Steeda Ford Fusion Strut Tower Brace (2013-2020)

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Steeda's CD4 Fusion lightweight matte black powder coated STB limits front strut tower flex. Made from rigid 4130 tubular chrome moly steel, it has a great looking, durable wrinkle finish, and is easy to install.
Part Number: 555 5730
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Chassis flex is one of the main enemies of good handling. Your front tires can't stay planted if your CD4 Fusion front strut towers are flexing. Put an end to front-end flex with this easy-to-install tubular strut bar. This bar ties your strut towers together giving you less flex and therefore better handling. Made from super strong 4130 Chrome Moly steel the brace comes powdercoated matte black with a wrinkle finish.

Note: This Strut Tower Brace will also fit the 2015 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium and the 2017+ Fusion Sport.

Product Benefits
  • Better handling with more stable cornering
  • Excellent bang-for-the-buck suspension piece
  • Will actually improve the ride of your vehicle

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Steeda's Strut Tower Brace for the 13-14 Fusion is easy to install. Follow along and see how easy it is. On the left and right strut towers are 2 exposed bolts. Remove them and set them aside for use during this installation. Set the strut tower brace into place and line up the bolt holes. Start all 4 bolts by hand. Tighten all 4 bolts to a snug fit and you're done. With Steeda's precise engineering and attention to detail, this part not only improves handling but looks great as well.
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

