New Steeda Sport Lowering Springs For All 5th Generation Ford Explorers

steeda explorer springs

When Appearance and Ride Quality is Important - Look to the Leader in Ford Aftermarket Performance & Accessories for the Solution.

The Ford Explorer has been one of the best-selling SUVs since its introduction in 1991 when it replaced the Ford Bronco II. Here at Steeda, we are also no stranger to long term success in the marketplace. Steeda Autosports has been developing parts & accessories for the Ford aftermarket for over 30 years - focusing on the Ford Mustang, Focus, Fusion, F-150, Edge & now … the fifth-generation Ford Explorer.

Steeda is excited to announce the immediate release of our newest product offering for this platform - the Steeda Sport Lowering Springs. These new performance lowering springs are equipped to:

  • Make the stance more aggressive
  • Lower the front approximately 7/8”
  • Lower the rear approximately 1-3/8”
  • Provide more stable cornering at higher speeds.
  • Improved ride quality without sacrificing off-road ground clearance

Recently, we had shifted our efforts from the Ford Mustang to the Ford Explorer because of the incredible platform it lends itself to upfitting & the possibilities for us to improve upon an already impressive vehicle - we know the market is strong.

“Recently, we purchased a Ford Explorer to tow our Steeda Silver Bullet Mustang to the drag strip”, said Scott Boda, Director of Steeda Manufacturing, “when we started driving it as our primary tow-vehicle, we realized the potential it had & kicked ourselves for not developing parts for the Explorer sooner.”

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These Steeda Sport Lowering Springs are going to provide the average consumer with a stiffer, yet super comfortable ride for daily use without sacrificing ride quality for the family. With the addition of our Explorer Rear Sway bar and Adjustable Toe Links , there is no telling how great of an upgrade these parts are going to be for the Ford Explorer enthusiast. Combined with the power of the 3.5L EcoBoost in the Explorer Sport, these springs will surely help you keep the power planted both straight-line and through the turns.

We continue to make a significant investment in this vehicle - so stay tuned for more Steeda upgrades in the near future.

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Ford Explorer Lowering Springs

For more information or to speak to a Steeda concierge, please call us at 1-800-950-0774 or check out our Explorer performance parts & accessories online at

These exclusive packages can be ordered directly from Steeda, through our Ford Dealer network & via our Steeda Performance vehicle team.

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