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Mod Nationals 2021: Recap

Samuel Weber
November 16, 2021

Mod Nationals has come and gone, bringing in major wins across the board for many racers. As drivers set new personal bests, cars were pushed to their limits with some cars breaking and some even taking flight as they passed down the strip. It was a chance for major performance brands to test their mettle against each other in addition to amateur and professional racers alike. We were able to not only watch what other high-caliber drivers were capable of but also were able to show off the newly Edelbrock-supercharged Silver Bullet and run the best time yet in the car.

The excitement at this year’s event was more than obvious as drivers from around the country came in to show off new builds, tunes, and to overall enjoy being able to race again on a national level. Many drivers were breaking into incredibly fast times with some even touching the low 7-second range in some builds. With everything from road cars to full drag racing cars, this year’s Mod Nationals was one worth going to if you are a fan of modular motor builds and incredibly fast cars.

ALTTAGThe Steeda Silver Bullet drag car preparing for one of its vastly-faster sprints down the strip thanks to the Edelbrock supercharger.

Silver Bullet

The newly Edelbrock-supercharged Silver Bullet made its first major debut outside of video online running true street class against many other incredibly fast cars. In order to prove that this was still a street car, the Silver Bullet completed a 30-mile drive before running three consecutive passes and averaging an incredible time of 8.77 seconds in the quarter-mile. This brought home the overall win in the class with the lowest average time. This run, on the base tune, set our best time yet at 8.69 seconds down the strip.

ALTTAGHughes runs her street-setup NA Mustang GT around town as well as down the strip.

Leticia Hughes Racing

Many other vehicles that were racing were running Steeda parts as well, including the winner of the Grocery Getter class. Leticia Hughes won her class with a time of 10.31 at a speed of nearly 132 miles per hour. Her car has been setting high-speed runs consistently and continues to improve with each run. Running parts from both Steeda and Suncoast Performance, Hughes’ car has stayed in the high-9s and low-10s range every time.

ALTTAGReeves brought his car down the strip in a blistering time, thanks to the full Stop The Hop kit keeping him planted.

Beefcake Racing

Terry Reeves from Beefcake Racing ran a personal best for his 60-foot acceleration with his full-weight 4,000lbs car. Running the Steeda Stop The Hop Ultimate Drag kit paired with his performance upgrades, Reeves got his 60-foot to 1.27 seconds. This insane time would not have been possible without our kit, according to Reeves.

ALTTAGRoad Cone's car brought in its best time ever before thanks to his newest setup.

Road Cone Terry

Terry Eshman (AKA Road Cone Terry) had been building his car for months to set it up as the fastest it has ever been. He went on to run a personal best in the 7-second range at 7.9 seconds at 178 miles per hour in his 2015 Whipple-supercharged Mustang GT using Steeda suspension. With this setup, his drag car was able to push harder than it had ever run before and was still being driven afterward.

ALTTAGSet up by the Steeda Booth, Schneider's Mustang was incredibly competitive even without heavy modification like the other cars running.

Charlie's NA S550 Mustang

Charlie Schneider who runs Steeda parts on his S550 GT was one of the most improved drivers of the night after getting more experience behind the wheel driving his car on the drag strip. On the strip, Schneider brought his time down by over a second after changing his technique. He managed to bring his time down to just above a 12.0 run in his Mustang.


Cory's Twin Turbo S550 Mustang

Driver Cory Graley also set a new personal best with his S550 Mustang GT. Running the full Steeda Stop The Hop kit on his car, Graley ran his car hard in every heat. Although he hit a few snags, such as issues with his boost controller and steering rack issues, and more, his twin-turbocharged stock motor pulled the car all the way to an 8.60 at 158 miles per hour which won him his class. Graley brought home the overall win in the 6R80/10R80 class.

ALTTAGBright's Mustang was expected to break into the 9-second range with his runs thanks to his current setup.

David's Paxton Supercharged S550 Mustang

Local driver David Bright also ran his Paxton-supercharged 10R80-equipped Mustang GT on full Steeda suspension to a personal best in his 60-foot acceleration on one of his runs. Before hitting an issue with his car that kept it from running any further, Bright was able to pull off his best 60-foot acceleration yet. His combination of aggressive transmission tune, drag radials, and supercharger put out a respectable low-10-second run each time for a streetcar to run.

Mod Nationals 2021: Gallery

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