Whipple GT350/GT350R Stage 1 Supercharger System (2016-2019)

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Take the power of your 5.2L GT350 to a whole new level with the Whipple Supercharger System. This Twin Screw style supercharger delivers impressive power and incredible amounts of air to the Voodoo engine that is in your GT350. Leave competition in the dust with this kit from Whipple.

Part Number: 439 WK-2621B-G5

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Upgrading to the Whipple Supercharger System puts your Mustang GT350 on a whole new level. With incredible potential and impressive power, your Shelby will be unmatched on the street and the track. Whipple utilizes a Twin Screw supercharger system to deliver the best performance possible. 

Great reliability and efficiency with Twin Screw design. The twin-screw supercharger design corrects many issues that are found with other supercharger types like centrifugal and roots. With better reliability, better power at higher RPM's, greater pressure ratios, and better noise levels, the twin-screw supercharger has proven to be more effective. 

Integrated intercooler to keep temperatures down and power up. Whipple designed their supercharger system to utilize a massive bar and plate intercooler that is nearly 30% larger than competitors. Air is cooled more effectively thanks to a greater surface area and increased depth in the intercooler.

More power for your GT350. With 10 pounds of boost and a 93 octane tune, the Whipple Supercharger Kit on the GT350 delivers up to 875 horsepower and 660 foot-pounds of torque! This jump in power is nearly a 65% increase over the stock GT350. 

Product Benefits

  • Produces over 850 hp (+350hp) and 650 lb/ft tq (+231ft/lb)!
  • Almost instant power when you step on the throttle
  • 6 finishes to choose from
  • Direct bolt-on installation
  • Integrated bar-and-plate intercooler
  • Clean look in your engine bay
  • Requires no supporting upgrades

