How to: Brake Bleeding An S550 Mustang

If you have driven your car hard around a race track, you know how important it is to have your brakes at full performance. For many people who race cars with hydraulic brakes, working on maintaining proper brake pressure, fluid, and other systems involved becomes part of the routine generally. These systems need regular maintenance, just like any other part of your car, and it is very important to do it properly if you intend to drive on a race track frequently with your S550 Mustang. As a performance car, having someone work on the S550 Mustang properly is a majorly important aspect of keeping the car running smoothly and safely.

Why You Should Bleed Brakes Safe Access Bleeding The Brakes Refill Your Brakes

Why You Should Bleed Your Brakes

In order to ensure your S550 Mustang’s brakes are fully up to the task of racing, it is important to bleed the brakes and get any trapped air out of the lines which can be caused by not having enough brake fluid. It is an important part of maintaining your brakes to help them perform at their best. While it is a very important thing to do, it is thankfully relatively easy as well. For most cases, brake bleeding only takes a few basic tools - a way to get the car off the ground, a bottle, a hose or tube, some wrenches, and a friend who is willing to help out.

Safe Access

Once the car is in a safe position off the ground, the first step is to remove the wheels. It is important to properly support the body of the car off the ground when doing this since you will be working inside the wheel arches. Doing this will give you better access to the back of the brake caliper, allowing you to reach the tube that you have connected to the bottle to the bleed screw. Simple enough, you attach the tube to the screw before loosening it with your wrench. Make sure to start at the furthest away wheel from the ABS reservoir, which means start with the right rear wheel. After getting the tube connected to the screw, having the friend pump the brakes when asked will force pressure through the brake line. When this happens, you will be able to now clear air out of the line.

Bleeding The Brakes

After finishing this first brake bleeding, you’ll want to put the wheel back on your S550 Mustang. With your wheel back on your car, you can move on to the next brake setup. You will have to do this on each of the brakes on the car. While this may be slightly time-consuming, it will make a major difference in how usable your brakes are during everyday driving and track driving where you’ll need to be able to stop quickly at higher speeds. You're now air bubble-less free brake lines will be able to properly distribute braking force into hard turns or in emergency situations.

Refill Your Brakes

Along the process of bleeding your brakes, you will need to continuously refill your break fluid reservoir. This is as simple as lifting the hood open, opening the brake fluid tank lid, and adding more approved brake fluid to your car. This fluid will flush out any air in the line while adding unused brake fluid to your car. With fresh brake fluid in your car, your brakes will be able to stop better, handle better, and work better in general than beforehand with air in the brake lines.

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