Nitto NT01 D.O.T. Competition Road Course Tire

The NT01 is a D. O. T. -compliant dry competition radial designed with the weekend road racer in mind. The compound was developed to provide the best balance of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance and longevity.

Part Number: 382 N371

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The NT01 is a D.O.T.-compliant dry competition radial designed with the weekend road racer in mind. The compound was developed to provide the best balance of traction, consistency, heat cycle performance and longevity. The sidewall construction* is optimized for sharp steering response, accurate feedback and increased driver confidence. For those that demand maximum dry performance, the NT01 can be shaved from 6/32 of an inch down to 3/32 of an inch to reveal a slick with two circumferential grooves. The NT01 delivers fast and consistent lap times for both the professional road-racer and the track-day enthusiast.

*Steel reinforced sidewall offered in select sizes. The NT01 is recommended for dry competition use.

Performance Rating: Z
UTQG Treadwear: 100
Traction: A
Temperature: A

Product Benefits
  • Supreme dry traction
  • Dedicated road race tire
Part NoTire Size DescriptionTire Diameter O.D.Section Width InchesWeight (APPROX LBS)Min / Max Rim Width
N371-160 225/45ZR15 87W22.958.8621.417.00/8.50
N371-080 205/50ZR15 86V22.958.3519.585.50/7.50
N371-070 245/50ZR16 97V25.479.9626.357.00/8.50
N371-040 205/40ZR17 80W23.468.3518.647.0./8.0
N371-170 215/45ZR17 87W24.658.3922.37.00/8.00
N371-060 225/45ZR17 91W24.808.8623.577.00/8.50
N371-100 235/40ZR17 90W24.49.4923.528.00/9.50
N371-050 245/45ZR17 95W25.559.7227.037.50/9.00
N371-150 255/40ZR17 94W24.9210.3526.268.50/10.00
N371-030 275/40ZR17 98W25.5510.9128.259.0/11.00
N371-570 315/35ZR17 102W25.6712.630.6410.50/12.50
N371-110 225/40ZR18 88W25.089.0623.87.50/9.00
N371-120 235/40ZR18 91W25.399.4924.998.00/9.50
N371-020 245/40ZR18 93W25.559.7225.658.00/9.50
N371-520 265/40ZR18 101W XL26.3410.6728.99.00/10.50
N371-010 275/35ZR18 95W25.5510.9128.199.00/11.00
N371-130 275/40ZR18 99W26.6510.9430.039.00/11.00
N371-180 305/35ZR18 101W26.4212.3232.1810.00/12.00
N371-000 315/30ZR18 98W25.3512.630.4610.50/11.50
N371-290 335/30ZR18 102W25.9413.532.3211.50/12.50
N371-200 235/35ZR19 (87Y)25.479.4924.648.00/9.50
N371-530 285/35ZR19 103W XL26.8911.4231.099.50/11.00
N371-270 305/30ZR19 (102Y) XL26.2612.3231.5210.50/11.50
N371-280 325/30ZR19 101W26.7313.0332.311.00/12.00
N371-220 255/40ZR20 (97Y)28.0310.2429.598.50/10.00
N371-560 285/35ZR20 (100Y)27.8711.4233.079.50/11.00
N371-210 315/30ZR20 (101Y)27.4812.634.4210.50/11.50

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hey guys, it's Chris from Steeda! And today, we're going to talk about the Nitto NT01 Competition Road Course tire. The Nitto NT01 is a DOT-compliant, dry competition radial tire that's not only designed for the track enthusiast, but also the hardcore road racer. The best part about the NT01 tire is its consistency. You really will get the best of all worlds when it comes to heat cycle performance, longevity, and traction out of the NT01. The NT01 comes with 6.3/32 of an inch of tread depth right out of the box but can be shaved down to 3/32 to essentially a full slick with twin circumferential grooves. The large reinforced shoulder on the NT01 will allow you to brake later into that apex, turn harder, and accelerate quicker out of that turn. Now when we're not running slicks on our race cars, the Nitto NT01 is our tire of choice. Jamie running our Q350 Ecoboost at Sebring international Raceway had the NT01's on his car, and they were super predictable, super consistent, and on top of that - you can run them all day long, as they're heat resistant and built to heat cycle. Now, your tires are the last contact point when your car meets the road. So, it's important to make sure your tires are consistent while you're racing. That way you can focus on improving yourself as a driver, rather than your tires coming out from underneath you as you're trying to exit that turn. Whether you're a hardcore road racer looking for that super consistent tire, or a track day enthusiast that's looking for a tire that's quite a bit more sticky than a regular street tire, the Nitto NT01 is the tire for you. If you like the content of this video, go ahead and hit that like button. Subscribe if you want to see more cool Ford and Mustang content. If you want to pick up a set of these Nitto NT01's for your Mustang or Ford, then be sure to hit us up at And don't forget the most important thing, Speed Matters!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Nitto Tire

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
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