Meet The Team: Sam Weber

Meet The Team: Sam Weber's 2014 GT

Here at Steeda, all of us are enthusiasts throughout the company and you can truly see it in what we drive. With our backgrounds including drag racing and road racing, to car shows, and everything in between, all of us here at Steeda love having fun with these Ford vehicles! With the different builds that we all have here, getting to show them off comes with the job.

Sam's Gotta Have It Green 2014 GT is currently stock for the most part - but he's looking to change that! Driven by our Social Media and Content Specialist, Sam Weber, this GT has long-term plans to be a track car within the next few years. While his background may not be in the muscle car world, he’s excited to build up his first American car into something special!

As it sits, the car is mostly stock with the exception of a few slight changes like the set of Konig Dekagram flow formed wheels, Cervini’s grille, and GT500-style rear spoiler. While some major upgrades are needed to get it sitting right how he wants it such as running lowered suspension and performance shocks, built MT82 transmission, and more going forward, they should be done in the near future to turn it into his ideal build.

About Sam Weber Q&A

How did you get into cars?

I've kind of always been into cars. I had a lot of HotWheels growing up and my dad's old Matchbox cars, and always liked to get my hands into building different things. My dad always liked cars but didn't do much with them after high school and college but I'm glad he does some with me now.

What moved you into the muscle car world?

I'd always been around tuner cars in the car community in college, sticking with tuners and imports as my cars. I'd always had a Mustang on the list when looking at what cars to buy though, whether it was a classic 1965 coupe, tuned SN95, or competely stock early S197. Once I started working at Steeda, it felt like the right time.

What are your goals for the car going forward?

With this being the first car I've owned that actually has a large aftermarket community, I want to really build this car up. Since all my other cars have been set up more for handling, I want to do a lot of weight reduction and handling upgrades to make it into esentially a road-legal race car in the next few years including upgraded aerodynamics as well.

The Build

    From the Factory:
  • 2014 Mustang GT
  • 5.0L Coyote V8
  • MT82 6-Speed Manual

Future Modifications

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