Steeda Ford Fusion 3.0L Engine Mount (2006-2012)

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Steeda's streetable performance 3. 0L motor mount is manufactured from high grade billet aerospace aluminum and polyurethane bushings. This engine mount is a direct replacement for your rear mount.

Part Number: 555 4026
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Steeda's streetable performance 3.0L motor mount is manufactured from high grade billet aerospace aluminum and polyurethane bushings.

This engine mount is a direct replacement for your rear 3.0L engine mount.

The increased bushing stiffness will reduce bushing deflection and reduce or eliminate wheel hop on your front wheel drive Fusion. The reduced bushing deflection will also give your Fusion a firmer shifting feel and put more of your vehicles power to the ground.

Note: Does NOT fit Fusion 2.3L, 2.5L and 3.5L V6 Sport models.

Product Benefits
  • Made in-house from billet 6061 aluminum
  • Reduce or eliminate wheel hop
  • Put more of your engines power to the ground

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

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This engine mount not only looks good, it's constructed of high quality materials. I had replaced the engine mount twice and they kept coming apart. You don't have to worry about that happening with this quality piece. Thanks Steeda for offering items like this. JJG
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Great quality
2011 Ford Fusion V6 3.0 ... looks easy, but it is not. You have to take down the exhaust pipe in order to take out last bolt. Don't cut bolts until it is really necessary! I cut that and now I have... cut bolt. I couldn't take out the rest of it - I heard that it is spot welded, so grinder action needed. Mount itself seems to be a good quality part. However, spacer included was a little bit to thick - I had to hammer it in a little. Driving wise is ok. My old mount wasn't that bad and I was changing upper mount (OEM) at the same time. Now I have vibrations on idle, but it is acceptable. Overall I really like added stiffness - wheel hop is reduced significantly! I had almost dangerous wheel hop before - I was scared that my car will broke on wet from the stop. Now - little jumps, nothing bad. Thanks Steeda!
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Great mount
I recently installed this on my 2010 Mercury Milan V6. It took me about 1 hour to do the install, because the bolts are such a bear to remove and install, even while moving the engine with a pry bar. The mount itself is an excellent piece, awesome quality. The instructions are very good, and Steeda will give support whenever it's needed. One note, on the Milan, the removed heat shield mentioned in the instructions does not exist. On the practical side of things, there was a slight increase in vibration, but that should be reduced as the mount breaks in a bit. Shifts have been much smoother, especially downshifting from 5-4 and so on. I was having cluncky down shifts that was making me thing the tranny was acting up. It appears that it was mostly the loosy-goosy stock mount. Overall, a very good upgrade and it makes the drivetrain feel a bit more screwed together. Thanks Steeda!
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Buy and enjoy!
A worthy product...but be patient! Anyone contemplating installing this product by themselves should allow sufficient time for cajoling the mount and associated screws around the mid-pipe when they find the latter impossible to remove without a blowtorch. But take heart because it can be done and Steeda provides very good instructions. I am well pleased with this product: my SEL V6 seems quicker from the line, shifts more decisively and wheel hop is diminished. Vibrations do increase somewhat but this moderates very quickly and then is a non-issue. Buy and enjoy!
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This mount is awesome!
I had this installed today and what a HUGE difference it has made. My Fusion feels better than ever! I have 110K miles on it and have replaced a wheel bearing and this engine mount. Needless to say I love my Ford. With this Steeda product installed the transmission shifts are smoother than ever and the power is immediately transferred to the wheels. I always felt a lag from the time I pressed the gas peddle to when the vehicle began moving. Not anymore. I'll admit I was skeptical about the other reviewers claims but thought my car deserved a quality part given the 8+ years of great service and dependability I have had with my 06 Fusion SEL V6. Especially given that this part was only $40 or so more than other standard part quotes I received. Go ahead and buy it. Trust me you will be surprised at what a new engine mount will do for the overall feel and responsiveness you`ll receive from this superbly crafted part. Thanks STEEDA!
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Worth it!
I've had my 2011 Fusion for about 3 months now. Although I've been happy with the car, there has been a noticeable wheel hop, especially shifting into 2nd and 3rd. I have been concerned this was a transmission or clutch issue. The car would also shake pretty badly on initial start up. I happened to come across and decided to give this mount a try, figuring I didn't have anything to lose. I installed the mount today after work and was done in 10 minutes. Very simple install on the 4 cylinder for sure. There was immediately a positive change in the driving of my car. The shifting is about 95% smoother and the RPM match is so much better even if you try to shift it hard. I'm not a hard shifter, but I ran it through the gears quite aggressively to test it and was thrilled with the results. As mentioned by others, on the 4 cylinder there is a vibration from taking the rubber mount out at idle with the A/C running, but I promise with the difference in the shifting makes it more than worth it. My car is going to be a lot of fun to drive now!
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Absolute must have
