Steeda S550 Mustang Clutch Spring Assist 35 lb/in All (2015-2021)

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Your 2015+ Mustang comes with a 185 lb/in clutch assist spring installed from the factory. This high-rate spring is what causes such a vague and disconnected clutch pedal feel.
Part Number: 555 7022
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Your 2015+ Mustang comes with a 185 lb/in clutch assist spring installed from the factory. This high-rate spring is what causes such a vague and disconnected clutch pedal feel. The clutch pedal travels in a circular arc, with the spring assist in the middle of that clutch pedal travel. The middle of that motion compresses the spring initially and then allows it to extend after the first 30 degrees of travel. The combination of a high-rate assist spring and motion of the pedal during engagement causes a non-linear and sometimes confusing pedal feel. Having a non-linear pedal feel makes it hard to modulate the clutch on your Mustang GT, EcoBoost or V6.

Many new Mustang owners have found that taking out the stock OE spring will give you somewhat similar results, but realistically the clutch becomes far too heavy especially if your Mustang is daily driven. Most owners fail to realize the prolonged effects of simply taking out your factory OE spring and not replacing it with another spring. By negating your factory clutch assist spring you will notice chatter/NVH from your clutch pedal. Your clutch pedal will never fully return to stock position without any assist spring, and over time your slave cylinder may begin leaking due to constant pressure on its seals from the clutch pedal not returning to the stock position. Avoid these problems in the future by installing our Steeda S550 Mustang Clutch Assist Spring 35 lb/in into your GT, EcoBoost or V6.

Our Steeda S550 Mustang Clutch Assist Spring 35 lb/in completely replaces the factory 185 lb/in assist spring. Our engineers have honed in on just the right amount of spring rate to get you the perfect clutch pedal feel you look for in a Mustang. This assist spring is manufactured from piano wire that naturally has high tensile strength and high elastic qualities. Our piano wire spring ensures a consistent spring rate and minimal sag even after repeated use. With the addition of our clutch assist spring, you will notice a much more linear feeling clutch - the reason being is that we take out much of the influence involved in your clutch pedal motion caused by the assist spring, allowing you to feel exactly what is happening with your clutch engagement.

Purchase your Steeda S550 Mustang Clutch Assist Spring 35 lb/in for your 2015+ Mustang GT, EcoBoost or V6 at Steeda Autosports today!

Note: Will not fit 2019-2020 GT350. Clutch spring may be incompatible Ford Performance M-9452-M8 no-lift shift strategy.

Looking to purchase the Steeda S550 Clutch Spring Assist and Spring Perch kit? Click here for part # 555-7027

Product Benefits
  • Improve clutch pedal engagement feel
  • Modulate your clutch engagement with ease
  • Piano wire construction with high tensile strength and high elastic qualities
  • Consistent spring rate and minimal sag even after repeated use
  • More linear clutch feel
  • Complete replacement of factory 185 lb/in clutch assist spring
  • Avoid slave cylinder damage due to removal of stock clutch spring
  • Steeda quality, backed by a lifetime warranty

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 30 Minutes
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

