The Mustang's Best Paints: Mystic vs Mystichrome

The Mustang has been focused on very few things to the same extent as its performance, but one aspect that has always been a major factor for the Mustang since its inception has been its appearance. The Mustang has been an icon in American culture for its performance, its sound, and its looks with a history in cinema and media from the beginning. The Mustang has been an icon of style for decades, lending its looks to celebrities like Steve McQueen, Keanu Reeves, Sean Connery, Will Smith, Nicholas Cage, and many more actors who have made these cars even more famous than had ever been expected of these cars.

However, even among the Mustang’s history, there have been options that stand out with these cars. Vibrant colors have been a part of the Mustang’s history for over 50 years such as Grabber Blue, Screaming Yellow, and Twister Orange which each have their own following in some way but two colors, in particular, have held both non-enthusiasts Mustang lovers’ attention for over 15 years. The Mystic and Mystichrome paint colors have gone down in the Mustang’s history as some of the most unique options ever offered in these cars. While some people do get these colors and the cars that offered them confused, there are major differences that must be recognized.

While both the Mystic and the Mystichrome paint colors were offered only on the SN95 (1994-2004), the two cars varied greatly from each other. The two cars were both built by Ford’s SVT division which was disbanded and renamed Ford Performance in 2015 after combining with Ford’s European RS division. These two Cobras were some of the most recognizable vehicles on the road, especially the Mystichrome on the “Terminator” Cobra in 2003-2004. With each of these Cobras, Ford had re-established itself as the top muscle car manufacturer by pushing more power than the Camaro.

Exterior Interior Performance


Mystic vs Mysticrome: Exterior

With the SN95 Cobra, the car managed to push itself into the ultra-high-performance market with its 1996 Mystic Cobra and its 240 horsepower V8 and suspension tuning letting it outrun its competition. While the Cobra had been available before the Mystic paint job, the Mystic option with its pearlescent hues shifting from green to brown to black and to purple made it more eye-catching than ever before. The car’s bodywork was the same as the non-Mystic Cobra but the lines were accentuated by the constantly shifting color. With the debut of the Mystic Cobra, Ford attracted buyers back to the car with the limited production of 2,000 cars.


10 years after the debut of the SN95 Cobra, Ford brought back the model as an even more performance-oriented vehicle. The Terminator Cobra put out a whopping 390 horsepower - more than enough to outperform any competition. To celebrate the new Cobra, Ford brought out an all-new color to pay homage to the Mystic Cobra in 2004. A mix of blue, green, purple, brown, and black hues, Mystichrome was one of the most complex paint jobs ever offered on any car and was developed by Dupont and BASF who created the Mystic paint too. These companies used a ChromaFlair paint that Ford has locked away in order to keep only true Mystichrome Cobras properly colored if they ever face paint issues. With only 1,010 built, this is one of the rarest paint options ever developed for any vehicle and definitely the most rare New Edge Mustang.


Mystic vs Mystichrome: Interior

Inside the cars, Ford kept the paint scheme flowing onto the leather, dash, and even the steering wheel in some cases. The Mystic Cobra stayed fairly normal on the inside of the car with the black leather seats and black dashboard with the only transmission option being a manual gearbox to ensure that this would be an enthusiast car throughout. These cars were kept clean and simple on the inside to help owners enjoy that their car was simply a properly built Cobra done with truly unique paint.


While the Mystic Cobra’s interior was subtle, the interior of the Mystichrome was one of the most unique in the entire automotive industry. The leather seats were dyed black before being sprayed with even more Mystichrome paint before finally having a sealing clear coat over it to make the seats the same color as the car. In addition to the seats, the dashboard and the steering wheel received a generous coating of Mystichrome paint to keep the interior more unique than any other Mustang ever has been. Built as a convertible as well, these cars let people see the interior in proper sunlight quite often as well.

1996 cobra motor

Mystic vs Mystichrome: Performance

On the road, the two cars carry a completely different presence as well as attracting tons of attention. The original Mystic Cobra gets looks today because it is already a classic. These SN95 platform Cobras are known for their handling and one finished in a shifting paint will get the attention of those looking at what is around them. While this car is more one that enthusiasts are more likely to notice while others may simply just think that the paint is cool to see.

2004 cobra motor

With the Mystichrome Cobra, any form of subtlety has been thrown out the window. More people recognize what the Mystichrome Cobra is since it is much newer. Additionally, the Mystichrome paint is more reflective and eye-catching than the Mystic paint while also having the interior done in similar paint colors that can be seen from the convertible models. With the Terminator engine, the Mystichrome is louder and more recognizable as well, especially with its polished chrome five-spoke wheels.

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