Before the mount this car would buck pretty bad if you didn't exactly match the RPM on a downshift. Wheel hop was horrible even with the slightest slip during acceleration on a wet road. This mount is made of very good quality billet aluminum, I anodized mine black for further protection and you can tell its not cheep aluminum. It took no more than 15 minutes to install, very easy, very straight forward install. Upon first start up I noticed a slight clunk when the engine first started. No one else seems to hear it except me so its probably just me being picky. other than that, there is no added noise other than that quick little clunk during start up. As for vibration, I was worried about this as everyone said it was pretty bad, I can hardly notice its even there, even with the AC on. maybe this is something different with the 2.5 harmonics than the 2.3, but I feel no added harshness or any negatives. Now when you shift the car hard it just grabs and goes. There is very minimal wheel hop if any at all now, and I was only able to get the little hop by really trying to see how well the mount did. The car also has no more jerking feeling when you downshift or upshift. This product is an 11 on a scale of 1 - 10. An absolute must have for your Fusion.
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Happy customer
I installed this in my 2008 Fusion I-4 with a manual transmission. This was an easy install. The instructions provided were for the v6 but provided the necessary information for my application; if anything the four cylinder install is easier because I didn't need to remove the transmission bracket or any exhaust or heat shield components as described. Besides the plastic air dam under the engine, there were only the two mount bolts. The subframe bracket assembled with ease. The transmission bracket required a slight amount of negotiation with the bolt, a big flat screw driver and a hammer to get the shim, the bushing, and the bracket holes to all line up; this part only took a minute as its a bit of a tight fit... I suspect it is supposed to be. In terms of the feel of this versus the OEM mount I would say there was a negligible amount of engine vibration I felt in the pedals, the steering wheel and the shifter but I anticipated much more as its a firmer mount. I didn't hear any extra rattling or any other adverse effects. I replaced a mount that had 104k miles on it. The bottom line is this completely eliminated the clunking during shifts I had from the old mount being worn out and then some. The product description states this improves shifts which I also agree with; I was having to wiggle the shifter at times to find the gear but the shifts feel nice and smooth as they should be. I would highly recommend this component for any OEM mount being changed. I gotta figure that since the OEM part failed that the cheap foreign aftermarket parts are going to much sooner. Its nice knowing I won't have to mess with this thing again.
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Good product
Install is kind of tough if you don't have the right tools (15mm socket, 10mm socket, ramps, jack and wood piece - to help keep engine in the right place - and pry bar or screwdriver). I strongly recommend removing the mid-pipe on your exhaust first because its a lot easier to get to once you do, also make sure you have a jack and wood placed under your engine before working on it. You will definitely noticed a difference if your old stock one is worn out and needs replacing. After install it drove a lot nicer. No wheel hop and a little more responsive. Great performance mod especially when your stock one wears out.
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I would definitely recommend this product for any high mileage Ford Fusion. My 2006 Fusion SEL V-6 has just over 98K miles on it and the difference is amazing. When I first started to loosen the rear bolt on the mount I was amazed at how much movement / play the old mount allowed. I honestly thought that my transmission was slipping because every time I checked the fluid it was full, but the shifts were so sloppy and rough. Now on the freeway it downshifts smoothly and without hesitation. The initial lag when starting from a stop has also disappeared. The overall handling of the vehicle has dramatically improved as well. Which makes sense because my old bushing on the small end that attaches to the transmission was almost non-existent. Feels like a new car again. I did not notice an increase in vibration at idle and the first thing I noticed was that the vehicle doesn't vibrate when you crank the engine. Best $119.95 I have ever spent on a vehicle. On a side note I placed a hydraulic jack with a piece of scrap wood under the oil pan just to be safe during the procedure according to the Hayne's manual instructions just to stay on the safe side. Another note the Steeda instructions were better than the Hayne's manual which fails to mention unbolting the bracket that attaches to the transmission allowing clearance for the bolt from the exhaust mid-pipe. As long as you have jackstands the job is pretty easy and straight forward. I didn't have a ratcheting 15mm wrench, so it took me a bit longer with a closed end wrench.
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Great product
Works for the I4! I recently worked with Steeda in getting this mount in as a test to see if it would fit on the 2.3 4 cylinder Fusion/Milan as well. The part numbers for the stock piece were the same, so I didn't see why it wouldn't. I received the part quickly (next day) and went right to work, and voila! Perfect fit. Driving impressions - The first thing I noticed after installing the mount is that the car started a little easier. Before, with the stock mount, starting the car would cause the entire vehicle to shake where as the Steeda mount eliminated that movement of the engine and created a quick, crisp start-up. The initial vibration into the engine bay was very noticeable, ESPECIALLY with the A/C on. These vibrations are probably not as noticeable in the V6, but in the I4 the difference is huge. After a couple hundred miles, the vibrations seemed to die down a little, but is still very noticeable with the A/C on at idle. At cruising speed, there is absolutely no difference. As far as driveability is concerned, it turned the car into a completely different animal. Starting from a stop was much easier at lower RPM's, and throttle response from idle has improved tremendously. Even rev-matching downshifts are much easier with the mount installed. It makes the car much easier, and much more enjoyable to drive. It just feels like the mount isn't eating up the initial torque anymore. My car used to have a slight (what I thought was) clutch chatter when cold, and that has even been eliminated. The increased vibration is well worth the improvement in driveability of the vehicle. The only recommendation I have for Steeda is to possible make a slightly softer version for us who daily drive our vehicles and don't want a huge increase in NVH, but want a more responsive vehicle. Kudos.
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