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Steeda Explorer Adjustable Front Sway Bar (2020-2023)

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Steeda's 555-1037 adjustable front sway bar will reduce your Explorer's body roll in corners, add stability on the interstate, and provide a sportier feel.
Memorial Day Sale: Save Up To 25%

Part Number: 555 1037
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Steeda's Explorer adjustable front sway bar gives you control over your Explorer's handling. The sway bar reduces body roll for more neutral handling, allowing you to carve corners with your SUV. The sway bar offers a comfortable ride for your SUV but keeps things level through corners.

Stability and control. Distributing the weight of your Explorer between the front wheels when turning, the sway bar helps to keep your SUV level in corners and planted to the road. This improved stability gives you better confidence in your steering while driving.

Strong construction. Steeda's sway bar is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA and is made from a 1-3/8 inch steel bar for long-lasting performance and durability. CNC-machined billet steel ends offer greater strength than the coined ends on other bars. The bar is powder-coated Steeda blue for protection from the elements and to let people know your Explorer is equipped with Steeda parts.

Sporty feel. The flat and level handling that the sway bar provides makes driving more exciting and enjoyable. Corner carve with your Explorer and get tight handling like a sports car with the upgraded sway bar. 3-way adjustability lets you fine-tune the sway bar stiffness to meet your needs and provide the control you want.

Perfect addition to Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar. If you already have installed the Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar (555-1030), and even the Steeda Explorer Lowering Springs (555-8203), then this Adjustable Front Sway Bar is the perfect complement to your existing setup. Adding this stiffer front sway bar will provide more confidence on turn-in and allow you to dial in your understeer versus oversteer bias easier between the adjustable front and rear sway bars. 

Features & Benefits: 
  • Made in the USA
  • Neutral and flat handling
  • Reduced body roll
  • More control with heavy loads
  • Maintains a comfortable ride
  • 1.375" solid steel sway bar
  • 3-way adjustable
  • 32.5% stiffer than the factory sway bar
About Steeda: With roots in racing and performance parts for Ford vehicles, Steeda uses both track and on-road testing to make sure parts refine performance. Steeda's Explorer parts are no different, tuned and refined by experienced racers, the parts will change the feel of your SUV.

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Today we're going to be replacing this factory front sway bar on this 2020+ Explorer with a new Steeda Adjustable Front Sway Bar. Stay tuned for our product review and a step-by-step installation on how to install this on your ride check it out. Here we have the Steeda adjustable front sway bar fitting your 2020 plus Ford Explorer. You guys have been asking for the sway bar for a long time so we're happy to finally release it, but in terms of features and benefits right off the top the adjustability is the top feature. On top of that you have the billet steel ends that make the Steeda sway bars arguably the best on the market with the additional added strength that they provide. Working down the adjustability, the furthest from the center is your softest hole, then you have your middle, and obviously stiffest hole. So you're able to adjust based on preference whether you like a little bit more understeer or a little bit less understeer for a more balanced ride. In terms of build order and what parts you should get first, we do recommend picking up the Steeda Adjustable Rear Sway Bar first and then add some lowering springs, get a feel for the ride, if you're looking for additional roll stiffness up front to add a little bit more balance to the vehicle, then you pick up the Steeda adjustable front sway bar to complete the full package. This bar is engineered and manufactured right here at our hundred thousand square foot Valdosta, Georgia location. You can expect a lifetime limited warranty so if you have any issues whatsoever please do not hesitate to reach out to us because we'll be happy to take care of you, we stand behind our products. The sway bar itself features a beautiful Steeda blue powder coated finish and in terms of the hardware you have our heavy duty mounts because the Explorer obviously is a heavier vehicle with those polyurethane bushings and of course the grease needed for installation as well. Installation itself for the Explorer front sway bar is a little bit more difficult than the rear if you're already familiar with the rear so pay attention step by step we're going to show you how to do it on your Explorer. Now let's hop in the vehicle with the owner and get his thoughts. It definitely feels more planted you know, it turns in better and and it really just you know it just seems to just handle you know the speed in the corner just a little bit and I think it complements that rear sway bar. You'll definitely feel with a front sway bar you'll definitely feel it more often in the steering wheel right. You'll feel a little bit more precise turn and as you throw it into a corner. I also like the you know the flexibility of being able to adjust it you know. So eventually you know I may do autocross with this or you know, awesome, take it on the track and I like the uh you know the concept of being able to make them adjustments depending on the vehicle's behavior, exactly, and what's happening. So as you can see from the video the front sway bar installation on the 2020+ Explorer is a little bit more involved than the rear but again if you stay with it step by step you'll be able to easily do this yourself at home in your own garage. Comment below with what other Explorer ST and 2020 plus Explorer videos you want to see here on the Steeda YouTube channel. Hit us up right here at for all of your Explorer performance part and accessory needs. Hit that like, subscribe button, the notification bell and don't forget the most important thing, Speed Matters.
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Fitment & Features

Manufacturer: Steeda

Installation Information:
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Install Time: About 2-3 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Hand Tools
Vehicle Fitment:
Fits Trim Levels: Base, XLT, Limited, ST, Platinum
Fits Model Years: 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023
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