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Big improvement over factory spring
When you compare this spring to the factory spring side by side and compress each one by hand it is night and day difference. The actual driving difference isn't quite as much as I expected but its still a big improvement over the factory spring. Installation was pretty easy and the price is more than fair so I highly recommend this mod for any S550 6 speed.
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from Cypress, TX on 7/14/2021
First thing
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from Orlando on 6/6/2021
Nice upgrade over the factory clutch spring
I have a 2020 GT and I like how you can feel the clutch actually engage after the spring change.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from Buda, Texas on 4/22/2021
Must Have Upgrade
This spring is a game changer in drivability. Makes a huge difference in clutch performance. I'm not sure why I waited so long to make this purchase.
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from GILBERT on 3/4/2021
A Must Have!
Installed this spring and it's a big improvement over the stock spring. You can find the clutch engagement and the peddle feels a 100 times better! A must have for any driving enthusiast! You won't be disappointed!
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from NC on 11/29/2020
Clutch spring
Hands down this is the very first upgrade that you should make to your S550 mustang. I wouldn't recommend any company over steeda!
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from Augusta, GA on 11/28/2020
Great, quick mod! Immediate change in clutch feel and shifting!
The original clutch spring is beefy and has a lot of tension. You really have to get on it to get it to engage and catch, and then after, when letting it back out, it snaps out towards you at the point when you should be able to relax your leg.This clutch springs remedies all of that! Makes the clutch a lot easier and quicker to depress and engage and the follow through on letting it out is nice and gentle. Your shifts will be a lot smoother and you won't have that jerky movement when forcing the clutch in and having it kick you back out.To install, you will need some needle nose vise grips, regular ones won't work. Simply depress down the clutch, pinch down and clamp the spring in the middle, and pull out the spring and perch out towards the passenger side. Swap out the springs and place the spring and perch back in. The new spring doesn't have as much tension so you can do this by hand. Install took me 5 minutes.I will recommend saving yourself time, money, and hassle by buying the spring and perch combination! The OEM perch is brittle and one of the ears may snap off when you're removing it. The OEM spring has a lot of tension and the OEM perch is just too weak to handle it on the ears.
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from Texas on 11/2/2020
Small Part, Big Difference
I purchased one of these for the same reason everyone does; the feel of the clutch pedal in an S550 is weird. I was skeptical about whether this product was worthy of the praise it has received, but I'm very happy that I have this in my car because it did exactly what I hoped it would. The sudden upward lurch , when letting out the clutch, is gone now. Thanks Steeda!!
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from Everett on 8/30/2020
Clutch Spring Assist
I didn't I was going to like, as I got to used to the way my GT350 handled. But, after two days of driving it, I was enjoying it even more. It feels so much better now, especially starting from 1st gear. Plus, it only took me three minutes to replace it!
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from Texas on 8/27/2020
Just installed the Steeda clutch spring (replacing the oem part - super easy... depress clutch pedal with left hand and pop out spring assembly toward brake pedal with right hand, install new spring in reverse...easy to compress).Amazing upgrade. Clutch pedal is a little stiffer but I can completely feel and gauge the clutch engagement and disengagement much better. Shifting much quicker now and with greater left/right foot coordination too. Combined with the Steeda Tri-Ax Race shifter I installed last month, my GT driving experience has truly elevated.Highly recommend both upgrades. See my writeup (71Rcode is my username) on the mustang6g site under the post Very impressed with Steeda clutch spring for more info.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from Flower Mound on 7/9/2020
Steeda clutch spring
Makes a big difference in drivability and clutch modulation is much better! Easy cheap upgrade that makes a big difference!
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
from Killeen on 6/27/2020
Worth every penny I had one of the Steeda springs on my Focus ST, it was great as well. I ordered this while they were finalizing the paperwork on the loan for my Mustang. The factory spring is awful, no engagement feel difficult to modulate, this fixes it and drastically increases driving enjoyment.
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Verified Buyer   from Camas WA on 6/3/2020
Simple, elegant, effective solution
This is a must have upgrade for manual transmission mustangs. Following Steeda's instructions, it took me about 10 minutes to install on my 2017 Shelby GT350 (including unwrapping it and putting everything away when I was done). It's just as the description and other reviews state - the factory setup is non-linear, there is more assistance force applied to the second half of the pedal range of motion (as it's being depressed) and the extra force kicks in just at the same spot as the clutch engagement point. So on releasing the clutch, it pops up a bit just as it bites making it difficult to be precise and creating an unnatural feel. The replacement spring makes the clutch action entirely linear so that even force is applied throughout the range of motion. Now it feels like it should. It's so easy, so simple and so inexpensive, everyone should do this upgrade.
