Steeda Focus Short Throw Shifter Bracket (2012-2016 All)

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Steeda Focus Short Throw Shifter Bracket is a great way to give your 2012-2016 Focus shorter shifter throws. This bracket mounts to the transmission shifter input bracket on top of the transmission.

Part Number: 555 7237
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Steeda Focus Short Throw Shifter Bracket is a great way to give your 2012-2016 Focus shorter shifter throws. This bracket mounts to the transmission shifter input bracket on top of the transmission.

Our Steeda Focus Short Throw Shifter Bracket mounts to the transmission shifter input bracket on top of the transmission. It does not require any permanent modifications and reduces the shifter throw 35%!

Milled in house from billet steel, then TIG welded, and finally nickel plated for strength and corrosion resistance right here in the USA. It is an easy, cost effective upgrade that comes with stainless steel mounting hardware.

Purchase your Steeda Focus Short Throw Shifter Bracket for your 2012-2016 Focus at Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Adjustable throw reduction, Up to 35% reduction
  • Cost efficient upgrade
  • Improved shift feel and accuracy
  • Can be used with or without the Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
  • No permanent modifications required for installation
  • Made from billet steel and nickel plated for strength and corrosion

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 15 Minutes
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Transmission Type: Manual
Fits Model Year: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Focus Model: All

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A practical quality of life upgrade
I’ve owned my 2014 Focus hatchback for a year and a half. I bought it specifically because it had a standard transmission and was about 1/4 the price of a Focus RS. It adds a layer of fun to what is otherwise a really basic commuter car, but I was never happy with the feel of the shifter and the length of the throw—it seemed a little too long and loose for a passenger car. This brought me to Steeda. I initially was interested in buying the entire shift kit which includes this bracket, as well as the new linkages that go in the interior, as I thought they were supposed to work together. I did more research and realized I could install either/or. I went with this bracket because it seemed a little simpler than the linkage swap. The job took me about an hour, most of which was fiddling with my battery box and unclipping all the wiring harnesses during disassembly. I did file both the shift arm and the bracket itself, which helped me sneak up on a tight fit (I was able to fully smush the bracket on with a pair of channel locks once I got it filed down enough). I didn’t want it to be easy to slip on by hand, as any looseness would become a metal fatigue issue I would think. I used a small amount of blue Loctite on each Allen screw, as I want this to be easily removable by anyone in the future who might not want it there but snug enough that it won’t vibrate loose. I would think Loctite red would make this a nightmare job if it ever broke or needed to be taken off. The bracket itself is extremely small, a nice solid bit of billet. The $70 price point is clearly a killer profit margin, but also feels like a good value to me as the end consumer because the shifter just feels so much better now. It’s of course way shorter (I wouldn’t want it any shorter—the throes are really small now), but it also feels slightly more mechanical. It requires a bit more force to row between gears, but you’re rewarded with very positive tactile feedback when moving between the shift detents. It slots in rock solid and doesn’t have the sort of slushy feel that it did before. The bracket completely changed the character of the car. It feels sporty and makes the car much more fun and satisfying to drive. I bought this as a practical quality of life upgrade for a daily commuter car and would recommend it to other people who happen to have the newer Focus car with the manual transmission. It’s a cool, fun little upgrade.
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2016 focus se
After cleaning up the casting on the transmission, I discovered that the short shift adapter had so much paint on the contact surfaces that had to be removed before it would install correctly. Once I was able to attach the part, it worked exactly as promised. I would consider giving a better review if the quality of the part was higher, but it was average.
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Worth every penny!
This bracket is worth every penny. throw reduction is spot on with the 35% claim. Install took about an hour, since I usually like to take my time to make sure I do it right. Very easy installation, and high quality product. Highly recommend to anyone looking to upgrade your shifter on a budget!
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Easy install (I didn't even remove the battery!)
I was able to install this bracket without removing the battery and the related hardware. It took a little finagling, but it went on fine in the end. If you aren't able to remove the stock linkage easily, just remove the battery as recommended. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the install. Great USA-made product!
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Great addition for any car!
I've had this installed for over six months now, and I have to say it has been more than worth it. My wife is an A to B kind of driver, and even she says it makes the car much more enjoyable to drive. The install can be done in 15 minutes I think, but took me about a half hour. Allow yourself about 45 to be safe. Definitely have a nice file ready, mine was cheap and crappy. If you were to drive it you wouldn't know it's not stock unless you had a focus yourself. If you're on the edge, pull the trigger.
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Worth it
Worth the money. Just be prepared to have an hour or two handy for this install. Most of the time is spent removing air flow box and battery box. Had to do some fab work to the bracket to get it to fit. Simple grinder and some fine filing to the shift lever and bracket installs with minimal frustration. Also before getting started I recommend running bolts into the threads to make sure it fits. I received a bad bolt and had to go to hardware store and expense it (.59$ damage) but in turn also had file out hole (very minor.) Besides these two minor inconveniences I recommend this product. I've read quite a few blogs about installing these, some go on perfect some require a little extra work. I chalk it up to the OE shift lever and how much flashing it may or may not have on it.
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Great improvement!
Although it was easy, it is not a 15 minute install, I am not a pro but I am not a rookie at repair, to pull the airbox, the battery box and motor mount cover takes most of that. Once there the only other issue I found was using too small of a pointed screwdriver did not work to release the 'clip' on the shift cable... I ended up using a 5mm socket on screwdriver handle the diameter was just the right size, it then popped off pretty easy... mine had minimal flashing on the sides of the stock shift arm... so a small file just to clean up some of that. the channel locks to squeeze it into place made it easy to get into place... Overall worth the money and hour I spent doing the install. I rate the product a five, but do not expect this to be a 15 minute install.
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Best $65 you can spend for MKIII Focus
Just finished the installation of the Steeda Short Bracket. I followed Steeda's recommended installation instructions and the entire process was very simple. I used a steel file to file the edges of the OEM part to remove flashing as the instructions suggested. Then used a pair of channel locks to squeeze the bracket into place. Initial impressions of the shifter are good. The throw is reduced a very noticeable amount, which makes moving through the gears much more natural.
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For $65 can't be beat
Put this in yesterday and I am very pleased with how easy it was to install and the feel of the shorter throws. I say to anybody on the fence about just getting the bracket that it is well worth it. Great feel with the stock shifter knob.
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Excellent upgrade for the price!
How can you go wrong with a 35% reduction in throw for this price? It was easy to install, and offers great return for the efforts. Shifts are a bit more mechanical feeling with the bracket installed, but adding a weighted shift knob will bring the feel & effort back very close to stock. I recommend it!
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