Steeda Weight Jacker Adjustable Mustang Billet Lower Control Arms - Poly Ends (1979-1998)

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Think all control arms are the same? Think again, Steeda has raised the standard for others to follow. This revolutionary new arm features a one-piece billet design that is far superior to the twisted and welded steel arms available today.

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Think all control arms are the same? Think again, Steeda has raised the standard for others to follow. This revolutionary new arm features a one-piece billet design that is far superior to the twisted and welded steel arms available today. The solid billet construction virtually eliminates deflection without sacrificing weight. Each arm weighs under 7 lbs. (Competitors arms weigh 30% more.)

" with just the turn of a standard 1/2" ratchet. Plus, Steeda went the extra mile by using a roller bearing assembly on the spring seat to make adjustment even easier. Steeda's 3-pc. bushing design positively locates the axle for maximum traction and control without torque-box damaging suspension bind. Patent pending.

U.S. Design Patent 494,887 - U.S. Utility Patent Pending

Learn the differences in Steeda brand control arms, read our blog post for more info:

Product Benefits
  • More Traction
  • Better Handling
  • Adjust Ride Height

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Scott Boda, here with Steeda Autosports, to talk about our Billet Weight Jacker Lower Control Arms for all your 79-04 Mustangs. Okay, so we're here with our Billet Weight Jacker Lower Control Arm. I absolutely love this control arm. Why? Because it can do a little bit of everything, right? So we have bushing options: front and rear for your street cars. We've got bearings at one end, bushings at the other. You could do Delrin and bearings - basically, it's adjustable from the street to the hardcore enthusiast at the strip. And you can constantly modify it, so you don't have to buy another control arm. You can literally pop these things out, put the bearings in. The other thing is - it's a weight jacket control arm. Use a half-inch socket drive, and you can raise and lower the rear of your car. So, it kind of acts like a Coilover setup without having to relocate the spring perch, go with a custom set of shocks and struts. So, it is fantastic! A little bit behind the manufacturing process of this, which is my favorite part. With the weight jacker control arm body, we start with over 15.4 pounds of Billet T-6061 aluminum. When we're done machining it, we only got four-and-a-half pounds. So, what you see here is an I-Beam construction. That is a super-strong construction. These things are guaranteed for life. They work on 14, 12, 13-second cars, all the way to 8-second, you know, all-out drag cars. I've ran these on my fox for many, many years because, like I said, hands down - I think they're the best lower control arm out there for your 79-04 Mustang. So what we got here is - you put in your half-inch ratchet, and you can actually raise your car and lock it in with this jam nut. We have roller bearings underneath the spring perch, so it turns. So, you're not grinding away at your spring as you try and lower up and down the control arm. We have removable rear swaybar tabs. Therefore, if you're running an anti-roll bar, maybe a different rear swaybar setup, those can be removed for additional weight savings. And like I said, the beauty of this arm is it's one-stop-shopping. You can get it with bushings on both ends - offers extremely really good ride quality. It's not going to be noisy. We use our Steeda exclusive three-piece bushing in it. You'll see that it does come with zerk fittings, so you can grease and maintain these arms for the life of your Mustang. Then, let's say you get in a little bit more serious, hardcore racing, and you want to go to the autocross or the drag strip. You can then switch from a bearing mount to Delrin in the front. Like I said, these control arms can do absolutely everything. But the best part to me is - you get to get your Mustang looking absolutely perfect. Get underneath there with a half-inch socket drive, and you just crank away. And you just raise and lower the rear of the car. That's great for many reasons. Not only aesthetics, but you can set your corner weight. If you have a battery relocation kit in the back-right side of your trunk, you can always dial it up - get a little less weight back there. Try and dial it in, so when you pull those front wheels, you hit those tires, you're hitting them evenly. One of the beauties of this arm is it doesn't have to come later on down the line after you've already added a bunch of parts to your car. Most people start off with what? Exhaust, Aesthetics - So get yourself a set of lowering springs, and then you might notice some wheel hop. These are the ticket. Get a set of the weight jacker lower control arms, maybe a set of our double adjustable uppers, and install them. And like I said - get your ride height exactly where you want it. There's no sense to go in with a full Coilover setup when you can add something like this. Save weight, save time, and look damn good in the process. Now, these items are manufactured right here in our Valdosta facility, They're made in the USA. They have a lifetime warranty, and like I said - From the street enthusiast to the hardcore racer, I don't think there's anything better than the Steeda Weight Jacker Lower Control Arm. If you like the video, you like our content, click subscribe! Follow us on our social media pages, and remember, Steeda's where Speed Matters!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998

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Adjustable Mustang Lower Control Arm
Took a while, 6 weeks, to get them even though the web site said they were in stock. Overall the quality was good, except I did have an issue. The holes that bolt on the sway bar plates were not threaded all the way through, so I couldn't get them to tighten up. Had good experience with customer service dealing with this issue. Timely replies. The fix was to run a tap through the holes to cut the missing threads. Overall, installation was easy, they look nice, and do exactly what they were advertised they would do. Dropped my car by 2 inches in the rear using the stock springs and adjustable shocks.
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Beautiful and Functional
The best looking rear lower control arms by far. Being able to adjust the ride height without resorting to coilovers is an excellent feature and the machined billet finish is absolutely beautiful.
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Top Quality Product.
Awesome piece. Very high quality. Can add almost 3 to ride height over stock. Also love the fact that the rear sway bar mounts can be removed (or added). I used these on a 82GT that had some 275/60/15 DR on the rear with only 5.5 backspace. With stock type control arms, the rear fenders were only 1/2 away from sitting on the tire. With these Steeda control arms, I can raise the rear of the car as much as 3 if I so choose. This is with Team Z rear springs from there Drag race package. Your results may very, but I am impressed with the quality of the product. These use stock size fasteners unlike other control arms that make you drill out the mounting holes to 1/2 dia. Would buy again if needed.
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I am restoring an old bone stock 1994 Mustang GT. I started with the suspension and this made a huge difference. I added large 10 inch tires to the rear and removed the old quad shock which you don't need when you add these along with the upper ones too. The car sticks and no wheel hop after this addition. Great product and highly recommend.
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very nice product
I installed these over the weekend and the instalation was very smooth. i love their ability to control the ride height of the rear of my car. also the billet looks really tough. great product!
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Best foxbody arms!
I've had my foxbody for 15 years and these arms put the other ones I tried in the past to shame, I would have saved money if I choose them earlier. This is a really really stout well and engineered piece.
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