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Verified Buyer   from Connecticut on 7/7/2019
Installation in under 5 minutes
Use needle nose vise grips to compress two coils on the factory spring and the top will pop right out. I don't know why people say that you might break the factory perch. There was no stress on it whatsoever. I think it actually took about 45 seconds from start to finish. The pedal is supposed to be a little stiffer after replacing the spring but it really wasn't noticeable. The part that was noticeable was the 'feel' of the pedal. This is an improvement over the factory spring. Now it's much easier to feel the bite point resulting in smoother operation. Also, I think it will make it a lot easier to teach my wife and/or kids how to drive a manual by reducing their chance of stalling the car.
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 6 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from Connecticut on 2/23/2019
Hard to remove easily installed
I just could not get the needle vise grips to work so I had to cut the spring off,also had to use both hands to install but I like the peddle better through it feels a little harder to push in,I feel I can conterl the realise much better,I would recommend
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
Verified Buyer   from Bloomfield on 1/7/2019
Awesome! Best mod for the price!
Wow! This clutch spring made such a huge difference in the clutch feel and engagement. I'm so glad I didn't wait too long to install this in my 2018 Mustang GT . This is the cheapest best mod you can do. Check out my video review on YouTube, search for channel High Rev.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from on 8/12/2018
2017 mustang
Does everything it says it does. Car is much easier to drive now. Money well spent
Did you find this helpful? 
from ORLANDO on 7/31/2018
Even an old guy can install it
I bought this spring last fall but just got around to installing it today, now that the snow has finally melted. I used a piece of wood to hold the clutch pedal down, so I could use both hands to get the old spring out. Other than not being able to work under a dash as well as I could 50 years ago, the installation was easy., thanks to the good instructions. A little more effort to depress the clutch, but easier to engage it smoothly.
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from Bismarck, ND on 5/5/2018
Big improvement
When i removed the old spring i couldn't compress it with both hands. It is unbelievable to me how ford thought their design was acceptable, its as if they never bothered to drive it. This spring is much softer, the clutch pedal is no longer pushing against my leg when i am trying to feel the biting point. Personally i would by an even softer spring if it was available but this one is 100% better than what ford put in there, its no longer live driving a tractor. My opinion is that you only need to buy the spring unless of course you break the other pieces during installation.
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from Texas on 3/16/2018
Clutch pedal spring review
I'm not sure I knew what to expect. The pedal feel is a little lighter and the transition is a bit easier to feel. The big improvement that I did notice is that I've improved my timing of clutch disengagement to gear change timing. The shifts are much more fluid now. I attribute that to the new spring. Good job Steeda!
Did you find this helpful?  4 of 4 Found Helpful
from Guthrie on 1/22/2018
Thanks Steeda
Clutch pedal was tough to modulate on my '16 GT because of the giant stock spring. Steeda's 35 lb spring solution worked like a charm and was eay to install.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from Texas on 1/9/2018
More linear feel, excellent quality!
Install is super easy. Take needle nose pliers, grip the stock spring and compress in the middle, then twist and pull out. The Steeda spring can by placed back in without a tool since it's much softer and compresses easily. Initial impressions. The pedal is definitely stiffer when pushed in, but when released the feel is much more progressive and linear, the softer release allows smoother engagement. I can see why Ford used the stiffer spring since it helps reduce clutch pedal effort when pushed in, but they went too far with a 150 ft-lb spring since you have to fight the clutch pedal on release and not let it come back too fast. With the Steeda spring, you feel like you're actually releasing the pedal yourself, rather than pushing against a strong force as in the case with the stock spring. Overall, a great product and well worth the price. One caveat is that people who like a softer clutch pedal, where it's easy to push in and springs back up quickly, may not appreciate the change. Those who like to drive smoothly and appreciate more of a linear engagement point will love it. The Steeda feel is similar to how the clutch feel was like in previous gen Mustangs.
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from Canada on 12/13/2017
I absolutely love the clutch feel with this installed! Shifts are smooth and the vague feel is gone! Install was easy in about 5 minutes. I could've done it faster but was being careful not to break the stock top and bottom caps since I was going to reuse them. Wish I would've done this sooner.
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from Stillwater on 10/16/2017
Love the product
Did you find this helpful?  1 of 1 Found Helpful
from houston on 6/16/2017
Absolute MUST
A must for any 6 speed s550... Installation takes 10 min... There is no difference in the weight of the clutch, but the grabbing point becomes MUCH more apparent than with the vague stock spring
Did you find this helpful?  2 of 2 Found Helpful
from laurelton on 6/10/2017
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