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Steeda Mustang Clutch Spring Assist and Spring Perch Kit (2011-2014)

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Steeda's ever so popular S197 Clutch Spring Assist is now available with a Heavy Duty Spring Perch assembly, therefore eliminating the worry of you breaking the factory one upon installation or removal.
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Part Number: 555 7030
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Steeda's ever so popular S197 Clutch Spring Assist is now available with a Heavy Duty Spring Perch assembly, therefore eliminating the worry of you breaking the factory one upon installation or removal.

Your 2011-2014 Mustang comes with a 200 lb/in clutch assist spring installed from the factory. This high-rate spring is what causes such a vague and disconnected clutch pedal feel. The clutch pedal travels in a circular arc, with the spring assist in the middle of that clutch pedal travel. The middle of that motion compresses the spring initially and then allows it to extend after the first 30 degrees of travel. The combination of a high-rate assist spring and motion of the pedal during engagement causes a non-linear and sometimes confusing pedal feel. Having a non-linear pedal feel makes it hard to modulate the clutch on your S197 Mustang.

Many Mustang GT, V6 or Boss owners have found that taking out the stock OE spring will give you somewhat similar results, but realistically the clutch becomes far too heavy especially if your Mustang is daily driven. Most owners fail to realize the prolonged effects of simply taking out your factory OE spring and not replacing it with another spring. By negating your factory clutch assist spring you will notice chatter/NVH from your clutch pedal. Your clutch pedal will never fully return to stock position without any assist spring, and over time your slave cylinder may begin leaking due to constant pressure on its seals from the clutch pedal not returning to the stock position. Avoid these problems in the future by installing our Steeda S197 Mustang Clutch Assist Spring 95 lb/in into your GT, V6 or Boss.

Our Steeda S197 Mustang Clutch Assist Spring 95 lb/in completely replaces the factory 200 lb/in assist spring. Our engineers have honed in on just the right amount of spring rate to get you the perfect clutch pedal feel you look for in a Mustang. This assist spring is manufactured from piano wire that naturally has high tensile strength and high elastic qualities. Our piano wire spring ensures a consistent spring rate and minimal sag even after repeated use. With the addition of our clutch assist spring, you will notice a much more linear feeling clutch - the reason being is that we take out much of the influence involved in your clutch pedal motion caused by the assist spring, allowing you to feel exactly what is happening with your clutch engagement.

Product Benefits:

  • Improve clutch pedal engagement feel Modulate your clutch engagement with ease
  • Piano wire construction with high tensile strength and high elastic qualities Consistent spring rate and minimal sag even after repeated use
  • More linear clutch feel Complete replacement of factory 200 lb/in clutch assist spring
  • Avoid slave cylinder damage due to removal of stock clutch spring Steeda quality, backed by a lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda. Spotlighting the Clutch Assist Spring and Perch Kit for the S197 Mustang model years 2011-2014. Since the Mustang was introduced in 1964 it has gained horsepower and torque with each evolution and each model. In particular when the Coyote was introduced for the 2011 to 2014 Mustangs Ford really had a challenge ahead of them. One of them was to put in a clutch that was strong enough and had enough clamping force to handle the additional horsepower and torque. The other was have a clutch that was responsive yet not like a light switch and those of you that race your cars know exactly what I'm talking about. What I mean in layman's terms is a clutch that wouldn't have too much chatter. Putting in a clutch that has more pressure to it and a stronger pressure plate traditionally means a heavier clutch pedal. So here we are speaking about the Clutch Assist Spring and you know why it's named to the head well because it assists the driver with depressing the clutch pedal. Now this is great for those that again want a light clutch pedal. Maybe they've moved over from another application or an older car that had a light feeling clutch. The reality is that because the Ford spring and perch kit has so much additional assistance, it takes away some of that feel. Well this is why we have our clutch spring as well as a replacement perch or even better the kit. Let me run through each of these individual things for you. Let's start with the Clutch Assist Spring itself. The factory spring is 200 inch pounds and the Steeda Clutch Assist Spring is 95. What this means is it provides less assist and because it's not overly assisting each depression of the clutch, you get better feedback as you're letting the clutch out. We've spoken a lot about some of the top modifications you can do to your car and genuinely this Clutch Assist Spring is one of the first things you should do to a manual transmission Mustang. It gives you better feedback as you're letting the clutch out. In addition it allows the clutch to be more responsive as you're letting it out. So as you're enjoying the car and pushing it taking it to redline and trying to nail that shift nice and quick, this is going to give you better feedback as relating clutch out better responsiveness through the system. Next is the combination of the Clutch Assist Spring and our Delrin Perch. The Delrin Perch and delrin as a material is much stronger than the factory nylon perch. Buy these things together because while you're already in there doing the installation anyway, no better time. The other reason is when you try to disassemble that factory nylon perch. Often it breaks, its brittle, just simply from time and age. So we recommend both of them together. All three pieces are proudly manufactured in the USA at a Valdosta, Georgia manufacturing facility because Speed Matters! We know how much you enjoy driving your car, in fact tell us a little bit more about how you're enjoying your S197. Have you put this spring into it and how much did it dynamically change your feedback through the clutch pedal and how much more did you enjoy your car with such a subtle change. Please comment below. Likewise if you enjoyed the contents of this video please click like and share this with other Mustang enthusiasts. If you want to see the latest and greatest for things that we've been developing for the Mustang and other parts, definitely follow us on Social Media and if you want to learn more about this and the other parts we offer for the S197 Mustang, Mustangs in general and other Ford vehicles visit us at Thank you so much for watching we really enjoyed it. Have an awesome day!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

