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These Are The Top 5 EcoBoost Mustang Mods

The EcoBoost Mustang has been around the automotive market for years at this point and has cemented itself as a staple of the Mustang lineup. Since 2015, the EcoBoost has been proving itself as versatile enough to go between heavy modification and racing but also durable enough to then be used every day as a daily driver too. The secondhand market for the EcoBoost has exploded since many rental agencies have brought them on as well as Ford discontinuing the V6 model. The EcoBoost is the most fuel-efficient version of the muscle car at 30 mpg on the highway as well.

With the EcoBoost being so easy to modify, it makes a great platform to create custom work unique for owners whether performance-based or otherwise. The EcoBoost can handle a lot more power efficiently, and to make sure it performs how each owner wants there are more than enough modifications available for it. The 4-cylinder Mustang can be turned into one heck of a performance bargain when fitted with the right parts and modifications, whether they are turbo upgrades, tires, or anything else! You may be asking yourself what mods are the best for your EcoBoost Mustang, and we’ve got your answers right here at Steeda Central!

EcoBoost Handling Mods Short Throw Shifter Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces EcoBoost Mustang Engine Upgrades SCT X4 Tuner Exhaust Systems EcoBoost Mustang Inerior Upgrades Corbeau/Recaro Bucket Seats End Result With Your EcoBoost Mustang

EcoBoost Mustang Handling Parts

Without any modifications, the EcoBoost Mustang actually handles very well. With a much lighter engine (150lbs lighter) than the V8 block over the front end, the car has better turn-in and responsiveness over other models. With a healthy 300+ hp in the chassis, the weight distribution ends up balancing very well, especially along with the EcoBoost High Performance Pack. However, for the serious driving enthusiast, the factory parts can always be upgraded to perform even better.

interior mustang transmission

Short Throw Shifter

With a car like the Mustang, driver engagement is a heavy focus. The EcoBoost Mustang is no different, and it is designed to be a serious driver’s car. One thing that works wonders to connect the driver more with their car is to upgrade the shifter setup. Obviously this only works in the manual-equipped models, but upgrading your shifter setup can completely change how the car feels while driving and can connect the driver to the car more. Upgrading to a short-throw shifter setup, like our Tri-Ax, can actually make the car more reliable as well in the long run because of the more performance-oriented setup. The benefits from upgrading your shifter include more precise shift feel, crisper changes, and can build confidence in your own driving ability.

IRS support

Rear IRS Subframe Support Braces

We have worked extensively on our Q350 EcoBoost Handling Build which has proven itself as one of the best handling cars we have made thus far. While the Q350 Handling Build is not for sale, we have used it to benchmark all of the handling upgrades for the EcoBoost Mustang. One of the upgrades we’ve made that had noticeable benefits immediately was our upgraded rear IRS subframe support braces. With the S550 being the first Mustang to use independent rear suspension since the early 2000’s Cobra, we knew we would be able to improve upon it and make the handling just that much better than stock. We’ve utilized existing threaded holes in the rocker panel (the strongest part of the body) and connected that to the front mounting location of the IRS subframe and the rear mount of the lower control arm and toe link. Connecting these 3 points together not only adds rigidity that was lacking in the rear, but also more control of the whole car. As a result, your EcoBoost Mustang will corner flatter and more composed as it gets back onto straight roads.

EcoBoost Mustang Engine Upgrades

mustang engine

SCT X4 Performance Tuner

The EcoBoost motor is easy to modify to higher output, and a simple tune is able to do quite a lot for the 2.3-liter turbo-powered motor. With the SCT X4 tuner, we’ve seen these engines get an increase of around 45 horsepower over stock. The additional power comes as a welcome change to the car’s already 300+ horsepower and brings it much closer to the current Mustang GT’s horsepower figure of 460 horsepower. Without increasing the weight of the car, this tuner brings the EcoBoost up to another level of performance with it nearing 400 horsepower in the top application without any other engine modifications. With the tune being legal in every state as well, it is a worry-free way to seriously boost your EcoBoost Mustang’s power.

mustang exhaust

Exhaust Systems

While the EcoBoost Mustang lacks the stereotypical throaty V8 exhaust note associated with the Mustang, a proper aftermarket performance exhaust setup can both add power to your car as well as making it sound cooler than the quiet stock exhaust. Similar to the Focus RS, there are tons of aftermarket exhausts available for the car. With the EcoBoost, the options include downpipes, full cat-back exhausts, axle-back exhaust, and resonator deletes, all of which have their own benefits and improvements to the car. Modifying your exhaust on an EcoBoost can yield major performance benefits as well with just a tune and downpipes like most turbo cars can, and a good exhaust can make your EcoBoost Mustang sounds like a track-prepped sports car as well.

EcoBoost Mustang Interior Upgrades

interior mustang

Corbeau/Recaro Bucket Seats

While the stock seats in the EcoBoost Mustang are perfectly nice for the average enthusiast, they do not offer a dramatic amount of support under higher performance driving situations. However, if you intend to take your EcoBoost to the track for some serious driving, the factory fabric seats might not be enough for you. Choosing to upgrade to any aftermarket racing-style or sport bucket seats will give an immediate difference in how you sit in the car as it corners as well as under hard acceleration.

Sport bucket seats also add to curb appeal, with many of them looking aggressive and complimenting the interior of the car as well. A good set of seats can both make the car look more aggressive while sitting still as well as hold the driver in their seat without sliding on the track. Paired with the sport-tuned suspension that is found in the Mustang as well as any other suspension or handling upgrades, performance bucket seats can make a massive difference during any harder or more aggressive driving like on track that you will feel within the first turn or two.

End Result With Your EcoBoost Mustang

mustang engine 2

At the end of the day, what you do to your EcoBoost Mustang is up to you. Whether you want to lower it on air suspension and put on body kits or you want to upgrade the performance and turn it into a track build or anything in between is available since the S550 is one of the most customizable Mustangs ever. With these five mods, the EcoBoost Mustang can very easily be turned into a full-blown performance track car while still retaining drivability as an everyday driver. While doing every mod might make it into a bit of a track weapon like our Q350 package, a healthy balance of modifications will make the car drive at the best of its ability. All of the mods listed above are readily available to customize and upgrade your EcoBoost Mustang however you want to here at Steeda.

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