get 2 jack stands under the car. Getting the front mounts to line up was a bit of a pain having to pry down the k-member but if you can just get it started, using a rubber mallet to tap it the rest of the way works great. I was able to do this install by myself with a couple of 2x4 under the front wheels for work clearance. I would definitely recommend these to anyone who works on their Mustang.
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Verified Buyer  
A little more tricky on a convertible.
Not too bad to install, but on the convertible you not only have to pry up the front sub frame but you also have to loosen the 3 bolts on each side of the rear support brace and pry up the front of the rear support brace and slide the rear side of the jacking rail under the rear support brace which is actually a bit harder than prying up the front side.
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Verified Buyer  
Great Product.
To jack up my Mustang I had to crawl around on the garage floor to position a floor jack on jacking points, not on the pinch rail. As I get older this has become very difficult to do. The jacking rail allows me to position my jack without getting on the floor and I can do the whole side at once. It not only protects the pinch rail, but also my side splitters.
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Verified Buyer  
fit like a glove
Put these on my 2010 Shelby , fit and finish was perfect, steeda products are top notch.
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Verified Buyer  
Wanna save you pinch welds then it's a must have.
They went on my 2014 Mustang GT flawlessly. I see some people mentioned about them being longer. If you have Steeda Frame rail and Torque Box Brace you will see why Steeda went to the bolt holes they did. I believe running these and the Steeda Frame Rails and Torque Box Braces together make the car stronger. I have them both welded in. It could be in my mind but the car feels way more solid and I hear no more rattles or other noises.
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It is my suggestion to STEEDA that they make a full length jacking rail
I HIGHLY recommend having an 11/32 and M10x1.5 tap on hand to clean out the threads otherwise you will have a bad time. Now on for the review. Like many STEEDA products these jacking rails scream quality. I bought these jacking rails because STEEDA is the only company that I know of that has a bolt in solution. The powder coating appears to be tough and durable and I wanted a quicker solution to swapping out tires at the track, these let me do that. The reason for 4 out of 5 stars is because these jacking rails do not go all the way back to the rear pinch point jacking location, they could if they were longer but they do not, I was disappointed at this because I would like the jacking rails to extend the full length of the pinch weld so it is easier to lift the vehicle via hydraulic lift. It is my suggestion to STEEDA that they make a full length jacking rail since there are bolt holes at the rear of the vehicle in the same location where the rear of the jacking rail bolts in now just 8-10 inches further back.
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Very nice product
Very nice product, ridiculously easy to install!!
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Jacking Rails... Awesome! Another great product by Steeda.
So far i've done all mod work to my 2010 GT myself, in my garage, and on jack stands. I was looking for a way to save physical abuse to the pinch welds. I was watching Mustang Lifestyle on YouTube and saw them put Steeda bolt-on jacking rails on an S550 Mustang. Awesome! I was happy to see Steeda created some for the S197. When I saw they were available, I order them. Installation was easy. Being from Minnesota (my Mustang sits undercover during the winter months), the back two holes had a bit of crud and surface rust in them. To clean out the two 15mm bolt holes, I used a slightly undersized imperial tap and WD40 to clean the threads (tap, rinse, repeat). Job done! Now I am chomping at the bit to go out for a ride, but I will have to wait for the snow to melt and the salt to be washed away. Back to the S197 Jacking Rails... Awesome! Another great product by Steeda.
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