Steeda Is CoP Compliant!

In the constant pursuit of achieving excellence internationally, Steeda has worked hard to ensure international customers can receive their products while having them meet international standards for quality. As managed by the Vehicle Certification Agency, companies like Steeda that offer aftermarket products and vehicles must design their vehicles to a different level of criteria before being allowed access to carry the product in the United Kingdom. One such level is known as Conformity of Production which is generally seen as one of the most difficult stages of small production vehicles in the UK and this stage of inspection on products because it requires exact precision to be maintained throughout each variant developed and cannot deviate at all.

With our branch in Europe, Steeda has been focusing on product development for enthusiasts of the Ford brand and in the process began developing our own variants of our products that we already carry. To ensure these products and, in some cases - even vehicles - meet expectations for both performance and quality, Steeda works to match our own production standards to the highest caliber. Doing so is the only proper way to be approved in the UK and Europe for mass production and sale and since our standards for our own products are so high, we knew that it would be possible to present ourselves as a high-caliber brand to pass these different obstacles in production.

Steeda steve mcqueen car

For certain vehicles, such as the Steve McQueen Edition Mustang Bullitt, there must also be special certification met to ensure safety and legality. Limited production or specialty vehicles do not always meet regulations or requirements for production, and with customizations both mechanical and visual each vehicle must be deemed factory quality before being sold. Through hard work, dedication to making the highest quality aftermarket Mustangs, and enthusiasm towards our own products, we have been able to do something many brands can never do.

The most sought after recognition in the UK for vehicles such as the Steve McQueen Bullitt is the Conformity of Production certification. This legally certifies that this variant of the Bullitt Mustang as being able to be reproduced perfectly as each other one has been to exactly match set specifications. By being given this certification, the UK can now recognize that the Steeda Steve McQueen Bullitt is developed and built to the same standard as most mass production road legal vehicles. This is a major achievement for Steeda by yet again cementing in place our dedication to quality and performance.

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