Nitto NT555R2 Drag Radial Tire

Launch your Mustang better with a new set of Nitto's NT555R2 tires. These D.O.T compliant drag radials offer superior performance on the track and on the street. If you are looking for a performance tire that you can drive to work and give you the traction you need for the 60' you want, look no further.

Part Number: 382 N10

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The impressive NT555R tire from Nitto has been further improved to offer even better dry performance and a quieter drive on the street. The NT555R2 features a modified sidewall and helps you launch better to achieve improved 60' times.

Continuous contact with the asphalt. The NT55R2 tire features twin center ribs that wrap around the center of the tire. These center ribs offer unbroken contact with the blacktop so that you have better traction in the dry.

A compound that will impress. The special compound that the Nitto tires use offers better traction on the street and the track. The tire is DOT approved so this tire is a great option for weekend racers or high power street cars.

The NT555R2 is recommended for dry competition use.

Performance Rating: V Y
UTQG Treadwear: 100
Traction: A
Temperature: A

Product Benefits
  • Exceptional traction at the track
  • Improved performance over previous Nitto NT555R
  • Good street performance
  • D.O.T. compliant
Part NoTire Size DescriptionTire Diameter O.D.Section Width InchesWeight (APPROX LBS)Min / Max Rim Width
N108-610275/50R1525.8711.1827.567.5 / 9.5
N107-830275/60R1527.9910.9830.427.5/ 9.5
N107-840325/50R1527.8313.2335.499.0/ 11.5
N108-650275/40R1725.6710.9426.239.0/ 11.0
N108-670315/35R1725.6712.6030.4210.5/ 12.5
N180-660P245/45R1725.89.624.488.00 / 9.00
N108-670275/40R1826.6510.9427.569.0/ 11.00
N108-540285/40R1826.9711.4228.449.5/ 11.00
N108-640305/35R1927.4412.3233.0710.00 / 12.00
N108-550285/30R2026.7711.4229.989.5/ 10.5
N108-660275/40/R2028.6610.9430.649.00/ 11.00
N108-690275/35R2027.5610.9429.769.00 / 11.00
N108-560305/30R2027.2412.3231.7510.5 / 11.5
N108-580305/35R2028.4312.3234.1710.00 / 12.00
N108-630315/35R2028.6612.6034.6110.5/ 12.5

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

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