Top Superchargers For The 2015-2023 Mustang

2018 mustang gt vortech supercharger

Since its beginning, the Mustang has been a high-performance vehicle that impressed people with its rumbling exhaust, clean styling, and great performance. When it comes to increasing the power even more, the best option for the money is a supercharger system. Ford has been supercharging the Mustang for decades, and the newest S550 generation is no different. With the Coyote motor, the Mustang was given a chance to push incredible horsepower figures, and the addition of a supercharger from various different brands can give it the extra push further that it needs to go from fun to insanely fast.

As far as superchargers are concerned, they are one of the final things to modify your car’s engine to push in excess of an extra 200 horsepower through the engine at times, and oftentimes you can add an additional 400 horsepower or more when installed with the proper supporting mods such as new pistons, improved fuel system, upgraded camshafts for boosted vehicles, and other additional upgrades. While they are expensive pieces of engineering, the performance benefits are worth the cost generally, especially when buying a recognizable brand that will help with ensuring quality and performance.

When supercharging your S550 Mustang, there are some brands that set the standard across the industry. These brands cover both styles of superchargers - Centrifugal and Roots - and each offers their own benefits. Brands like Edelbrock, Whipple, and ProCharger hold a massive reputation both in the performance world as well as on the street when showing off your car. These superchargers are all set up differently than each other with the ProCharger system being Centrifugal while the other two are different styles of Roots superchargers. Additionally, brands like Paxton and Vortech are available as well which are both Centrifugal style too.

Edelbrock Whipple ProCharger Paxton Vortech

edelbrock e force supercharger coyote engine

Edelbrock Superchargers

One of the most instantly recognizable brands in the supercharger market is Edelbrock which has been developing upgrades for Mustang engines for decades and improving the performance of the Fox Body dramatically. With the S550, Edelbrock went all-out on their performance in the superchargers with the Stage 1 Supercharger specifically for the 2015-2017 Mustang with an easy bolt-on kit that not only looks the part, but performs at 600+ horsepower. For the 2018 and newer Mustang, the Edelbrock Mustang GT E-Force Stage 2 Street Supercharger Kit does the job by bringing your car to nearly 680 horsepower without supporting upgrades installed.

Edelbrock has achieved one major win that many brands cannot reach. Through hours of retooling and reworking the supercharger systems they use, Edelbrock managed to make their E-Force supercharger models legal in all 50 states which means it is one of the options available to run in more strict states such as California for emissions. Additionally, Edelbrock made sure to cover the bases when installing their supercharger in these cars. Installing a supercharger tends to void the warranty on many vehicles, so in response Edelbrock warranty their products in case any issues arise too.

steve mcqueen edition bullitt supercharger whipple Whipple Supercharger on the Steeda Steve McQueen Edition Bullitt

Whipple Superchargers

Another highly-regarded roots-style supercharger is the Whipple Mustang GT Supercharger System Stage 1 which is designed for the 2015-2017 Mustang and capable of 600 horsepower while their Stage 2 setup is capable of over 800 horsepower and over 650 foot-pounds of torque. Whipple and Edelbrock are major names in the supercharger world as they have both been working to supercharge cars for years with Edelbrock making theirs in 2008 after offering performance parts for decades while Whipple has been developing supercharger technology since the late 1980s. These brands are the top Roots supercharger brands on the market and offer major performance benefits.

procharger on coyote v8 mustang

ProCharger Superchargers

If you choose to move to the centrifugal layout supercharger there are some good options to consider as well. One popular supercharger like this is the ProCharger Mustang GT Stage 2 P-1SC-1 Supercharger Kit w/ Factory Airbox which is capable of bringing your car’s horsepower to a whopping 800+ horsepower which will outrun nearly any car you are racing. These kits, while expensive at just under $8,400, are incredibly powerful and surprisingly simple to install compared to many Roots superchargers because of their front-mount design. For the money, ProCharger is one of the better value superchargers by costing about the same as many mid-priced options while offering more performance than similarly-priced superchargers.

paxton supercharger on mustang gt engine

Paxton Superchargers

Some of the most affordable supercharger options for the 2015-2021 Mustang come from Paxton and Vortech. Both of these kits are centrifugal as well with both starting under $8,000, similar to the ProCharger kit. The Paxton Mustang GT NOVI 2200SL comes in at just under $7,500 for the full kit and will bring your car to around 630 horsepower from stock form by doing so. The Paxton NOVI system has been highly regarded since its debut and is a reliable way of building power without taking up much space in your engine bay. Paxton’s history goes back decades and is one of the best options for a larger centrifugal setup.

vortech supercharger mustang gt

Vortech Superchargers

Another reliable and powerful option for centrifugal supercharging is the Vortech Mustang GT Complete Supercharger Kit. These kits, while $300 more than the Paxton kit, are more efficient and take up the same space doing so which brings the engine to just shy of 700 horsepower. Vortech has proven itself time and time again to be a high-level supercharger that is a surefire way of getting horsepower without taking up space in your car’s engine. Whether you want slightly more power or a lot more, a Vortech system is a great choice for anyone looking to build power easily.

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