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Steeda Mustang 5-Link Rear Suspension System (1979-2004)

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The Ultimate Rear Suspension For Your Mustang, Steeda's 5-Link suspension system is the ultimate no-compromises racing suspension. It provides maximum traction and cornering ability yet is very stable and forgiving at the limit. Race proven performance with multiple SCCA National Championships and NASA wins from drivers Ed Hosni and Tom Ellis.

The 5-Link corrects the factory Fox body / SN95 suspension's inefficient lateral axle control, poor anti-squat geometry, rear-steer problems and excessive pinion angle changes caused by the short, angled upper control arms. The 5-Link's parallel 12" arms almost double the effective length of the 9" factory upper arms. The longer arms make the suspension more stable over bumps and through corners. Adjustable anti-squat (instant center) geometry lets you choose between 65% and 98% anti-squat for maximum traction and reduced brake dive.

The 5-Link's adjustable panhard bar (the lateral, or "Fifth" link) corrects the high 16" factory roll center height with a roll center height that's adjustable from 8 to 12 inches. The unique sliding mechanism allows infinite adjustment increments for easy fine tuning of roll center height and cornering grip. The panhard bar is made from 4130 chrome-moly alloy steel for high strength and minimum weight. The 41" long panhard bar (the longest available) gives minimal lateral displacement and maximum stability.

The 5-Link is SCCA American Sedan legal. No parts hang below the differential, avoiding the ground clearance problems found with torque arms. It requires use of side-exit or turn-down exhaust system; check out Steeda's new side exit exhaust. Special high rate rear springs are recommended for road racing, and standard Steeda sport or competition front springs should be used as well. For drag racing the 5-Link can be used with stock or drag springs. The 5 Link is the ultimate race track suspension.

Note: Will not work with aftermarket differential covers.

Recommended Items to accompany 5-Link Suspension system (Fits Fox body & SN95 chassis 1979-2004 Ford Mustangs GT, LX, ALL):

  1. Optimal geometry for handling.
    • Adjustable anti-squat geometry for tuning rear bite and brake dive. See Picture C
    • Roll center height adjustable in infinite increments from 8" to 12" above the ground. See Picture B
  2. Easy adjustment. Allows for quick adjustment of panhard rod height in small increments, to compensate for changing track conditions, etc. See Picture B
  3. 12" long upper arms provide improved pinion and U-joint angle control, and more stable anti-squat/lift geometry throughout the suspension travel than the factory suspension. See Picture C
  4. Very long panhard rod (41 inches) provides precise and effective lateral location of the axle with minimal lateral displacement changes from suspension travel. See Picture A
  5. Ground clearance and jack friendly installation with no components hanging below the axle. See Picture A
  6. Easy to drive fast. Very controllable and forgiving at the limit. 7. Increased rear grip promotes even tire wear and tire temperatures front to rear.
  7. Shorter Installation time, The 5-link is not integrated into the sub-frame connectors which more popular brand of torque-arms are integrated into these connectors adding installation time.
  8. Easier Adjustment of pinion angle, The upper control arms in the 5-link are designed to easily set and adjust pinion angle. torque-arms present a challenge in setting the proper pinion angle which may require adjustable length lower control arms.
  1. Better anti-squat geometry than a torque arm, less corner-exit understeer.
  2. Torque arms have a short, fixed-length side-view swing-arm, making the car prone to wheel-hop during hard braking. In contrast, the 5-Link's upper and lower links work together to create an instant center geometry which moves in response to suspension loads. During acceleration the instant-center moves rearward to counter the effects of chassis squat. During braking, the instant center moves forward in response to chassis lift, lengthening the side-view swing-arm to reduce the possibility of wheel hop that is likely to occur in a torque arm equipped Mustang.
  3. Their torque arm with a panhard bar weighs 59 lbs. The 5-Link with a panhard bar is only 31.5 lbs.
  4. Better ground clearance than a torque arm. No parts hang below the rear axle, so you can easily fit a jack under the differential.
  5. No net weight gain when converting from a stock setup.
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