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These Are The Best Exhausts For The 2015-2023 Mustang

2018 S550 Mustang Tips

With any Mustang, one of the major parts to love from an enthusiast standpoint is the sound. While not every Mustang has the deep and throaty V8 rumble under the hood and out the exhaust, every model still has an image to follow. Ever since the car was introduced, the exhaust has played a massive part in keeping the car popular with both enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike. Now, the current generation of Mustang has made a point of making the exhaust loud and aggressive to keep it relevant among modern sports cars and muscle cars.

With the S550 generation starting its life in 2015 and continuing today, there has been time to build a massive aftermarket for exhaust that we have come to expect from the Mustang's enthusiast backing. The S550 Mustang marked an improvement in the car, making into a more premium market vehicle than ever before, with the improvements in suspension and interior materials while still making the car for serious driving enthusiasts. In order to ensure the best performing and best sounding exhaust for your S550 Mustang, we have compiled this list here with the exhausts that we have available here at Steeda.

Which Is Best For You? Axle-Back S550 Exhaust Cat-Back S550 Exhaust S550 Resonator Deletes The Best Exhausts For Your Mustang

Which S550 Exhaust Is Best For You?

S550 Mustang Axle-Back

Axle-Back S550 Mustang Exhausts

When it comes to axle-back exhaust setups, a lot of the options allow a wide range of sounds. There are axle-back exhausts made for the V6, EcoBoost, and GT models that all dramatically increase the sound and presence of the car on the road. After comparing the sound of each exhaust, this list encompasses the best sounding axle-back exhausts for the S550 with each of the three engine options that have been offered outside of the GT350 and GT500 models.

After comparing the options for axle-back exhaust on the V8 S550, the best sounding exhaust is the Steeda Axle Back. While some axle-back exhausts are either too quiet or too loud, the Steeda Axle Back for the GT toes the line perfectly, offering an aggressive yet not over-the-top exhaust note that you have come to expect from the Mustang GT. With simple installment, the Steeda Axle Back is perfect for quickly setting up and dramatically changing your car's exhaust note.

For the V6 model of the S550 Mustang, we found the MagnaFlow Competition V6 exhaust to be the best sounding axle-back exhaust. Unlike some V6 exhausts which may sound raspy, the MagnaFlow exhaust brings volume to the car's exhaust while not being overbearingly loud. It also lacks the raspiness that is found, leaving a smooth and powerful tone. This exhaust really wakes up the V6 Mustang and gives it a sporty sound.

For the EcoBoost model, the Borla ATAK axle-back is the one we found to be the best sounding for the car. While many EcoBoost exhausts just increase the volume, the Borla ATAK brings aggressiveness into its sound. While it does not have the same sound as the V8, the EcoBoost with this exhaust brings a new sportiness into the car's performance.

  • Steeda Axle-Back Exhaust

    Steeda Exhaust

  • MagnaFlow Competition Axle Back

    MagnaFlow Competition

  • Borla

    Borla ATAK

2016 S550 Mustang Cat-Back

Cat-Back S550 Mustang Exhausts

One step past the axle-back, the cat-back exhaust offers some performance benefits over the stock exhaust while also changing the exhaust note in the process. Obviously the cat-back exhaust connects behind the catalytic converters while the axle-back only connects behind the axle, and therefore has more benefits regarding power and backpressure. Having checked through the available cat-back exhausts we have put together the best available for the three engines as well.

With the cat-back exhaust for the 2015-2021 GT, we found the AWE Touring Cat Back to be the best-sounding option for the car. This exhaust has a very aggressive tone to it while still not being too loud for most applications and delivers the iconic Mustang snarl when at full throttle. Quad tips add an aggressive look to the rear of the car, and the low and powerful exhaust makes it stand out from just about any other exhaust available for these cars.

Like before, the V6 Mustang benefits heavily from the MagnaFlow Competition exhaust. The exhaust sounds throaty and has a nice deep tone to it while not trying to sound like anything other than a V6. With this cat-back setup, the V6 Mustang comes into its own quite well. While the car will not have the V8 rumble from the GT model, MagnaFlow's exhaust does wake the car up.

For the EcoBoost, yet again Borla's ATAK exhaust is the one we would recommend. The ATAK cat-back makes the EcoBoost Mustang much louder than stock as well as adding pops and cracks off the exhaust when at different RPM. In general, the ATAK line from Borla is more aggressive than other options, and on the EcoBoost it shines by making the exhaust stand out from other Mustangs. It allows the driver to hear some of the turbo spool too, giving a completely different and more tuner car experience behind the wheel.

  • AWE Touring Cat-Back Exhaust

    AWE Touring Exhaust

  • MagnaFlow Cat-Back Exhaust

    Magnaflow Competition

  • Borla ATAK Cat-Back Exhaust

    Borla ATAK

2018 S550 Mustang H Pipe

S550 Resonator Deletes

If you're looking for more sound without altering the mufflers, a good way to go is with a resonator delete. Resonator deletes are more affordable than full muffler and exhaust modification and also gives a more aggressive exhaust note by changing the backpressure and exhaust flow within the pipe itself.

The best sounding resonator delete on the 2015-2021 Mustang GT would be the Steeda H-Pipe resonator delete. A very popular upgrade, the Steeda H-Pipe keeps the car quiet enough when not being pushed hard but completely changes it's tone under heavy acceleration. We have installed many H-Pipes on the Mustang GT and installation is always fairly quick to do and yields major results in volume of the exhaust of the car Over the X-Pipe, the Steeda H-Pipe gives the car a lower and more muscle-car-esque exhaust note.

Like the H-Pipe resonator delete, X-Pipes are also incredibly popular in both improving the exhaust of your car and the horsepower and torque. Compared to the H-Pipe, X-Pipes tend to bring out a higher pitch on the exhaust. For that reason, the best resonator delete for the V6 S550 would be the FlowMaster Scavenger X-Pipe. The FlowMaster Scavenger brings the V6 exhaust note higher, making it sound more sporty and aggressive under heavy acceleration.

S550 Mustang Ecoboost Y Pipe

For engines outside the V-layout or with only a single-exit exhaust, the common form of resonator delete would be a Y-pipe. On the EcoBoost Mustang, this pipe connects to the single downpipe and splits to the two mufflers. The best sounding Y-Pipe resonator delete on the EcoBoost Mustang comes from MRT and adds character to the car's note. The Y-Pipe is aggressive while not overly loud and does not drone under steady driving.

  • Steeda H Pipe

    Steeda H Pipe

  • Flowmaster Scavenger X Pipe

    FlowMaster Scavenger X Pipe

  • MRT Y Pipe

    MRT EcoBoost Y Pipe

The Best Exhausts For Your Mustang

In the end, it comes down to what kind of a sound you're trying to get out of your Mustang. If you want a more muscle car sound, a combination of H-pipe and either an axle-back or cat-back will give you that sound. For the V6 and EcoBoost, any combination of X-pipe or Y-pipe with either exhaust will give you a much sportier exhaust note than the car could have ever had from the factory. This list shows what are the best-sounding of each part, and can be combined together in each application to improve overall sound, road presence, and performance of your 2015-2021 Mustang.

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