Steeda Explorer Lowering Springs (2020-2022)

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Take the performance and appearance of the Explorer ST up a notch with a set of Steeda lowering springs. These lowering springs lower the car by 1 1/8 inch and improve handling, making for a better driving experience. Conquer backroads and carve some corners in your Explorer ST with Steeda springs.

Part Number: 555 8203
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The 6th generation of Explorer shook up the industry with a modern aesthetic and brought forward a game-changing addition to Ford's lineup, the Explorer ST. The Explorer blends comfort, performance, and functionality into an unbeatable package. Steeda worked hard to bring a product that could really show the potential of the SUV and give every Explorer in Ford's lineup better handling from the base model to ST. The Steeda lowering springs take the appearance of your Explorer and the performance up a notch. 

More aggressive styling for any trim level. With a 1 to 1-1/8 inch drop front and rear, the Steeda springs give your Explorer a lower and more performance-oriented style without compromising the functionality of your SUV. Lowering springs are a great way to give your Explorer a unique look and set it apart from other Explorers on the road. 

Improved handling and performance. The Steeda springs help to lower the center of gravity, providing better handling characteristics. Brake dive and cornering are also improved due to a higher spring rate that doesn't compromise comfort. Enjoy backroads, carving corners, and all the twists and turns that the road brings with the planted feel and great handling the springs offer.

Don't compromise functionality. Maintain good ground and wheel clearance with the Steeda springs, ensuring that your Explorer can go wherever you happen to adventure to. The springs don't interfere with daily drivability or comfort, meaning you can take the kids to school during the week, and carve corners with your SUV or tow a boat to the lake on the weekend.

Designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The team at Steeda worked endlessly to develop and perfect the Steeda springs for the Explorer. Engineered by experts, tested by racers, and approved by enthusiasts.

Features & Benefits: 
  • Lowered yet functional ride height
  • Additional rake for a mean look and better towing
  • More aggressive appearance
  • Reduced body roll and brake dive
  • Better steering response and sportier feel
  • Engineered and designed specifically for the Explorer
  • 1 to 1.125" drop F/R
  • Fits RWD and AWD

Note: Lowered amount may vary from car to car depending on vehicle package and trim options.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from, here today spotlighting our Lowering Springs for the 2020 and later Ford Explorer. The Explorer has been popular for many years and with good reason it's a great blend between SUV and truck. Enough truck to be able to tow things or go to the lumber yard and enough SUV to be able to run around town and comfort and as always there's room for improvement or at least personalization in your vehicle and one of those things that's great to do is Lowering Springs. Now there's a lot of functionality here in the springs that we offer as always you want to improve the vehicle and make it better for you. Now we do this by lowering it approximately one in 1/8 inches at all four corners. This brings the center of gravity down a little bit but still gives you plenty of suspension travel. This means that if you're going up to the cabin and taking gravel roads you've of plenty of suspension travel to cruise along nicely. Yet on the highway or even better going to Blue Ridge Parkway and carving some corners it's going to handle way better. We worked very hard to get the spring rates just right on our Steeda Springs. This is important for a couple of reasons. One we want to make sure that the springs are firm enough to get rid of that sort of floaty feel that these trucks inherently have when you're driving on the highway at speed, but we didn't want to be harsh around town so there had to be a balance there in the spring rates. We also know again that you're going to have a vehicle behind it sometimes or again jet skis or some sort of toys that might be on a trailer behind it or a payload maybe your family going camping, whatever it might be. We know they're gonna load this thing down as well, so we needed more spring rate to control the suspension or the additional weight of everything being on it. So this is the perfect blend between sporty, comfortable and functional. Like I said we spent a lot of time getting spring rates just right. Digging into the technology behind these springs a little bit we construct them of High Silica Steel and this is important because it ensures consistent spring rates for every spring as well as consistent ride height for every batch of Springs out there. Then we finish them off in blue powder coat for corrosion resistance. So there you have it, our Springs are a great way to make your Explorer unique and give it a fantastic stance while also making it more functional whether it's around town loading it up or again carving some canyons and just simply enjoying the versatility of your Sport-Utility. Now if you enjoyed the contents of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts. If you have any questions post them below and if you all learn more about these and other products as they're coming out, definitely click the subscribe button and follow our upcoming videos. To learn more about these and many of the other great products that we offer for not only the Explorer but other Ford vehicles, be sure to visit us at Don't forget to follow us on social media and most importantly, Have an Awesome Day!!
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Steeda

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Difficult
Install Time: About 2 1/2 Hours

Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Model Year: 2020, 2021, 2022

