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Steeda F-150 Thunder Edition

2022 Steeda F-150 Thunder Edition

Steeda Ford F-150 Thunder

When Ford first announced the creation and return of the Ford F-150 Lightning, we (and many others) were insanely excited. The idea of a new supercharged short bed and regular cab pickup truck made a lot of sense with the massive success of the Raptor in the model lineup. The truck that got many modern enthusiasts into the sport truck world that we had hoped for moved into the future of performance, so we took matters into our own hands.

Introducing the Steeda F-150 Thunder Edition #2022-007, a purpose-built truck with enough power to outrun many of the world's fastest trucks. With the classic RCSB (regular cab short bed) design, this 2022 Ford F-150 has been set up to handle the drag strip, winding back roads, and the road course alike, all while being capable of carrying all the materials for whatever projects you have around town or trailering behind it.

The Build

Steeda Ford F-150 Thunder

Starting out with a good recipe always makes it easy to have fun. With its 5.0L Coyote V8, 10-speed automatic, bench seat, and rear-wheel drive, the Thunder Edition #2022-007 is the ultimate in fun street trucks. Upgraded with Whipple's Stage 2 Supercharger to the tune of nearly 780 horsepower and 685 lb. ft of torque, you'll be able to slay as many tires as you could ever want to. Designed to have a seriously imposing road presence and own the pavement wherever it goes, this truck has been fitted with 22-inch Velgen DDR VFT6 wheels and MBRP Black Coated Cat-Back exhaust to make sure you make a statement anywhere.

From there, we built up the outside to stand out from the other trucks you see every day. With custom paint-matched bumpers, “Thunder” badging, roof-mounted and liftgate-mounted spoilers, lowered suspension, and the signature “Thunder” badging, this truck stands out anywhere it goes. With a fully upgraded suspension for improved handling, the F-150 Thunder Edition drives as well as it looks. We wanted to build the ultimate in sport trucks, meaning it had to corner, not just go fast in a straight line.

The Steeda F-150 Thunder Edition was designed with one mission: bring back the sport truck/street truck and make as much of an impact as possible while doing so. Comfortable over longer distances, seamlessly powerful when you want to have some fun, and simply an overall awesome ride, the Steeda F-150 Thunder Edition is everything you wished for in a street truck. With the Thunder, you get something you can never get with any other brand: the Steeda promise of pushing as much performance as possible to make your vehicle the most impressive vehicle you have driven.

    From the Factory:
  • 5.0L High Performance Coyote V8
  • 10-Speed Automatic Transmission

ford f-150 thunder

Steeda F-150 Thunder Edition Photos