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Fits Model Year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Could removal and install be any easier?!
Come on, could install be any easier?! Here's a simple trick that will get your old spring assembly out and the new one installed in less than 3 minutes guaranteed. Take the new spring and feed a couple of zip ties through the coils. Now compress spring and pull zip ties tight. Go under the dash and while depressing the clutch pedal all the way to the floor, slide the assembly off of the arm on pedal. Just watch your face. After the old unit pops apart position the top of the new assembly in the bracket above, depress the clutch pedal far enough to slide the lower bracket on the clutch pedal and bingo! Cut the wire ties and pull them out and job done. I think it took me longer to write this than it did for me to actually do it. Hope it helps everyone out
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Great upgrade/fix
I've had tons of issues with my factory clutch assembly snapping twice, one time as a result of a failed perch throwing a chunk of plastic into the spring and pushing the pedal to the side and binding it. I had a new updated s550 style assembly installed (Ford part), the Steeda stainless clutch line, and the spring and perch kit installed. Now it drives better than ever and the pedal is smooth as butter with a noticeable grab point.
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Decent product, recommended
Overall, the spring doesn't change the feel very much which was surprising. But, it has a very noticeable change right where you want it. The point where the spring transitions between compression and extension is much smoother and less dramatic making buying the spring an easy choice. The spring alone gets 5 stars.The perch is debatable. It's a good product, but I don't think there are any functional advantages over stock. I purchased it because I couldn't afford the downtime waiting for a new one if the OE perch broke. It provided some nice peace of mind making it worth the price for me.
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Verified Buyer  
Buy it
My spring perch broke and I was running no spring for a while. I was trying to figure out if it would be worth so much money for an assist spring, and now I'm glad I did it. It makes the car much more fun to drive, and it makes the pedal lighter.
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car owner
The clutch pedal on our 2012 Mustang was distinctly non linear on release, making it hard to modulate launching the car at the dragstrip. We replaced the factory parts with Steeda's spring and perch. This made it much easier to control clutch application and launch the car more consistently. Glad we bought this part.
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Did not fix pedal return problem
2011 Mustang GT Quality is great Feels much better then stock, you can feel the clutch better. Did not solve the pedal return issue after high rpm shifts like many online said it would. Also, the perch design could be more installation friendly by putting some flats on it so it can easily be installed with channel lock pliers (instead of the rounded ends).
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Verified Buyer  
Great Upgrade, Perfect Timing!!!!
My wife has had problems with the stock plastic perch on her 2014 Gt almost since it was new. I had it out several times deburring it greasing it but sometimes the pedal just did not return properly. I replaced the spring with the Steeda spring a year ago which helped a lot. The perch still seemed to be part of the problem, I tried to buy a perch from Ford but Ford will only sell you the whole pedal assembly! Well last week in 9 deg temps my wife went to start her car and when she pushed down on the pedal SNAP the perch broke and locked the pedal down. I called Steeda to see if they had finished building their perch kit for her car and it was just coming out of production so they did me a great service in sending one over night! (thanks you were a life saver). Took all of 5 min. to install and what a difference!!! My says the clutch has never worked as well as it does now. (and you know never to argue with your wife.) I can not say enough good things about this company and the people that work there, if it wasn't for their upgrades my mustangs would not be half as much fun to drive as they are. Thanks again guys, Scott Larson
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