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Fits Model Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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Rock solid
The steeda strut tower bar was an excellent addition to my 2020 Ford Fusion. 10 min install resulted in a huge change to sway in corners. The front end stays flat and the steering now feels perfect. Highly recommend!
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from Slidell on 5/25/2021
Easy to install ?? Perfect fit Definitely helps in handling tight curves
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from Chattanooga on 5/16/2021
Strut Tower Brace
EXCELLENT quality! Fits like a glove on my 2018 2.0 EcoBoost Platinum. Definitely tightened the front end up a bit. I'll be installing the sway bars, new end links and shocks this weekend. Can't wait to see how they all work together!
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from Holland, MI on 4/27/2021
Strut tower support / rear sway bar adjustable end links
This was a phenomenal choice. Absolutely stoked and can't wait to do the front sway bar and end links, and springs. Just wish there were more options for the fusion. Super simple installs. About 3 minutes for the strut tower support and a bit longer obviously for the sway bar.
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from Oklahoma City on 4/18/2021
Old retired guy
EXCELLENT fit and finish on '17 Sport . Super easy install. Rear sway and jacking mounts soon.
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Verified Buyer   from Arlington on 1/14/2021
Strut Brace
Really easy to install and looks nice! I think you will need to add the front and rear swaybars as well to see a noticeable change in handling.
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from Calgary, Alberta, Canada on 12/23/2020
Fast shipping, great quality product, super easy install. Driving my 2018 fusion feels better handles is smother and firm great for turns. Happy with Steeda.
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Verified Buyer   from Florida on 11/20/2020
Head Flunky
What NO STICKER? Great fit and finish. Nice addition to my AWD Fusion, install quick and basic.
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from OREGON CITY on 11/12/2020
2019 Ford Fusion SEL 1.5L
I had to wait for production but other than that I love it! Direct fitment, easy install. Noticed a difference immediately. The Fusion loves to take turns flat now. Even at freeway speeds the strut bar added just enough to keep it level at higher speeds. Thank you Steeda for providing a great product! Can't wait to pair it with the lowering springs and sway bars!
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from Sierra Vista, AZ on 11/6/2020
Happy with it.
Can't really tell if the braces make a difference or not, but I like to have the optionals! I love my car and I like to spend some time working on it. This gave me a project and now I know it's there! =) Quality product. Instructions are not the best (as for other Steeda products I bought) not very clear and poor quality pictures. Extremely nice and professionally built product with amateur instructions (seems to be the rule for many of Steeda's products)Installation is not hard though. It's very simple and quick and can be done by yourself in less than 10 min
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from PITTSBURGH on 11/4/2020
Worth the Buck 150
Didnt buy the other pieces yet like the rear sway bar just the strut bar. This is definitely a good buy, tad expensive just for a metal bar but it's definitely thick and quality. Adding it alone definitely gives the car overall less understeer on a broad spectrum, remember this is supposed to be in addition with the other 2 pieces. You will definitely notice the front solid together and acting in uniform. The rear sway bar is the next buy I'm going for and from the other reviews it seems to live up to the standard of my front sway bar. I'm picky with my money so for anyone else who crunches numbers a lot and keeps track don't worry it's worth the investment you'll thank me later.
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from Granada Hills on 10/29/2020
car turns great at higher speeds
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Verified Buyer   from Massachusetts on 9/3/2020
great for 4's. Not for sports
loved this on my 13 se. Took it off to put on my new (to me) 17 sport and it won't work. Hits the brake reservoir.
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from La Crosse on 8/12/2020
Worth it
Super easy install and makes a big difference. Keeps front wheels planted on the ground, definitely worth it.
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Verified Buyer   from Mooresville NC on 7/31/2020
Instant difference
When I installed the strut tower bar I instantly felt the front wheels be significantly more planted and the car now takes turns with confidence. The fit and finish of product was factory quality and would highly recommend to anyone starting out. Very easy to install the comments saying it took longer to take it out of the box is not an exaggeration very easy and very worth it!
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from Oklahoma on 7/9/2020
This thing makes all the difference. Much improved handling and response.
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from Sagamore Beach on 6/30/2020
Hit the apex
As I saw the 5 star reviews for this strut brace before I bought it I first thought, aha paid testimonials, not ! I'll repeat what others have said it should be an OEM item. The Steeda item is the single best item in my opinion you could put on your Fusion and noticed better day in and day out handing. Im not looking to make a modified vision of my 2019 se with sport package but will now head to the larger sway bars to really plant this car. Bigger feel improvement to handling than the cold air intake did to power.
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from Beecher,IL. on 6/15/2020
Works great
Great product, easy to install. I can really feel the difference!
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Verified Buyer   from Michigan on 6/2/2020
Money Well Spent
Some of the reviews for this part already mention some of the things I'm going to list, but they are all worth noting.I have a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium with the turbo 4 and front wheel drive. I was somewhat impressed with the handling of the car when I first bought it in 2016. But coming from a Mazda 6 S, the Fusion drove like a well set up big car and not the sporty sedan that I was used to. Now, after over 60,000 miles of driving, the car started to feel a little heavier in the corners. While the suspension was still good, I wanted something to make the car feel more nimble for those rare occasions where I really get a chance to toss it around corners. Having had a good experience with the Steeda CAI on my Fusion, I decided to pick up the strut tower brace.I'll start with the bad:- As mentioned in other reviews, it does make the steering a little heavier. However, I don't mind the change and my wife doesn't have any problems with the small amount of additional effort it takes to turn the steering wheel.- I had a little bit of an issue with one of the new threaded bolts during installation. When trying to screw in one of the new bolts, I couldn't get it to start and ended up messing up the thread and rendered the new bolt unusable. Now the good:- Definitely feels better planted in the corners. There is still some body roll, but with a car of this size it is expected.- Car has more grip around corners, even on wet pavement.- On rough or uneven pavement, the car feels less like it wants to pull to the side of the worst of the road surfaces. Some reviews have mentioned that the car can be less stable on rough pavement, but I have not observed that.- Other than the issue I had with one bolt (which could very well have been my fault), installation was a breeze. It too me longer to find my freaking 10mm socket than the whole install took. You really don't need to be mechanically inclined to install this, all you need to be able to do is turn a wrench.Overall, I am highly satisfied with the product, the speed of delivery, and the ease of installation. Steeda has made another quality product that works exactly as advertised and is fairly priced for what you get.
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Verified Buyer   from NW Ohio on 3/27/2020
Steeda did it again with another perfect product. Not only was it easy to install, the change in the car is very noticeable. Steering is more responsive, corners are flatter, and confidence is much higher. I did already have the Steeda jack rails on my car. Should one come before the other? That's up to you but in combination it's a perfect match. The Steeda sway bars are next!
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Verified Buyer   from Pittsburgh on 8/25/2019
Great upgrade
I installed the STB on my 2017 Lincoln MKZ. Although it's the mechanical twin of the Fusion, I quickly discovered that the bracket for the lower end of the hood lift strut was in the way. Not a big deal, I got a 10mm ball stud from AutoZone and tapped the end of the STB. Problem solved.
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Verified Buyer   from on 6/29/2019
Installed on my 16 SE in under 15 minutes! Great quality and extremely happy with how it tightened up the front end. A must have for anyone wanting to start mods!
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Verified Buyer   from Houston on 3/7/2019
More planted
After painted to match car noticed improved handling holding front end down combined with sub- frame connectors(jacking rails) Honestly helps with cornering
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Verified Buyer   from New Mexico on 2/22/2019
Precise Steering
Helped cleanup steering of my Fusion. Not that I push it, Energi Hybrid, but it is a noticeable improvement!
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Verified Buyer   from on 2/18/2019
Noticeable difference
2017 Fusion AWD - Tightened up the front end, can feel the tires stick to the road on hard turns. Actually helped with ride quality for the driver, less vibration into the steering wheel. Makes steering a tad stiffer, but no complaints. I see that as a plus.
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from Edmonton on 10/11/2018
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