Steeda Mustang Frame Rail & Torque Box Brace (2005-2014)

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Steeda S197 Ford Mustang Frame Rail & Torque Box Braces are compact and light weight. They tie together the inner/outer frame rails and the rear lower control arm mount for better handling for more stable cornering. Made from 4130 Chrome Moly and silver p

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We spent countless hours figuring out where the S197 Mustangs could benefit most from chassis stiffening. Here is the end result. There are several vendors out there treating your S197 like it was an old fox body, making large braces for areas that are not weak on your S197 and that add a lot of unnecessary weight.

We took a strategic approach with Steeda's 3-point torque box and frame rail braces. These braces are made from 4130 Chrome Moly material. This material is twice as strong as mild steel and half the weight of mild steel.

These braces are compact and light weight. They are much lighter than the unnecessary braces many competitors offer and specifically designed for the needs of the S197 Mustang. They tie together the inner/outer frame rails and the rear lower control arm mount. One of the few areas on the S197 that could use additional bracing.

Our braces are gray powdercoated and come with mounting hardware. They can be bolted with our supplied hardware or welded in place for maximum effectiveness.

Note: Does not fit convertible Mustangs. Also, will not fit Boss 302 Mustang, or any Mustang equipped with the Boss 302 quad-exhaust system.

U.S. Patent Pending

Product Benefits
  • 4130 Chrome Moly Design for Hardcore use also
  • Better handling for more stable cornering
  • Helps prevent and eliminate squeaks and rattles

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda featuring a couple pieces that every S197 can benefit from, regardless if you're utilizing the car on the street autocross track days or drag racing possibly all the above. Stay tuned as we highlight these braces. The Mustang has really grown up over the years and the S197 was a big departure from the previous model in the Fox Body, SN95 and New Edge. They changed the chassis up, changed their control arms up and the whole idea here was to have a car that was not only going to be competitive with other cars on the market at the time but also be a safer car. Ford realized that a lot of people were daily driving these cars as well as going to the drag strip, autocross, track days or just as an enthusiast people were enjoying them on the weekend. Now with that said we always want more horsepower and torque, every single one of us does. Don't deny it, don't even try. We want more horsepower and torque. We want to enjoy the car. The reality is that the chassis can definitely be stiffened up, we've talked about it with the Rear Seat X Brace. That's a great way to stiffen up the chassis. Well so are these Subframe to Torque Box Connectors. We talked a little bit about the chassis in the fact that Ford changed things up well it actually has a set of inner rails and outer rails. These connect those two points and go a step further and connect to the torque box. The torque box is really just a fancy way of identifying where the rear lower control arms bolt to the chassis. It is incredibly important because you have to keep in mind the S197 has three control arms. One upper third link and then your two lower control arms and as the wheels are starting to turn and as there's torque and power moving through the rear tires the axle is actually driving the lower control arms forward and pushing on those forward mounts or torque boxes if you will and as that's happening if there's any deflection or flex in the chassis there, it's going to allow the axle to actually kind of articulate. It's not only causes wheel hop but it causes a lot of vagueness in the back of the car. We want to eliminate that! As noted these are braces so they go beyond just stiffening up that torque box. They also tighten up the chassis and this is very important regardless if you're Drag Racing, Autocrossing, Road Racing or simply enjoying the car on the street regardless of how much horsepower it's making. Anytime you can do something to the car and get better communication out of what the back of the car is doing, is better for you as a driver. You're going to be more confident you'll be able to control the car better and simply enjoy the car more. Obviously there's benefits as far as going to the racetrack in reaction times, 60-foot times of course then ET's as well as Autocross times, lap times coming down you guys get where we're going here there's countless benefits to these things. So again why not do it! Since we're firm believers that Weight is the Enemy of Performance we've constructed the Steeda braces of 4130 Chromoly Steel. It's lightweight and it's stiff. With regards to installation these can be bolted into place however we recommend having them professionally welded into place. If you're going to bolt them into place also note that over the years whether it be an early S197 to the later cars Ford continually updated their tooling and eventually started to get it ready for the S550. So some of the S197s don't even have provisions for the bolts that are provided. Keep this in mind as you're going into it, also because of this change in tooling some of the frame rails have actually come out a little bit thicker than others. Not to mention undercoating and other variations over the years. What this ultimately means is that these braces may need to be tapped into place with a little finesse, maybe a little bit more than finesse and ultimately welded into place to utilize the full benefits of them. Obviously provide everything needed to bolt them in but we would recommend welding them to get the full usage and full benefit of them. Do you have before and after experience with the Steeda Torque Box to Subframe Braces? If so definitely comment below and let some of our viewers know exactly what you felt as far as differences and let us know how much they've improved either your quarter mile times and or those lap times. So there you have it lightweight, strong and will make a great improvement to the feel of your S197 Mustang, the Steeda Torque Box to Subframe Braces will really change the dynamics of the car and in a good way. There is no downsides to these no noise vibration or harshness that's transferred back through the car, simply better communication reduced Wheel Hop and ultimately more performance out of your Mustang. If you enjoy the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts. Be sure to also hit the Subscribe Button so you stay in tune with what we're doing and see some other videos and Ring that Bell so that you get notifications as these videos are released. To learn more about these and many of the other great parts that we offer for the S197 Mustang and other Ford vehicles visit If you enjoyed the content of this video definitely share it with other Mustang enthusiasts and to see the latest and greatest things that we're doing with our Mustang and other Ford vehicles follow us on Social Media. We thank you so much for watching. Steeda, Speed Matters!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 45 Minutes
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, 3/8" Ratchet, 3/8" Extension, 10mm Wrench, 13mm Wrench, 15mm Wrench
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions
Install Video:

