Steeda Ford Fusion Rear Swaybar (13-20)

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Steeda's street rear swaybar for the 2013-2018 Fusion, including the 2017 Fusion Sport is 30% stiffer than the factory rear swaybar and is a direct bolt on replacement for both 2 wheel drive and all wheel drive models.
Part Number: 555 1090
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Enhance the handling response and balance of your 2013+ Fusion with Steeda's Street Rear Swaybar.

Steeda's Street Rear Swaybar for the 2013 & newer Fusion including the 2017 Fusion Sport is 30% stiffer than the factory rear swaybar and is a direct bolt on replacement for both 2 wheel drive and all wheel drive models.

After bolting on this swaybar you will notice reduced understeer and better overall handling response and balance. It is a 1 inch solid bar manufactured using CNC bending equipment with superior billet steel welded ends not crushed ends which are prone to breaking over time.

Our rear swaybar comes in a silver powdercoat finish and includes greasable polyurethane bushings and zinc plated brackets.

Product Benefits

  • Direct bolt on replacement
  • Improved handling response and balance
  • Reduced understeer

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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Awesome Product, Fit my 2019 Fusion Titanium AWD PERFECTLY. Easy Installation. Really tightened the rear end feel!!! Highly recommend!!!!
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from Blaine, Wa on 3/24/2021
Head Flunky
WooHoo Free Stickers, Thanks John M. Rear sway bar best upgrade on my 2019 AWD Fusion. I added jack rails when I installed sway bar. Really tightens up the handling. Car also has strut tower brace, all pieces combined really improved the handling on my car, more fun to drive. Installation pretty straightforward with basic hand tools.
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Verified Buyer   from OREGON CITY on 1/28/2021
I purchased the rear sway bar for my 2013 Ford fusion 2.0 It made a big difference the car is more planted it and stable during turns It has overall made the car feel much better in. Fun to drive
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from Ny on 1/21/2021
2017 Ford Fusion Sport
Very happy with the rear sway bar. Handling in the corners is noticeably improved.Recommend giving it a good scuff on the primer coat and giving a few coats of permanent paint before installing.
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Verified Buyer   from Shreveport on 10/28/2020
Stay Grouned
I have to echo reviews posted here previously, the Steeda rear sway bar is one of the best items that can be fitted to your Fusion. This affordable component matched with the Steeda strut tower brace ( mine painted Ford racing blue w/ clear-coat ) should be stock. It can be installed by mid level skilled owners just make sure you use all the grease Steeda supplies as the bushing material as part of the clamp is a firmer material. I've since gone back after 500 miles and greased them both w/ synthetic grease, kudos Steeda for fitting zerk fittings ! End game that these two parts absolutely make my '19 SE w/ sport package stay flatter in turns, allow a more confident drive in just day to day use, i.e. off ramps, all intersection turns, evasive maneuvers and yes even your driveway, ride suffers a negligible amount. On a budget ? This item, strut tower brace and cold air intake make an enjoyable car even better.
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from Beecher,IL on 9/21/2020
Not bad at all to install and completely changes the drive of the car. Keeps the car planted and great addition to the front sway bar and strut tower brace. Worth it
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Verified Buyer   from Mooresville NC on 7/31/2020
looks like they use a primer coat, if i knew that i would of painted it.well nobody can see it
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from illinois on 7/11/2020
2016 Ford Fusion Titanium
Installed this shortly after installing the strut tower brace and it really helped dial in the rear half of the car. The roll was significantly reduced and now taking on/off ramps is not as much of a concern at higher speeds. Installation was not difficult and the fit and finish was as always perfect! This sway bar is much thicker and stronger than the stock, you can easily see the difference and vast improvement. Well worth it Steeda has yet to disappoint me! Hope I can convince my other half to let me mod more!
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from Oklahoma on 7/9/2020
Great addition to the ride interms of handling. Well worth the money and minimal time installing it. Great instructions. Highly recommended!!
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from PHOENIX on 6/19/2020
Good quality
Quality part definitely a notable improvement in handling I recommend lowering spring with the sway bar for great results
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Verified Buyer   from on 11/29/2019
2016 fusion 2.5L
Awesom product. Finally eliminated the losse feeling, I had from the reae.
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Verified Buyer   from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 9/6/2019
Great product
The rear sway bar is made very well, and installed perfectly and easily. Rear end is a lot more planted and removes the OEM understeer bias of the car from factory. 4 stars for the instructions being incorrect again. Tool/bolt sizes are all wrong from the listed instructions. Based on reviews from 2 years ago, Steeda was notified of this and they still have not corrected. Lazy!
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Verified Buyer   from Seattle, WA on 9/2/2019
electronic tech
9-17-2018 Past weekend install on my 2016 Ford Fusion the Steeda Rear Sway. It took me less than 3 hours,, mostly due to reposition the Jack Stands. Otherwise it went smoothly. The installation directions need to be updated, the 13mm is for the brackets and a 18mm is to remove the End Link Nuts, you will need the Allen Bit the stop the End Link from rotating. I have a Strut Tower bar installed. The rear sway bar is just sooo much better than the factory bar. Car handling has alot less roll and feels tight as one goes into curves. Nice. BTW all bolts and nuts have thread locker on them and use thread locker for assembly.
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from Cincinnati,Ohio on 9/20/2018
Fusion Titanium is fun to drive again
