K&N Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost Silver Typhoon Cold Air Intake (2013-2019)

K&N Explorer Sport 3.5L Ecoboost Silver Typhoon Cold Air Intake  (2013-2019)

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Free Flowing. The K&N 69-3531TS Typhoon air intake system is a free-flowing, mandrel-bent aluminum tube air induction system. The restrictive factory air filter and air intake housing are replaced by the K&N Typhoon air intake which is designed to dramatically reduce air flow restriction as it smooths and straightens air flow.

Better Airflow. This allows your engine to inhale a larger amount of air than the factory air intake. More air means more usable power and acceleration throughout the engine's RPM range. The 69-3531TS air intake comes with a chrome topped K&N high-flow air filter and a heat shield that installs into the previous air box space.

Improved Power. Air is directed through the intake tube into the engine's throttle body for a guaranteed power gain. The intake tube has an attractive silver powder-coat finish that's made to last and it accommodates the factory air temperature sensor. The oversized cone shaped air filter can be used for up to 100,000 miles before servicing is needed depending on driving conditions.

Quick Installation. This air intake is relatively easy to install usually in 90 minutes or less using existing factory mounting points. The tools needed are a screwdriver, ratchet set and several wrenches.

**Some Typhoon air intakes are not legal for sale or use in California and other states adopting California emission standards while others are CARB exempt and 50 state legal. Check the K&N catalog or website for vehicle applications and specific CARB status for each vehicle and air intake.**


CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Today we're going to show you how to install a K&N 3.5 liter EcoBoost v6 cold air intake and our 2019 Ford Explorer. The tools required for this job are basic shop tools. They include a flathead screwdriver, pliers, a four millimeter allen wrench, an eight millimeter socket, a thirteen millimeter socket and a 13 millimeter box-end wrench. Taking two bolts and I'm screwing the that is two bolts that hold this on these four millimeter wrench is used to tighten it up. There's two threaded areas here, this bracket goes on. They're just alignment, alignment pads. 13 millimeter socket. Sticking it in there. All right. Alright that's about as far as we can go right now and now we're going to go to the car and take off the stock box. We're going to take the electrical off this is the air sensor. Okay it's just a little clip that you push in and pull out and then it's and then this little barb area hooks into the cover. Just put this out of the way for the time being and there's two two little clamps and hold the air box in place and now we're going to take this clamp loose. The cover comes out we have to remove this and transfer it to the other and you rotate this counterclockwise and pull it straight out this is the air filter when I take out okay we're gonna have to remove these two and I'm going to be using an 8 millimeter socket and working on bolt number two okay now we're going to pull straight up. There's the two little line up dowels to go here and here. This goes on. I just installed the air filter and I'm now going to tighten it up. Perfect and now we're going to install this whole assembly back into the car. Okay Make sure it's seated properly. It is. Use the four millimeter allen. Put this on here. All right you're gonna have to remove this O Ring. This installs right into there. Then we'll trial fit it make sure everything looks good. I'll trial fit it one more time. Make sure it looks good. Install this wiring. Just push it till you hear that click, tighten it up. Double check the connections, that's it. When installing the weather strip on the cold air box you can do it in the beginning or you can do it at the end as I did and all you need is some silicone spray and it'll slip right on.

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: K&N

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 1 Hour
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
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