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How To Modify: 2020+ Ford Escape

Samuel Weber
October 14, 2021

modified ford escape

The most recent generation of the incredibly popular Ford Escape has brought out more than just a new design. With new turbo motors, hybrid models, more power, and a fully reworked interior, the 2020 and 2021 Escape is a completely new vehicle that sets itself apart from the other CUVs and SUVs on the market with sporty lines and incredible value. The Escape’s new design also frees up a lot more creativity among aftermarket brands to enhance the performance of the family CUV. For the families that want some added performance setups for not much money compared to similar vehicles, the Escape offers exactly that.

While this Escape is fairly new, there is already some aftermarket support for those who wish to modify their vehicles. Spanning from basic accessories through performance upgrades, the Escape community has wasted no time with developing upgrades that the entire family can enjoy constantly. This means subtle enough modifications to be usable daily while also being aesthetically and technically usable as needed. These can be some of the best upgrades available for the 2020 and 202 Ford Escape across the different trim and engine levels. We have put together a list of these top upgrades so you can modify your Escape in the best way possible. Thee parts are major must-haves if you want to customize your Ford Escape.

Lowering Springs Lifting Springs Air Filter Upgrade Aftermarket Wheel Options Weatherproof Interior & Exterior

escape lowering springs

Escape Lowering Springs

The newest generation Ford Escape has moved to a much sportier design than ever before, resembling the Focus ST and RS from some angles. With the newly aggressive design, it makes sense for the Escape to handle like a sportier vehicle. Along with this, the Escape handles like a much smaller vehicle too. To make your Escape handle even better, we recommend a set of high-performance lowering springs to pair with your vehicle. Set on Steeda Lowering Springs, you will lower your Escape 1” lower which still provides you with ample ground clearance in most situations. This will give your Escape a more performance-oriented look and style.

lifted escape

Escape Lifting Springs

If lowering your Escape is not right for you, there is also the option of raising it. With its design, the Escape works well lowered or raised for additional use off of pavement. With the option of raising the Escape 1.2 inches off the ground with the H&R Escape Raising Springs, it makes just enough of a difference to stand out but is still subtle enough to take a truly attentive eye to find in many cases. With this lift you will be able to add larger and more off-road designed tires if you intend to do some trail use in your Escape, truly using it to escape to somewhere in nature.

k&n air filter escape

Escape Air Filter Upgrade

It is important to make sure your Escape is running at its top performance and to do that you must make sure your Escape is breathing properly. While many filters may only do what is required in terms of intake, the use of the K&N Panel Air Filter is a solid way to do that. These filters help clean air before it gets to the engine while also being easy to remove and clean when needed. They also have a 1,000,000 mile warranty which means that the filter is guaranteed to work or you receive a new one.

dub wheels ford escape

Escape Aftermarket Wheel Options

One of the best upgrades you can make to your Escape is a change to the wheels. Whether you intend to upgrade them for style by going with some larger wheels like the Dub Escape Push Gloss Black Wheel or for more of a utilitarian design, you can make your Escape unique to you through your choices like this. With wheels, you can make your Escape stand out and be bold or you can make it rugged or just about anything in between the two. Large wheels add the perfect accent to the Escape’s appearance when set up on different springs to change the height.

weathertech mats ford escape

Escape Waterproof Interior & Exterior

Although many people my not see it as a modification, the addition of weatherproof interior padding like the WeatherTech Escape Floor Liner Kit and WeatherTech Escape No Drill mud flaps to the Escape is actually one of the most important aspects to consider. Regardless of upgrades, the Escape is a family vehicle designed help move people in any weather with ease. That means in rain, mud, snow, or any other weather or terrain will more than likely get tracked into the car at some point. Your Escape needs to be ready to face the elements on the road and on the inside from whatever different aspects of life occur inside. This is one of the most important parts of customizing your Escape because it is where you will be able to cool down or warm up from the elements and be able to travel in comfort.

With parts and upgrades like these, you can take your family CUV frorm an average sporty vehicle to a customized and better-performing vehicle with ease. With more upgrades being developed quickly and each one improving the car further, you'll be able to make your Escape perform closer to other performance SUVs and CUVs while being stylish and still fully functional for everyday use.

escape upgrades

Image Credit: Ford Media

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