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Did the trick
These really did the trick right here added addition to the rest of my Steeda suspension components had them welded in place these help you a lot in cornering the car is really planted to the ground now thanks steeda for another great part for my S197
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Verified Buyer  
Frame rails
Put these on my mustang about 2 months ago. Car was fun to drive all ready but now, I love it. I feel like I'm driving a $200,000+ car the way it handles. To bad the car couldn't come stock like this. I love my mustang even more then ready.
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You want these Torque Braces!
Could tell a difference immediately, by the time I pulled out of the parking lot of the muffler/welding shop I noticed the change. This should be the first suspension mod period! Car is much tighter and sturdy, a lot less chassis flex. Don't put this upgrade off. My 2013 gt didn't have the center bolts on the 2 plastic brackets you have to remove, you reuse both cable bolts you have to take off to put bolt the brace on. Only had 4 bolts for each side, you get 6 from Steeda and reuse cable bolts. Braces might be right up on the gas tank shield but it not an issue.
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These went in very smoothly. Th volts provided were a pinch too big, but served well to position the braces for welding. Immediately felt the difference in the tightness stiffness of the car. Time to install with a lift was less than 1 hour.
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Three Point SN197 Rear Torque Box and Support Brace
Installed it by welding, had a pro do the job in about 45 min including painting the welded areas. I haven't had it on the track yet but have hopes it will help tighten up the rear suspension, I already have aftermarket upper and lower control arms and Champion adjustable shocks.
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Verified Buyer  
An overall better feeling/handling car
I have these Braces on my 2013 GT Premium. What a difference, makes the suspension work much better, better ride on the road. An overall better feeling/handling car.
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They solidified the vehicle chassis GREATLY
I had these welded in. Anyone planning on purchasing these and just throwing them under the car with bolts shouldn't. They will do nothing but increase vehicle weight unless you weld them.. They solidified the vehicle chassis GREATLY. These are the best on the market without question. Superbly built and quality materials. Other subframe connectors from the competition are heavier, they are bigger, they are not engineered with the Mustang in mind. Purchase this product if you are considering it.
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Ingenious design
I purchased this honestly not expecting a noticeable difference, it was more of a piece of mind item. After receiving and installing it, I couldn't be happier. The design is fantastic, it ties the frame rails to the lower control arm mounts- A fantastic addition when you're already swapping out your lower control arms. Super lightweight and a huge combined improvement in wheel hop and straight line stability. They required a little force to get the bolt holes lined up, but the manual warns about this, and you should weld them in eventually anyways.
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Handling Upgrade
Absolutely gives your ride a better sense of handling and confidence in the turns.
Did you find this helpful?  11 of 11 Found Helpful
strength to weight
I knew I wanted to brace the underside of my car, there are a lot of options, but I was looking for something that would add the least weight for the benefit it yielded. This set of braces did exactly that, without welding them in I can already tell a difference. The points that it mounts to are ingenious, I particularly like the way it braces the lower control arm mounts on the chassis.
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Outstanding Brace!!!
Installed this today....took 20 mins per side. No more rattles, car handles great. Just welded it in. Easy instuctions, Thanks for another great product Steeda!!
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The only thing that was missing from the G-Trac Suspension package on my 2006-021 Serialized street fighter. Absolutely perfect installation. With all the stuff under y car, it is glued to the road. I could not ask for any better friends than my friend Sal and STEEDA. Many thanks and God Bless. From a very pround owner!
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Nice brace
I put a lowering kit on my car and the extra firmness put a few rattles into the car. These braces bolted right up as advertised. I recommend an air wrench if you can get a hold of one. Bolted on, I didn't notice much difference. After about 2 weeks I got them welded in and now I can tell. The majority of the rattles/squeaks are gone now from the rear of the car and the car overall feels more solid. As a bonus, the braces make great jacking points.Great product!
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Very easy to install
Very light weight and apparently strong brace. Very easy to install (bolt in) and I'm hoping to get it welded in shortly.
Did you find this helpful?  7 of 7 Found Helpful
Easy Installation
I got the frame rail and torque box brace and couldn't believe how fast and easy it was to installed. The instructions were right on. It did quite some rattling noise.
Did you find this helpful?  9 of 9 Found Helpful
Great improvement!
This should be one of the first improvements done to the car! It tightend everything up so much that I no longer have any creaks or squeaks around the interior area of the doors. The rear is firmly planted at the drags strip, but I really noticed the difference in the cornering abilities. Bolted right up, then had them welded inplace.
Did you find this helpful?  12 of 12 Found Helpful
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