Last year I got a tune, not from Steeda so Ill leave that name out and now it time to start with suspension. This was a very quick install. I honestly think It took me longer to get my tools out then it did to install this. I bought the strut tower bar with the rear sway bar, they work together to improve turn in, cornering and when coming off the exit ramp to the acceleration zone the car is more stable. Plain in simple, driving my fusion is fun again. Thanks
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from Buffalo, NY on 7/27/2018
Sway bar upgrade
Installed the Steeda sway bar upgrade into my 2017 Fusion Sport. Fit and finish is outstanding . Top quality bushings and retainers. The car just comes alive in the twisties. Worth every penny of the investment. Understeer is gone! ride comfort is not lost, but it is a bit firmer. Sport mode enhances the handling even more. Great product ! Thanks Steeda, for another great product!
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from Depew NY on 9/27/2017
Body roll is GREATLY reduced
Now have added my rear swaybar.... A handful of bolts later.... Body roll is GREATLY reduced. Corner exiting strategy is easier and more predictable. Even with my winter tires on the car. I really look forward to a week or two from now when I put on my high performance summer tires. I truly believe that when I put on my Steeda lowering springs, my car will have been truly transformed. Thanks again to Jigar Patel and Steeda for getting my order quickly and accurately out to me. No hassles, great experience!
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from on 3/26/2017
Highly recommend
I highly recommend this sway bar. Took about an hour to install and the handling is much improved on my 2016 Fusion. No decrease in ride quality.
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from Texas on 3/19/2016
Magnificent modification
I just finished installing the Sway bar and Strut Tower Brace on my 2016 Titanium, what a magnificent modification/addition. Not quite like my 2013 Focus ST was for handling but, It is as close to a European touring car as a person can make the Fusion chassis. I sent Chad a few notes of changes to the install procedures and tool sizes that could be included and Steeda was very receptive. Now on to the springs and drive train. Thanks again to Steeda, I have used your performance parts all the way from my 1999 SVT Contour, 2013 Focus ST, and now My Titanium. Now I just have to talk the wife into letting me play around with her 2013 Titanium Hybrid. ;- )
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from Florida on 2/2/2016
Must have
In my opinion this product is a must have for any Fusion owner seeking better cornering performance. A quality product that does what it says, made in the US, you can't find a better bang for the buck. Looking forward to adding more from Steeda thanks!
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from Georgia on 12/29/2015
A must have piece!
A must have piece! This bar is built well, looks great, and performs even better! This was installed on a 2013 Lincoln MKZ and made a huge difference in the body roll issues. Here are some Pro's (no Con's): * did not stiffen the ride for daily drivers * did not increase road noise (NVH) * greatly improved body roll * gave vehicle a much more stable feel when cornering.
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from New Jersey on 6/7/2015
A must add!
Handling is much improved, a must add!
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from Texas on 4/26/2015
Faster turn-in, less body roll & understeer
The title says it all. I installed the strut tower brace a week earlier and that did a great job improving handling, but there was still body roll on hard turns. This sway bar eliminated that altogether. Performance is impressive now. The only downside (which is minor) is that on a really bumpy road the car now feels a little jittery because of the stiffer suspension, where before it would have just absorbed it and rolled back and forth a bit. Out of the two I like it much better now.
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from Georgia on 2/6/2015
Money well spent
A few days ago I installed the Steeda strut tower brace and larger rear sway bar; I can not speak as to how the two items perform individually, but as a pair, I can attest to the fact that the improvement is amazing. I took my girlfriend on a winding road this morning that we took just last week and she stated that she felt much more confident this time, even though I made sure that we where taking the curves at the same speed as before. I felt the my FFH was a great handling car as it came from the factory with the 18 wheels and the LS2 tires, but now it is better than I could have ever hoped for, I just love it. I have tried to determine if the ride is any harsher on different road surfaces, but after much testing, I just can't say for sure one way or another, so I guess that I am saying that the answer is no to that. I installed the strut tower brace myself in about 5 minutes, but since there was now central location to jack up the rear of the car as a whole, I took it to a local garage and we installed the rear sway bar together on the rack; I would not recommend trying to install the sway bar by yourself on the ground, it would be very frustrating, but doable. Money well spent in my opinion.
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from Alabama on 10/5/2014
Great improvement over stock
I just took delivery on my new '14 Titanium, and I had this swaybar waiting for it. Understear is all but gone, steering response is immediate, and I love the fact I can take a 20-25mph turn with zero body roll...I wonder what she'd do on the skidpad now...hmmm. Most importantly, the back end is only a little stiffer, which hardly affects ride quality; you feel more connected with the road but--even on 20's with 35 profile all-season tires--you don't get jostled around like you may thing with a sportier suspension. The other guys talk about the tools required, so I will not echo their statements, but if you like spirited driving, this bar (plus the front strut tower brace) is a very worthwhile investment. I actually look forward to driving to work now...and driving back is that much more fun hehehe I think the only other suspension upgrade I want is the 7/8 lowering springs, and I'll be set--thanks Steeda! -AD
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from Texas on 5/27/2014
Improved handling
I added this sway bar after already having Steeda's strut tower brace and springs installed. Much less side to side roll in the corners and A-LOT more fun to drive. The sloppy feeling these cars have from the factory is gone. If Ford ever comes out with a Fusion ST, I would hope they can at least duplicate what Steeda has done with it.
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from Florida on 3/9/2014
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