LTH Shelby GT350 X-Pipe Resonator Delete (2016-2020)

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Free up horsepower and give your GT350 impressive sound with a resonator delete kit from LTH. Made from stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. Designed to give your GT350 the best balance in low end and top end power.
Part Number: 111 FDRD00002T 1
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This LTH X-Pipe Resonator Delete fitting your 2016-2020 Shelby GT350 or GT350R will surely take your exhaust note to an entirely different level. This Resonator Delete X-Pipe from LTH installs with ease and will align with your factory exhaust connections allowing you to modify at your own pace.

Free your GT350. Delete your resonators to reduce restriction, improve sound, and boost performance. Don't hold your 5.2L Voodoo engine back. The LTH X-Pipe Resonator Delete is constructed from 304 stainless steel and is made in house in the USA.

Precision Fit. LTH designs products to fit perfectly. The modular design allows the resonator delete to work well with OEM parts. The resonator delete is finished in LTH's Titan finish for long-lasting durability and great looks.

  • Made from 304 stainless steel.
  • Designed for best low and top-end power.
  • Features a Titan finish.
  • Lifetime warranty.

About LTH: LTH Long Tube Headers prides itself on building high-quality performance products. Their headers are designed longer and allow for better flow. LTH believes in allowing individuals to upgrade their exhaust at their own pace and as their needs change. A modular design is used across their product line allowing their customers to do so. LTH products are not designed with mass production or low price points in mind. No corners are cut. Products are designed to perform and be high-quality. Products are made in the USA and are covered with a lifetime warranty because LTH is certain that their products' quality will meet expectations. LTH keeps in mind that looks are important as well and gives products a stunning appearance. The Titan finish that LTH utilizes strengthens the metal and adds protection as well as gives a unique appearance that is eye-catching. 

Note: *Not California compliant and not CARB certified*

GT350 Mustang: X-Pipe or H-Pipe? YOU Decide!

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hey guys, it's Chris from Steeda, and today we're going to show you how to install an LTH Resonator Delete X-Pipe for your 2016 + Shelby GT350 or GT350R If you're looking to take your Shelby GT350's exhaust note to an entirely new level, this Resonator Delete from LTH will do exactly that. This Resonator Delete X-Pipe is made from 304 stainless steel. It's a direct fit replacement for your factory resonators, and it features a lifetime warranty from LTH. So, we'll hop right in and show you how to install this Resonator Delete X-Pipe and stay tuned because we'll show you some sound clips stock vs. how this Resonator Delete transforms the exhaust note on your GT350. Before we start, some of the tools you'll need for installation include: a Sawzall with a metal cutting blade, safety glasses, a sharpie, a flathead screwdriver, a socket wrench, a 15-millimeter socket, an impact gun, and a grinder with a cutting wheel. Alright, so once you have your GT350 up in the air, whether it's a jack and jack stand or a lift, you'll want to grab your mid-pipe - you make sure the step-down portion is towards the front. It reuses the factory exhaust clamps. right here for your head pipes. And you grab a buddy to help you hold it up. The portion of the mid-pipe that steps out goes towards the passenger side. You grab your sharpie, and you mark here. Allows enough penetration for the intermediate pipe to go far enough in on the mid pipe. Mark right here. You'll also want to make sure that you cut off the heat shield, otherwise it will rattle, since you’re going to be slicing right through it right here. So, what you want to do, is loosen these two clamps here. Those four bolts, 15 millimeters each. Take a screwdriver, make sure this comes out, so you're able to slide the mid-pipe off of the head pipes. So then, what you'll want to do, is take a hammer and tap the clamps back so the head pipes fall off the mid-pipe. And the rest of the exhaust system should stay up because it's held by the hangers in the rear. So next, you'll want to grab your Sawzall. Go ahead and measure twice, measure three times, and cut once. You have your buddy hold the pipe in place as you cut. So, once you have the factory mid-pipe off the car, you want to set it on the ground and take your factory clamps and transfer them over to the LTH mid-pipe. So now that we have the two pipes next to each other, you can really see the weight difference between both, and the fact you'll be cutting off these resonators, meaning you'll get more exhaust volume and tone out of your system. So next what you want to do, is grab your cutting wheel and get these heat shields off. If you don't do this step, this stuff's going to rattle as you're driving down the road. So really quick, before you grab your mid-pipe and line things up, just make sure you grab a file tool and go ahead and clean up the edges. Make them nice and smooth, so things slide right on. Should slide right on the back. Make sure your clamps are slid back on the mid pipe. And things should slide right in. Make sure you line up the notch with the slot right here on the clamp, so things slide right up. Then after that, you're ready to take your supplied clamps and tighten things down. And after you have everything lined up, you'll want to head to the back of the car and make sure the exhaust is centered in the valance. The best way to do that is grab a buddy to stand out back while you tighten up the clamps for the mid-pipe. And after that your installation is complete. At this point, you want to lower the vehicle, start it up, make sure there are no leaks, and you're good to go. So, we went ahead and checked for leaks. We're good to go, so we're going to take this thing outside, do some sound clips for you comparing stock versus the X-Pipe. As you can see, great upgrade for this GT350. The exhaust tone not only a little bit changed, but also the volume. Not as much noticeable on normal, but definitely noticeable in sport whether it's cruising around or down the highway. It isn't overbearing, which is great. So if you're looking for an awesome upgrade for your GT350, this is it when it comes to exhaust. If you like the content of this video, go ahead and subscribe, comment below , let us know what you think of the LTH Resonator Delete X-Pipe for the GT350. And don't forget the most important thing, Speed Matters!
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Manufacturer: LTH

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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LT Mid pipe delete kit
Sounds good, I took mine to the exhaust shop 2xs because the clamps don't seam to hold and seal the best so I had it welded on, after that it's perfect, sound great and its a good product for the price.
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from Wildomar on 5/6/2021
Sounds great, high quality
Very high quality piece and finish, easy to install and includes directions. Sound is amazing.
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from Dallas, TX on 8/14/2020
There are no reviews for this product!

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