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Steeda Ford Fusion Strut Tower Brace (06-09) 2.3L & V6 & (10-12) 2.5L

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Chassis flex is one of the main enemies of good handling. Your front tires can't stay planted if your strut towers are flexing. Put an end to front-end flex with this easy-to-install tubular strut bar.
Part Number: 555 5720
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Chassis flex is one of the main enemies of good handling. Your front tires can't stay planted if your strut towers are flexing. Put an end to front-end flex with this easy-to-install tubular strut bar. This bar ties your strut towers together giving you less flex and therefore better handling. Made from super strong 4130 Chrome Moly steel the brace comes powdercoated gloss black.

Product Benefits
  • Better handling with more stable cornering
  • Excellent bang-for-the-buck suspension piece
  • Will actually improve the ride of your vehicle

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

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Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

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Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Probably the best first mod I could have chosen for this car. The directions were clear and straight forward, and the price point is more than reasonable! I've been able to take corners harder, vibration has been slightly reduced and the car feels much more planted. I will say, don't expect a miracle out of this part but it does make a world of difference for the price point!
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from Catasauqua on 7/20/2020
Without a doubt it’s night and day. Car no longer leans through the turns. It was easy to install too. Just remember to left one side of the front car and you will need a rubber mallet.
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from Medford ma on 6/28/2020
Exactly as described
Shipped quickly. Perfect fit made installation a breeze. Noticeable improvement in handling when taking corners. I'm very happy.
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Verified Buyer   from on 9/27/2019
Noticeable Difference
Very easy to install, took maybe 5 minutes and you can immediately tell that the handling is improved. Great suspension upgrade for very low cost!
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Verified Buyer   from Charlotte NC on 4/30/2019
Tower Brace
Installation was simple and quick. However, it looks like the bar is installed backwards. The ride is definitely more comfortable. Maybe I'll test my theory and reverse it to see if there's a significant difference. Hopefully, I can post an update. Otherwise, I'm happy with the ride. My car is 1000% happy with it also! Thanks Steeda!
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 5 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from on 11/28/2017
Steeda Strut Tower Brace
Best money spent! Automatically felt a difference in suspension.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from Los Angeles on 7/15/2017
Strut bar
Easiest suspension mod ever. It made my old gal feel better than ever.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
from Texas on 4/27/2017
Handling improvement
Bolted right on, no jacking required. Good price and handling did improve.
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 6 Found Helpful
from Florida on 10/22/2015
Easy install
Easy install. Seems to be a quality product. The ride on my stock '12 did noticeably firm up. I do however feel that some of these reviews might be a little exaggerated. All in all, does improve handling, just keep your expectations within reason.
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from Massachusetts on 6/11/2015
Very good upgrade
This is perfect for anyone trying to get the most handling out of your Fusion. The handling is tighter, the body roll hardly exist, very good upgrade.
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from Florida on 3/6/2014
Great upgrade
does what steeda claims..rides smoother, stable feel, and just a better front end. mine dropped right on, no jacking needed. as an added bonus, i noticed less vibration with my a/c on. great upgrade..
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from Tennessee on 5/24/2013
Quality product
read up alot about front strut braces because i was skeptical and didn't see how it would really do much. So i decided to see if they worked and ordered one. A few days later and it arrived in the mail. I got around to installing it today, which was quite easy but ran into a few difficulties which the Steeda representative on the phone quickly helped me with. Bar didn't line up correctly and the instuctions say to jack up one side of the car which i did but still no luck. Steeda told me to get a rubber mallet ( or hammer and a balled up shirt in my case) and hammer it into place. Sure enough it fit. Since i was skeptical about this product actually doing as it claimed i expected to feel next to no difference. Well, i was wrong. The car seems to be stiffer and the steering feels a bit different (better in all means). I have a read a few reviews and they have said they can take corners faster then the can before. So of course i tried this and i will agree. My car doesnt seem to pull you around it seems to take the corners smoother. I will try to test this alittle better as it just snowed and i dont want to slide and mess something else. Quality product as always from Steeda and as of now i suggest you buy this.
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from Florida on 4/10/2013
Nice and firm
Stock, the chassis feels really flexible and meldable, quick 5 minute install and you can tell the difference. When I think about it now, I realize how hoppy the tires felt while riding over bumpy roads. Almost feels like the struts and tires are being planted to the road now. It didn't deal with loose steer feeling while at highway speeds (65+), but everything 50mph and slower is firm and precise.
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from Florida on 2/26/2013
Tighten up
This product totally tightened up the front of my ride. When I would initially drive a round about getting onto the highway my car would be really loose if it hit a bump or something but now the front seems planted to the ground and the steering has greatly tightened up. Another quality part by Steeda so dont' be afraid to purchase. Oh and i have 112,000 miles with the lowering springs it all comes together.
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from Texas on 7/19/2012
A good start
Bar is a quality piece that is easy to install. Front end was noticeably stiffer after the bar was installed. Pair this with the X-Brace, and you will really notice a big difference!
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from Georgia on 4/7/2012
Super wow results
I bought this Steeda strut tower brace for my 2008 mercury milan (yes it fits and works)and gotta say wow i took it for a test drive and it was amazing i was tackling corners and all at 50 plus speeds and this bar had my front end planted to the ground A plus to steeda for making such great part will be buying more in the up coming months.
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from Florida on 2/13/2012
Excellent results
The Fusion is a good platform to begin with, but after driving the car 9,000 miles I decided to put one of these on to improve the feel. Absolute best and simplest install I have ever done, and the results in corner feel were immediately noticeable even with the factory Continental tires. Ford should put these on from the factory.
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from California on 1/7/2012
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