Steeda Ford Fusion Strut Tower Brace (10-12) 3.0L & 3.5L V6

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Chassis flex is one of the main enemies of good handling. Your front tires can't stay planted if your strut towers are flexing. Put an end to front-end flex with this easy-to-install tubular strut bar.
Part Number: 555 5727
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Chassis flex is one of the main enemies of good handling. Your front tires can't stay planted if your strut towers are flexing. Put an end to front-end flex with this easy-to-install tubular strut bar. This bar ties your strut towers together giving you less flex and therefore better handling. Made from super strong 4130 Chrome Moly steel the brace comes powdercoated gloss black.

Product Benefits
  • Better handling with more stable cornering
  • Excellent bang-for-the-buck suspension piece
  • Will actually improve the ride of your vehicle

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2010, 2011, 2012

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This part it amazing my 2012 ford fusion sel. Rides alot better.
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from Topeka on 2/25/2021
Incredible difference
Just buy it. Stop looking at these reviews. Stop. Just buy it! NOW!
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from Maryland on 2/6/2021
Strut brace
Easy install that makes you wonder why this wasn't a factory installed part.
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from Buckeye on 12/26/2020
Stiffer, better ride.
Honestly, I wouldn't have thought about how big of a deal this could make on a FWD car until after installing this. Everything about the ride felt a little stiffer, I had a certainty that my front end was staying firm to the direction I steered it. Not to say that Ford's stock suspension is 'bad' on Fusions, because it's not. But the difference between 'ordinary' and 'extra'ordinary is that little extra. And when we're talking about the way a car rides, especially if you like to have a little fun around corners, this is right up your alley.
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Verified Buyer   from Wisconsin on 2/16/2019
Easily recommended
The cost to performance ratio on this brace is totally insane. It was super noticable immediately upon installing. Really firms up the front end and removes the kind of slushy looseness of the stock Fusion's handling. It feels like a much smaller car, in a really good way. I honestly didn't expect it to be so noticable and can't recommend this product enough. Seriously, but it immediately.
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Verified Buyer   from Parma, OH on 8/2/2017
What ? Did that sign say 35 mph around that curve on the highway ?? I apologize, I installed this Steeda strut brace on my 11' Sport and apparently it's doing it's job well, because I think I was going over the limit accidentally. I didn't notice cause my front end was planted to the asphalt !! Oh snap here comes another one ......
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from Florida on 10/8/2016
Highly recommended!
A very noticeable difference and I love it! Highly recommended!
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from Mississippi on 8/20/2016
I went from a 2013 Fusion Titanium AWD to a 2014 and installed this strut tower brace and the steeda springs before I drove the car and they made a huge difference in the way this car drives. Can hit corners quicker now with less noise from the front tires. This is comparing my 2013 with factory 235/40-19 tires to the new 2014 with my 205/65-16 winter wheels/tires. Front end also dips much less while braking.
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from Florida on 7/23/2016
Fits '13 Hybrid too!
I've used strut tower braces in older Mustangs and Focus' with great results. I inquired with Steeda whether this item will also fit my Hybrid. Rodney checked with the engineers who looked at CAD drawings and confirmed that indeed this brace will fit the Hybrid too. Shortening the story, it took more time to find the 10mm socket than it did to install this brace. Front end feels stiffer when cornering and the tires seem to complain less. I also have Steeda's upgraded rear sway bar with urethane bushings. The car is much more fun with these items aboard. Looking forward to other upgrades for this vehicle - maybe urethane bushings for the front sway bar?
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from Florida on 5/1/2016
Must do mod
This was my first mod to the car and I must say it does make a difference in the front end for sure, this is a must do MOD
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from Texas on 4/25/2016
Recommended for the everyday driver
This was my first add on to my 2011 fusion sport fwd and I absolutely love it. Most people worry about drastic changes in their cars characteristics and capabilities. All it does is keep your tires planted on the ground and utilizes your suspension more efficiently. This part not only makes driving more fun but, to me it feels like a safer drive as well. The bar was super simple to install. Loosen up 4 nuts, put it on the correct way, and tighten the nuts down with the right amount of torque. I'll be adding much more to my fusion in the near future. I couldn't be more pleased by the quality and performance Steeda has to offer for the fusion family lol
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from Georgia on 1/17/2016
Quality product
Bought the strut tower brace last week as part of the Labor Day sale....installed in 15 minutes. You can feel the difference, I would recommend this to anyone looking to stiffen up the front end. Thanks Steeda for another quality product!
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from Florida on 9/13/2015
Very easy to install
This is the third aftermarket part from Steeda, that I installed on my Ford Fusion Sport AWD. I ordered this with the Throttle Body spacer. This by far was the easiest part to install. It only took 10 minutes. This part improves the handling of the car considerably. The only thing I want to point out though is that the strut brace's powder coat finish did begin to show signs of surface rust after one month. I removed the bar, cleaned off the rust, and painted it and have not had any problem since. So overall I am happy with this product and highly recommend it.
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from Georgia on 8/14/2015
Need to buy upgrade!!!
Great, easy to install, affordable and well made upgrade. You do not need any special skills or tools to install. Makes my car corner much better. Need to buy upgrade!!!
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from Georgia on 6/10/2015
Great item!
Great item! Love how the car handles with the strut bar. Quality is tremendous, great structure. Love the way it looks in the engine bay.
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from Florida on 3/13/2015
Turning is so smooth
This really stiffens the body! Turning is much more precise and the wheels feel like they are really working together!
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from New York on 2/27/2015
Great product!
Installed this on my 2008 Lincoln MKZ and it was a very easy install had it for a few weeks now and have definitely noticed a difference. I stay planted a lot better now! Great product!
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from Arizona on 12/10/2014
Awesome for the turns
Was very easy to install and made a decent difference to handling much better now thanks Steeda!
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from Texas on 10/12/2014
Big improvements for small dollars
Installed on my 2010 FWD 3.5 Sport in ten minutes. Immediately noticed and was amazed at the huge improvement in the ride quality. The steering feel and accuracy was vastly improved because all the vibration and harshness was cancelled out. Since then I've installed the 93 octane tune, cold air intake, rear street bar and adjustable end links, and rear engine mount, all of which are fantastic improvements over stock, but nothing has been such a big bang for the bucks as this inexpensive brace. It is such a bargain that I gave it five stars even though the powder coated finish came off in big flakes when I torqued the mounting nuts down. A quick squirt of Krylon fixed that.
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from Georgia on 7/9/2014
Love to hit corners
I had to get this because hittin' corners is where it's at...
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from Louisiana on 5/30/2014
Really happy
Just bought this during the black friday sale with 20% off!! I just installed it and it did actually help with cornering at higher speeds. Of course with normal driving you wont see THAT big of a difference, but when you give it some gas it really tightens up the front wheels very well. I did, however, have trouble with installing it. It didn't quite fit in perfectly on the strut towers so i had to use the jack in the trunk to lift up a front tire and it expanded the strut tower and it fit right in with a little tap of a hammer. Really happy i bought this part!!
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from Ohio on 2/16/2014
Solid strut brace
Installed this brace in 5 minutes. It is solid and seemingly well manufactured. On my first drive I could immediately feel the difference in the handling. This is an easy must do addition to any vehicle that has one available for install.
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from Georgia on 1/5/2014
Worth the money!
Great item to add! It takes less than 15 minutes to install...and really tightened up the chassis. Worth the money!
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from Florida on 11/16/2013
my AWD 3.5L sport fusion frontend feel great .thanks steeda
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from Tennessee on 10/19/2013
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