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Hi this is Rodney Williamson with Steeda Autosports and behind me is Eric's 2017 GT350. Eric contacted me several months back looking to do some upgrades to his GT350 to improve both the performance and the handling of the car. Stock the GT350 is rated from the factory at 520 when we put them on the dyno we normally get about 460 horse at the tires. To bump that up we've put on a 2.9 liter Whipple Supercharger with the Whipple rovol throttle body. Their big heat exchanger up front with the dual fans option and then when using that with Whipple supplied tuned on 93 octane fuel, we're getting about 700 horsepower at the tire. So that's about a 240 horse jump over stock which is a phenomenal increase. The GT350 is a fast car to begin with, with this much power on hand the best term that comes to mind is it's going to be a scary fast car. Once it gets over 4,000 rpms everything is going to start happening much more quickly than it did before. You really need to be having both hands on the wheel so to speak to keep this car under you with this much power going on. One of the things the customer's always have question about is the durability of the motor when putting out these high power levels. A lot of people ask us about upgrades to the oil pump gears and the crank sprockets, which are known failure points on these motors when used under high-performance conditions. We'll generally advise the customers if they're racing the car or going to be racing the car or doing any kind of sporting events with the car. They should be upgrading the oil pump and the crankshaft sprocket. It's a billet oil pump here and a billet crankshaft sprocket that are used to replace the weak cast factory pieces. They do require tearing down the entire front of the motor to get at but when you're doing a supercharger job you're actually saving some money on the labor because we already had to tear down some of the front of the motor anyway just for the supercharger install. About half of my customers opted for the oil pump and crank gear upgrades when they're doing a supercharger installation. Other things we touch on when we're upgrading with this much power is for durability we like to do things like the driveshaft upgrade. The carbon fiber drive shaft is in a very popular upgrade for the GT350s for both street and track and then upgrading the half shafts to the Ford Performance Half Shafts they could handle over a thousand horsepower. That's also a common upgrade but again those are more for people who are going to be abusing the car let's say at the racetrack. The standard pieces hold up fine because usually traction is your main problem and not durability of the drivetrain. Well when we're installing the supercharger there is quite a bit of the stock parts that have to be removed. We got an entire crate of stock parts that came off this car. All the front bumper has to come off the car. The radiator has to come out of the car, of course all the stock pulleys, water pump and the crank, harmonic balancer have to come off. Then we have to remove the front cover, the timing cover. Remove all the timing chains and once we're down to just the bare block and heads on the front of the motor, then we can lower the oil pan on the GT350 and to give us access to the oil pump and the crank sprocket. Getting them all replaced is very easy once all that stripped down is done and then we just go ahead and reverse the procedure to build everything back up. The Whipple Supercharger comes with its own fuel injectors. Its comes with its own fuel rails its own fuel supply system. Its own throttle body as I mentioned before and its own air induction kit let's say. It still utilizes the factory air intake in the front grille, that goes in through the filter and then into the supercharger to be compressed. Beneath the supercharger is a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is like a small radiator that has liquid going through it and the idea is once the supercharger compresses the air the air builds temperature. Well that's bad for any performance motor. So to reduce the temperature there is an intercooler in between the supercharger and the motor that cools the intake charge and it cools the intake charge with little air to water heat exchanger. That heat exchanger then has a pump on it that pulls the water out, goes up to the front of the motor where we have a heat exchanger mounted in front of the radiator and it has dual fans on it. The dual fan heat exchanger takes the water that comes through the intercooler underneath the motor, cools it and then the pump again recirculates it back up through a reservoir and then the reservoir takes it and it goes up into the engine to flow cool water underneath the supercharger to cool that incoming charge. We measure the inlet temperatures of the supercharger the air temperatures before the supercharger and after the supercharger and the computer if it reads the post compressor air inlet temperatures getting too high, it will actually reduce the amount of boost and ignition timing to help protect the motors because high Inlet air temperatures if unchecked can result in detonation that which could possibly damage the motor. So it's very important that the inner core is properly functioning and the dual fans help keep the temperatures in check. The Whipple Supercharger is a 2.9 liter unit. So we've got a supercharger that's larger. That means the internal volume of air per rotation is greater than with those other superchargers. The supercharger having a larger capacity means we don't have to spin it as fast to get the same amount of air into the motor is a smaller supercharger and that's very important because as I was talking before about heat in the supercharger the faster you spin a supercharger, the more heat it creates. So by slowing down the supercharger speed we're actually able to keep the air temperatures lower. So that makes the entire system work better. So the bigger the supercharger, the lower inlet air temperatures you're gonna have. The better performance you're going to have. Whipple this is their what they call their Gen 3 Superchargers, their latest iteration. Its got their most advanced rotor profiles inside. Those rotor profiles make the supercharger more efficient. Superchargers take horse power to actually spin them. So by making a supercharger more efficient and having a draw less horsepower to spin it, there's more horse power available to free up and spin the tires on the back of the car. The throttle body on these is unique it's a Whipple design throttle body. It's a rovol design, it's a round oval it's not a oval like bit in the sense of a Super Cobra Jet Throttle Body. That a lot of people familiar with it's a true oval but it's more like an elliptical shape more like a football and because that it takes very special tuning in order to have really great drivability and Whipple has nailed that. The Tunes that Whipple supply are just perfect right out of the box. Produce lots of power and have great drivability. With a Whipple Tune you really can't go wrong with these superchargers. Plus a lot of the Whipple Tunes are 50 state legal. That means no matter what state you're in you don't have to worry about emissions testing or anything like that. One of the things when you've got a car with this much power now is when you first take it out, you're really gonna have to learn how to redrive the car. This amount of power puts the car on a whole nother level of performance and excitement. You're really is amazing the feedback I've gotten from my customers who have done a modification like this with just the the sheer grins that puts on their faces when they have this much power at hand. I once had a customer call me up who said Rod I just got my car home after you guys put the Whipple Supercharger on it and I'm having trouble with it bogging down when I jump on it at 60 miles an hour. I asked him did you have traction control on. He goes yes I had trash control on. I go well turn trash control off. He goes are you telling me it's spinning my tires at 60 miles an hour and I'm like yes it is! So he went out turned the traction control off went for a drive, no more bogging. Called me up it goes you were right, this thing is roasting the tires when I get into it at 60 miles an hour now! He was totally amazed and have very happy with the performance he got out of this car.
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Whipple Superchargers

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: 11 Hours
Tools Required: Safety glasses, metric wrench set, 1/4” torque wrench, 3/8" torque wrench, 1/2" torque wrench, 1/2" assorted metric socket set, 1/4" assorted metric socket set, 3/8” assorted metric socket set, 5mm ball head allen, 3/8” drive assorted metric allen socket set and 1/2” breaker bar.

Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Trim Levels: GT350, GT350R
Fits Model Years: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
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