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One of the best things about owning a Ford Mustang is being a part of the incredibly supportive and active Mustang communities around the world. If you currently own a Mustang or you're thinking about owning a Mustang, one of the first things you should do is join one of your local Mustang clubs. These clubs exist to form a community that includes everything from hosting local car shows and cruises to charity events as well.

If you're curious about how to find local Mustang clubs near you, this article will provide resources that you can research on your own.

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Mustang Clubs On Facebook

Mustang Clubs On Facebook

Part of the allure of social media is that it makes finding other people that have similar interests to you super easy and one of the best methods to connect with other Mustang owners is by utilizing social media giant Facebook. To accomplish this, you’ll want to take a look specifically at the Facebook Groups section of either your Facebook smartphone app or your web browser.

Facebook Mustang Groups (Clubs) are broken down by everything from geographic location to specific years and models of Mustang. Mustang Clubs on Facebook are well run, well-organized, and include tons of fun stuff like:

  • Photo-sharing
  • Notifications of local events
  • Maintenance tips
  • Articles and Newsletters
  • Parts for sale

There is no cost to join Facebook, which is always a plus. To keep a lid on spammers and those who are trying to sell products, most Mustang clubs are private and require the approval of a club principal or other moderator before posting on their feed or connecting with other members. A pro tip: joining several Mustang groups is not only allowed but thoroughly encouraged!

Mustang Clubs On Reddit

Mustang Clubs On Reddit

Reddit is a unique tool amongst social media platforms because it is specifically broken up by interests. These interests are categorized into groups called Subreddits and whether you have interests in Mustangs or BMWs or other types of automobiles, you'll find a subreddit for you. Among the subreddits, you'll find additional subreddits that are run by people that are principals of local, Mustang clubs and other online only Mustang clubs as well.

Much like Facebook, Reddit is a community of people that share a common interest or live in a certain geographical area and Reddit makes it quite easy to find and keep up on what's going on with not only your local Mustang Club but also the automotive world in general.

Reddit is free to join and as with Facebook, joining several Mustang clubs is encouraged!

Mustang Clubs On Reddit

Mustang Clubs On Mustang Club Of America

The Mustang Club of America website is an incredible tool and one of the oldest tools available for finding local Mustang clubs near you. This incredible resource has been around since 1976 and it is one of the deepest resources for Mustang clubs in the United States.

Rather than rely on interest-based social media, this is one of the original Mustang social clubs that started off with print and eventually transitioned into the digital realm. Their website is incredibly easy to use and will help you find Mustang clubs in the United States, Australia, and even some in Europe as well. All you have to do is type in your address or zip code and you can find the Mustang clubs closest to you, as well as their website, social media profiles, and people to contact in order to join.

You can search for local Mustang clubs for free, but you’ll have to pay to join to fully enjoy all the benefits of the MCA.

It must be noted, however, that there are an incredible amount of benefits to joining:

  • The Mustang Club of America is the largest organization of Mustang enthusiasts in the World. The camaraderie of fellow MCA members is legendary. Wherever you travel you will find MCA members that are willing to help with assistance, advice and/or comradeship.
  • The MCA Board of Directors has adopted a Commitment Statement of support for all members of the club regardless of the Mustang they own or the level of involvement in the hobby.
  • All Members receive free classified non-business advertisements in Mustang Times, and on the MCA website.
  • The Mustang Club of America has a Members-Only section on this web site with club news and features. The website also contains club information and a comprehensive listing of Mustang events throughout the world.
  • All Members receive two (2) Mustang Club of America windshield decals.
  • All Members receive members-only discounts, including Ford X-Plan pricing on new Ford vehicles. X-Plan pricing is not available on all models. Check with your preferred dealer for X-Plan discounts.
  • ...and a ton more!

Membership ranges from $25 a year to $75 for three years to $100 for five years. In essence, the more years you buy, the more you'll save. The Mustang Club of America even offers digital memberships, which are exclusive to online members and include additional things like newsletters, articles, and other additional content.

Overall, this is an AWESOME choice for any Mustang owner!

Ford Performance Club Connect Mustang Clubs

Mustang Clubs On Ford Performance Club Connect

Ford offers an incredible tool called Ford Performance Club Connect that helps all types of Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury owners find local clubs. Club Connect allows club principals to register their organizations or events with Ford Performance so other Mustang owners who are looking for similar events throughout the United States can find them. They offer a platform that wraps in other Mustang resources along with the clubs and overall, it's an incredibly useful tool for finding local Mustang clubs and other Ford enthusiasts clubs throughout the United States.

Ford Performance is a highly involved sector of the Blue Oval and they have a deep love of the culture behind the cars and trucks we love.

Here’s a snapshot from their mapping tool.

Ford Performance Club Connect Map

Mustang Clubs On Google Search

Mustang Clubs On Google

One of the most unique and frankly, most simple ways to find a Mustang Club near you is to use Google with a “near me” search term. For example, you would type in “Mustang Clubs near me” to find the best results. This approach uses geographic data to pull in the best results.

Your phone or your computer will utilize your location to allow Google to show you search results that are relevant to your local area. From here, you can search through the listings to find websites for the local Mustang clubs that are near you. This method takes a little bit more effort, but it can be an easy thing to do if you don't want to join social media or you don't want to join the Mustang Club of America or other similar search engines.

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