Steeda Invests In Two New DynoJets At Two Locations!

Steeda Invests In DynoJets

For Immediate Release

Steeda is proud to announce that they've invested in two brand new DynoJet 224x dynamometers to be used at their Pompano Beach, Florida headquarters and Valdosta, Georgia marketing & manufacturing locations! Steeda is extremely excited for the opportunity to take their products and services offered to its customers to an entirely new level!

We are excited to finally get a dyno in our Valdosta facility as this will help further advance product development and take Steeda to the next level!
-Scott Boda, Director of Manufacturing and Plant Manager

The first DynoJet 224x dynamometer will be used to replace an existing dyno used at Steeda's admin and headquarters location in Pompano Beach, Florida. At this location with the new dyno, they'll be able to continue perfecting their tuning services, along with additional R&D for high performance parts, made right here in the USA.

DynoJet 224X At Steeda

By investing in a second DynoJet 224x dynamometer for its Valdosta, GA marketing, engineering & manufacturing location, Steeda will be able to offer more in-depth tuning services to mail-order customers and local customers looking for the most precise tuning service. Additionally, Steeda will be able to further test new performance modifications with R&D vehicles such as their 2020 GT500 and Silver Bullet drag car. Most of all, Steeda will be able to utilize their YouTube Channel and other social channels to market progress made on these R&D programs for products that will eventually be pushed to customers. Be sure to stay tuned to the Steeda site for more tech articles utilizing our in-house dyno!

If you want to see more content revolving these two new DynoJet 224x dynamometers at both Steeda locations, be sure to follow Steeda's social media channels for all the latest Steeda news & info!

Steeda Silver Bullet Burnout

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