Steeda S550 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote 304 Stainless Resonator Delete H-Pipe (2015-2017)

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Steedas 304 stainless steel Resonator Delete H-Pipe for your 2015-2017 5.0L Coyote powered S550 Ford Mustang GT is a budget friendly way to improve sound & increase horsepower. The H design provides for lower back pressure & increased power at low RPM. I

Part Number: 555 3611

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Our 304-Stainless Steel Resonator Delete H-Pipe for your iconic American made 5.0L Coyote Mustang GT is the best way to improve sound and increase performance at minimal cost while losing up to 6.5 pounds of weight. The H design increases torque at lower RPM and delivers a traditional mean deep muscle car exhaust tone.

With mandrel bent 2.5" diameter tubing, the H-pipe easily installs between the factory catalytic converters and the factory mufflers. It is also compatible with virtually all aftermarket axle back exhaust kits. The 304 stainless steel mandrel bent tubing will not develop surface rust typical with 409 stainless or rust completely through like aluminized mild steel. The flush fit exhaust clamps allow for shortening the H-pipe if needed and prevent exhaust leaks common with expanded end kits.

For optimal deep sound and low-end power, Steeda recommends this H-pipe used in combination with our Axle Back Exhaust System(159 0001).

Note: Some 2018 and all 2019 GT models have integrated heat shields welded to the OE exhaust assembly requiring shortening 555 3611 H-pipe or removal of OE heat shield. Steeda's newly developed H-pipe 555 3619is direct fit for 2018+ models with OE heat shield.

Product Benefits:

  • Improves low-end torque over factory resonator
  • Traditional deep muscle car exhaust note
  • 304SS will not rust like inferior 409SS or aluminized steel pipes
  • Sheds up to 6.5 lbs. weight
  • Does not require tune
  • 38" overall length 
  • Band clamps allow cut to shorter length

X-Pipe vs H-Pipe: Which Is For You?

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from here today to answer a very important question for you S550 owners to H-Pipe or to X-Pipe that is the question. Now we can understand the confusion because both of them look very similar to one another. They're both made of T 304 stainless steel. They both replace the OEM resonator both save a lot of weight off the middle of the car and both change the sound and add some performance to the car. So we're here to help answer and guide you toward which may be better suited for you. We'll start with the H pipe. The H Pipe will give you a little bit of a deeper sound. A little bit more of a muscle car sound. A little throatier, but not quite as a raspy up top. As we move on to the X Pipe that's we're gonna get your higher RPM raspiness and a real nasty growl as you get toward red line. As we referenced a moment ago, both of these are a replacement for the factory resonator. The tubing is the same size and we provide the clamps for a nice clean installation. Since these utilize the factory exhaust gives you your choice of any axle-back that you want so you can truly customize the sound of your S550. Now with regards to performance both of these are going to increase performance nearly equally the X Pipe will just slightly edged out the H Pipe in peak performance just by a little bit. So in all reality it comes down to the type of tone you're trying to get out of your exhaust and this brings us back to our original question. To H Pipe or to X Pipe. Which did you choose?
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 1 1/2 Hours
Tools Required: 3/8" Ratchet, 14mm Socket, 15mm Socket, 14mm Wrench, 15mm Wrench, Reciprocating saw, Jack, Jack stands, Safety glasses, Gloves
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017

