Steeda Mustang Adjustable Sway Bar Kit (2011-2014)

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Steeda adjustable sway bar kits are designed and manufactured exclusively by Steeda in the USA to the highest possible standards, Steeda Front Sway Bars withstand the rigors of racing while providing the performance and handling benefits you want without degrading ride.

Part Number: 555 1072
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Steeda adjustable sway bar kits are designed and manufactured exclusively by Steeda in the USA to the highest possible standards, Steeda Front Sway Bars withstand the rigors of high performance racing whole providing the performance and handling benefits you want without degrading ride quality for street use.

Steeda's 1 3/8 inch diameter front sway bar is a direct bolt on for your S197 Mustang and features 3 adjustment positions for fine tuning of handling balance. This sway bar provides a 10% to 85 percent increase in roll stiffness depending on the size of your O.E. front sway bar. Steeda's sway bar features our unique and patented welded billet ends instead stamping the ends like competitive designs.

The rear sway bar is made from solid 25mm diameter steel tubing and is a direct replacement of the factory bar providing an increase in roll stiffness of twenty five percent. Billet sway bar ends and polyurethane bushings also are included. Together the sway bars will decrease overall body roll and reduce vehicle understeer. Both sway bars have matching powdercoated finish for looks and corrosion resistance. Track tested and race proven on our own 2011-12 Mustang!

Our sway bars have machined steel billet sway bar ends, whereas others on the market have coined ends. What does this mean? Our sway bar ends are machined out of billet steel round stock, in-house, on our multi-axis CNC lathes and go through hundreds of computer simulations to ensure the ultimate in strength and performance - this provides greater resistance to bending stresses, and has three major advantages:
  1. These parts are less prone to cracking/fatigue failure on the ends themselves.
  2. It also reduces unwanted deflection in the sway bar end. Excess deflection creates unwanted geometry changes, which physically changes your sway bar stiffness to a non-ideal rate.
  3. With less unwanted deflection, our bars will 'wear out' slower - any spring will eventually become softer over time as it is cycled through its life, our bars will maintain their designed rate for longer with less unwanted deflection.

Our bar rates are developed and optimized through advanced vehicle dynamic simulation and through extensive real-world testing. We engineered these bars to control the vehicles' roll stiffness properly while still allowing you to run softer springs. This optimizes your overall grip and balance of the vehicle while still allowing you to maintain exceptional ride quality.

Note: Does not fit convertible models. V-6 models come with a 28mm front sway bar for an 85%-90% increase in roll stiffness. V8 GT and GT500 models are equipped with a 34mm front sway bar for a 10%-15% increase in roll stiffness.

It's the little things that make a big difference when it comes to Steeda sway bars, learn more on our blog:

Product Benefits
  • Adjustable stiffness
  • Decreased body roll
  • Race proven and track tested

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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Awesome upgrade
Steeda sway bars should be your first upgrade. The handling change is night and day.
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Verified Buyer  
I got this combination of sway bar from the wife for Christmas. Put them on on my Christmas week off from work. CRAFTSMANSHIP is on POINT. Instructions are straight to the point. The only thing bad about the installing the sway bars was the negative 4 degrees. I also have the lowering spring that I also installed. Car sits nice. 100% difference. Can't wait for the weather to warm up......
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Great product
I've only installed the rear so far. Install was easy with hand tools. Fitment is perfect. Stiffened up the rear a little more as compared to the factory sway bar. The design on the end links provide plenty of clearance for a large after market exhaust. Great styling as well. Great product.
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One of the top mods I have made
Ordered this sway bar setup during the 2015 Christmas sale. Great price! Did not get to do the install until February due to a nagging shoulder injury. That being said this is an absolutely first rate product, visually and structurally. Very well made. My 'Stang is a 2013 V6 w/ Pony Pkg. I felt it already cornered pretty well. I do have a strut brace on it but no other suspension mods. So here's what happened . . . The installation went very smoothly. In removing the OEM bars, front and rear, I recorded the fastener removal torques for use during the installation. Nuts - Front Sway Bar ends to links - 55 ft-lbf. Bolts - Sway Bar Pivots - 30 ft-lbf. And I removed the cross brace beneath the front bar for ease of removal of the OEM bar and ease of new bar installation. Brace bolts & nuts - 30 ft-lbf. All fasteners were reinstalled with Loctite. I also disconnected the front links at the top where each were attached to the strut. These nuts face outboard and are easy to get on with a socket and extension (car on jack stands, wheels removed). Then when the front bar came out, it came out with the links attached. This made removing and then re-torquing the lower link attachment nuts to the new bar much simpler since this could be done on the shop floor. I used a full tube of lube on each pivot bushing for the front bar. And I evenly distributed all the lube from the two provided tubes on the link and bar end attachment bushings for the rear. No grease fittings anywhere for the rear bar so I'm wondering if re-lube will be required ever. We shall see about that over time. OK, all installed, car down off the jackstands, head out the driveway. First, no squeaks, no clunks or rattles. None. Second, absolutely no detectable increase in road noise or suspension harshness. Third, the car REALLY corners flat now, a very noticeable difference vs. stock. And with the front links set to the center holes on the bar, the effect in hard turns is virtually neutral. The OEM bar gave noticeable understeer. And with a burst of torque (yes, the V6 can produce considerable torque) the rear kicks out, the front grips and the turn tightens ever so slightly. Very nice sensation. Torque steering in tight turns is now a reality. Will need to use some caution when the roads are wet. Overall the result in steering feel is that the steering is quicker, more responsive. The car feels far more willing to turn now than before.
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Flat flat flat
This kit came in the mail super fast. I unboxed it and inspected it and was suprised at the quality and finish of this product. Its almost ashame that they will not be seen since they are unde the car. The install was flawless and the fit is perfect. After crusing around town I wasmore then impresses with how flat the car cornered with this kit! perfect product!!
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Big improvement!!!!
These really make a difference on the streets, I love how it feels on the on and off ramps on the highways too. There were pretty easy for me to install and I dont do much tinkering. they fit and look great. I would recommend them to someone looking to upgrade for better cornering because I loved the results I got on mine!
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