Steeda Fusion Sport Front Sway Bar (2017-2020)

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Steeda's Fusion Front Sway Bar for the 2017+ Fusion Sport increases roll stiffness by 48%. This increase in stiffness improves vehicle handling performance by greatly reducing understeer and also reduces overall vehicle body roll.

Part Number: 555 1078
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Steeda's Fusion Front Sway Bar for the 2017+ Fusion Sport increases roll stiffness by 48%. This increase in stiffness improves vehicle handling performance by greatly reducing understeer and also reduces overall vehicle body roll. This front sway bar is the perfect compliment to our Fusion Rear Sway bar (555-1090).

Fits: CD4 Ford Fusion 2017-2020

Product Benefits:
  • 48% stiffer than stock sway bar
  • Includes bushings and brackets
  • Reduces body roll
  • Reduces understeer

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, spotlighting our Front Sway Bar for the Fusion Sport model years 2017 through 2019. A great way to add some high speed stability.   The Fusion Sport was really a package that took many people by surprise. It took all the great things about the Fusion, you ad the all-wheel drive into it and added a ton of horsepower. This horsepower and torque were very usable on a daily basis but also gave the car very sporting feel and a different performance level than typical Fusion owners were used to. Of course this can always be improved on.   Although Ford put a ton of emphasis on improving the performance of the Fusion especially the Sport model to further differentiate it from the other Fusions. They really had a challenge when it came to balancing out the handling aspect of the car. They wanted to provide something that was easy to cruise across the country with but also something that maybe you could throw around your local autocross course with or even attend a track day. This is where some of these improvements come in that we've spoken about. We've talked about the rear sway bar, the lowering springs and now ultimately the front sway bar. This is a great way to add stability through high speed corners to your Ford Fusion Sport. It's also a great way to add additional steering feel and responsiveness because you're ultimately tightening up the front end. You're adding anti-roll benefits to the front of the car. Sometimes we call this an Anti-Roll Bar, sometimes we call it a Stay or Stabilizer bar, sometimes simply a Front Sway Bar. Today I'm just going to stick with Front Sway Bar.   The way the Front Sway Bar works is pretty straightforward. It obviously links to both front suspension points and as one wheel travels the other side is going to want to try to pull up against that but you know that as you're going through a corner the car wants to lean or roll and as this is happening the sway bar is going to want to pull up on the inside suspension but it's working against that spring. So if it's working against that spring that means this side ultimately is stiffer that's how it reduces roll. That's how it keeps the car flatter. This is really important in high speed corners because you want to always maintain as much front contact patch to maintain as much grip as possible. Especially those of you running really wide front and rear tires. Again the Fusion Sport's been immensely popular with the aftermarket and it looks stunning with bigger wheels but I digress alright back to the function of the Front Sway Bar. The idea here is to reduce body roll and increase front end roll stiffness ultimately increasing front and grip. Now if you're auto crossing a lot and you're running a lot of tight courses we actually recommend sticking with the front sway bar and utilizing just our Rear Sway Bar for again more neutral handling as far as lift throttle oversteer, especially in tight corners. For those of you attending autocross events with a wider faster course or track days as well as mountain runs or just simply wanting to reduce body roll, the Front Sway Bar is a great addition to that rear bar. The other thing about sway bars is, they really change the balance of the car this is what we talked a little bit about as far as being able to steer the car with the throttle with your right foot. As you're throttling into it you want the car to pull out of the corner but if it starts to push a little bit you want to be able to lift and just get that back to rotate some. So you're able to utilize the sway bar front or rear or both to really set up the balance of the car the way that you want it.   The Steeda Front Sway Bar is an inch and an eighth in diameter and 48% stiffer than the factory front sway bar. It is a direct bolt-on and all the necessary hardware bushings and brackets are provided but we do recommend professional installation, as the front K-Member needs to be lowered. If you're planning to tackle this at home definitely be safe and just as importantly read through the instructions two, three, five times to make sure that you really fully understand exactly what's going on. Those instructions of course are listed at on the product page. Speaking of that to learn more about this and many of the other great products we offer for the Fusion Sport other Fusion Models and Ford vehicles visit us at   We'd love to  learn more about what you've done with your Fusion Sport and where you've taken it. What tracks have you conquered and what modifications have allowed you to do so. Especially suspension modifications! Definitely post them below. If you enjoyed the content of this video please click like and share with other enthusiasts and definitely ring that bell to stay notified of upcoming videos. To see the latest and greatest things that we're up to with our Fusions as well as other Ford vehicles follow us on Social Media. Thank you so much for watching. Steeda, Speed Matters!
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Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

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Fits Model Year: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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Fusion sway bar
Extremely happy with product. Major difference in handling of the car. It went from a 40/100 to 100/100 for handling and cornering. Would definitely suggest this mod to any one looking for improved handling, stability while cornering which in turn improves our confidence. Great Job Steeda !!! Keep making much more parts !!!
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Amazing away bar
I recently purchased the updated fusion sport front and rear sway bar kit. After installing it it made a night to day difference between factory and new one. The car is planted to the road it handles amazing I have no other words for it. But yet the car still drives beautiful and smooth there is no NVH difference. I couldn't be happier. It was in extremely hard job to do. You must drop the sub frame remove a control arm get one of the exhaust bolts brackets out of the way unbolt the steering rack remove tie rod And a few other items. It took about four hours it was my first time. I don't suggest this to anyone that is not good with tools in working in cars. The rear sway bar took about 20 minutes anyone could do it.
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Big cornering upgrade
Top quality parts. Amazing purchasing experience. Even got a thank you card. Install is not for the faint hearted but can be done on your garage floor. Night and day handling improvement when paired with the RSB. Worth every penny and the bloody knuckles. Thanks Steeda!!
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Sway bar upgrade
Outstanding upgrade ! Made the car handle a lot better , no body roll at all. Can push the car in turns with ease. Thanks Steeda for another great product.
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Verified Buyer  
Sway Bar Install Review
Going to call this install advanced. Quite of bit of parts needed to be removed to get old bar out and new bar in. Worth every minute though, as my Sport now corners perfectly flat. Top quality part, compliments rear sway bar well. I have close to 50 pics and a detailed install on fusionsportforums, if anyone want to see more info.
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