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Beast Mode
This took my Mustang to another level. I have it paired with Roush Axel-back Exhaust and I must say it definitely makes a statement. I would definitely recommend the H pipe just because of the deep tone. One of the best modifications I could have ever made to my car and I can’t leave out the excellent customer service and how fast it was shipped out with no problems. Steeda will definitely get more of my business!
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Verified Buyer  
STEEDA continues to raise the bar, and the Horse Power! Waited 5 yrs to cut out the old and clamp in the new. Between H and X, this is the definitive way to have the best for nearest to nothing. Its not too-too loud, and a gives a quiet rumble when cruising around, screams when needed, and no doubt breathes easier. All that, and another WIN with STEEDA!
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Verified Buyer  
2017 Mustang GT
Well made & sounds great!
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Paired with Borla Touring catback
Used this H pipe to replace the Borla resonator that came with my Borla Touring catback. It’s now way more aggressive sounding and sounds awesome!
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Removed resignators and replaced with the stainless steel H pipe on my 2017 GT and got the sound that I was looking for. Not overly noisey, just that throaty roar.
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Great Product
This H Pipenis well designed. The install was not very difficult. It served the purpose I bought it for. I have 0 complaints and would recommend anyone in the market for and H Pipe can't go wrong with this one
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Great Part Forreal
honestly, at first i thought this was a lil too cheap for my thoughts, BUT! it turned out to be the best option i made! like i fr love this h pipe and think it’s a great h pipe for fellow mustang owners and i would recommend.
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Awesome exhaust part
The quality and construction of the part is great. Good fitment, easy installation and gives the engine a nice aggressive rumble sound.
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H pipe
Very well made. Makes my GT sound a whole lot more aggressive with my magnaflow axle back exhaust. Kinda like a cammed small block. Really deep exhaust note now
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Great product
Fits just like the factory joints. Great support answered all of my questions about the installation right away. Installed on Jack stands with no issues. Added the sound I wanted.
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Just do it!!!
Great quality and fit. Little bit of a pain to install on the ground but doable. It took me 1 hour 45 minutes start to finish. If you are looking for that deep throaty sound, this is it. Love listening to the cold start in the morning, just adds that oldschool sound that was missing. Still nice and quiet when you are not on it, but when you put your foot in it, she now sounds like she should. Can't go wrong with this purchase.
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Should have bought a long time ago
First off I just wanted to say I got the cheapest additional shipping cost and I got it the NEXT DAY! Welds were immaculate, overall appearance was great. I had an axle back system already on my 2017 mustang GT, and was wanting my car to be louder. I did a lot of research on forums and the large Facebook groups. After seeing the name Steeda everywhere I decided to purchase the 304 Stainless H-pipe. Best decision I've ever made on parts for my car. It gives it a beefier idle ( not obnoxious loud), but when I get on it, it really just screams down the road. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.
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Verified Buyer  
Unbeatable Price
Superb construction quality and a deep awesome sound. Best bang for the buck by far.
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H-pipe install and overall impression
2018 GT PP1 W/O active exh. Perfect fit and finish. Bends are spot on as is the pipe fit. Typical Steeda excellence. Note: Came from their X-pipe, which sounded great. The H-pipe definitely has more volume and than the X, which I did not anticipate but is fine.
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Verified Buyer  
A cyborg panther in fight for its life!
That's the way one person explained to me after hearing it! I have Roush axle backs and this didn't do it was gonna order Corsa Extreme. No need sounds beautiful... no more drone than axle backs alone (little to none). Open her up and my gawd! Sounds a cross between old school muscle and new school exotic. If you like the axlebacks but wished it would scream and growl more when you get on it. Perfect answer. 110% satisfied. Thought because of amazing price it would be sub par. Beautifully made and top quality. Either Steeda giving them away or others over charging. Buy this!
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A must have
Spent weeks looking for exhaust for my 2018 Mustang GT. Many of them were high pitched, unnecessarily loud, raspy, and overall not american muscle sounding. The removal of the resonator and replacement with this H pipe is all the car needs. Deep tone throughout most of the rpms. Sounds good no matter what speed and you can still enjoy the ride.
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Great and wow
I just installed X pipe with the steeda axel back and it sounds great . Highly recommend this part.
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Resonator Delete H-Pipe Review
Great value! Solid build quality with a great price. I have the Roush Axel Back on my car which sounded great on its own, but with this H-pipe it is downright loud. I personally like it, but I am sure my neighbors don't. If that is what you are shooting for - this will certainly get you there.
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Exactly what I expected !!
Installed this over the weekend, 1 1/12 hours on jack stands. Nice sound at idle, much louder when you stomp on it.... Love it ... Quality is excellent !!
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Excellent H-Pipe
I was really impressed with the quality of this H-Pipe, the installation instructions were spot on no problems at all, great V8 muscle car sound with stock mufflers, definitely should be one of your 1st mods especially if you are not going to replace the entire exhaust system.
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