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Great Springs
These springs were exactly what I was looking for, a noticeable drop without being too low or any negative side effects. Explorer handles far better and actually rides better as the floating and secondary motions over bumps are gone. Ride is still firm but never harsh. These are a must-have part for the Explorer ST, I wish I got them sooner!
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Lowered ride height, increased handling and no change in ride comfort - highly recommend!!
I had the team at Steeda Valdosta GA install these and I could not be happier with the result. Looks and handles now how it should from the factory!
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Super fast processing
I ordered Steeda lowering springs for my 2022 Ford explorer ST. The order was placed Friday and was delivered on Sunday. I couldn't ask for better service. Quality product. The packaging broke apart but didn't cause a delay in shipping, could improve there.
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Verified Buyer  
Great product and availability
My Explorer ST responds a lot better and drives more like a sports car versus a grocery getter. I am only disappointed with the amount of drop as I expected a little more.
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'22 Explorer ST
Had these springs installed as part of the pre-delivery process on my '22 Explorer ST. I've had a Fusion Sport, F150, and Shelby GT350, and I knew I wanted some Steeda parts for my Explorer. As with Steeda springs for other Fords, they lower the vehicle without resulting in a harsher ride, or more wear and tear on the suspension parts (unlike other springs). Very happy with them!
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Steeda did not disappoint! These springs are the ones to go with for this suv. Perfect drop and now my ST handles like a champ. ????
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Springs are amazing!! They ride so well in all conditions
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CWO, USN, Retired
I had these springs installed along with the Steeda sway bar at the same time. Also, a 4 wheel alignment. The total together was absolutely awesome. Here in the Ozarks we have lots of tight curves. I swear my 2021 Ford Explorer ST handles very much like my 2007 Corvette did. The ST Explorers are true sleepers!
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I bought these with the sway bar and strut tower brace. What a difference. Way smoother than stock for sure. It's like a totally different vehicle. I was hesitant because the claimed inch and an eight drop didn't seem like enough. The set I got dropped it closer to an inch and a half to three quarter and they haven't even settled yet. As far a wheel spacers go, I have one inch in front and one and a half in back. No clearance issues or rubbing at all. They ship incredibly fast too. Steeda is second to none in my opinion. They're sales team and customer service are unparalleled. I actually cancel order that we're tak I no forever to ship from another retailer and ordered from Steeda. ALL of the parts showed up within 3-4 business days. No backorder, no manufacturer direct shipping, no BS. If you're looking at this, buy them. You will not be disappointed!
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Looks and rides awesome
I was a little skeptical using lowering springs vs coilovers, but these have been great. They lower it slightly and it rides amazing. Much less body roll
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Installed the Steeda Springs ST handles much better, has anyone done the springs with the 1" hubcentric spacers? Looking to push the wheels out just little bit, any clearance issues or suggestions.... Thanks!
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Awesome Upgrades!
I have these Steeda lowering springs along with the rear sway bar and strut tower brace. These upgrades make my ST a true sport vehicle! Best money spent on a vehicle ever!
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What a difference! What a ride!
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I am looking for lowering springs for Explorer hybrids
Please write to me if these springs fit the European hybrid version with the 3.0 Ecoboost engine assisted by an electric motor - the weight of the car is 2.5 tons. I want to downgrade my Explorer.
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Explorer ST - Lowering Springs worth every penny
Installing these were a Godsend. This is how the vehicle should ride off of the factory line. I love these springs. Much smoother ride, and I feel more grounded to the road. 11/10 ;)
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Steeda has done it again. This spring is firmer but I feel the ride quality is better. Along with the Steeda rear sway bar, the ride is more composed and the handling has improved. The undulating body motions have greatly reduced. The body lean in corners is greatly reduced. There is more road feel, yes, but it is still comfortable and immensely more pleasurable to drive. Hard to describe, but instead of feeling like I'm driving a truck, I feel like it is more of the enthusiast car I had wanted the stock ST to be but wasn't quite. Kudos to Steeda. As a plus, it seems like the stock ST struts/shocks are up to the task of pairing with these lowering springs, which isn't always the case. Given the choice, I'd go rear sway first over the springs, but having both makes the car so much more fun to drive. You won't regret it!
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Just what the Dr ordered. Brought the ST down where I wanted it to be w/o affecting ride comfort. Dealer did the install and realignment. Wife said it is much easier to get in and out now.
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Verified Buyer  
I installed the Steeda lowering springs on my 2020 Ford Explorer ST and I am completely satisfied with the height, ride and handling. I chose these over The competitors because these had less height drop and matched my needs Great job!
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5 Stars !!
Once again Steeda has delivered a top notch set of lowering springs that enhance both the appearance and handling of the the new 2020 Explorer ST. Steeda's springs are considered one of the best aftermarket springs mainly because of the trifecta vehicle enhancements: 1. Decent & functional drop for looks & stance (not too low) 2. Comfortable, yet firm but not jarringly stiff (progressive spring design) 3. Superb handling performance (stability, cornering & braking). Combined all three elements truly enhance the overall driving experience of this platform. I couldn't be happier with the esthetic and performance of these springs and look forward to working with the Steeda team located in Pompano Beach, FL again in the near future.
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