Steeda Focus ST Front Mount Intercooler - Street/Comp (13-18 ST)

Steeda Focus ST Front Mount Intercooler - Street/Comp (13-18 ST)
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Steeda's Street/Competition intercooler for the 2.0L Ecoboost MK3 Focus ST is an efficient bar and plate design with fully cast low turbulence end tanks to keep pressure drop to a minimum.

The bolt-in design does not require any major modifications for installation. The best part about the Steeda intercooler is the large 27.5" x 8.50" x 3.5" core. At this enormous size you get twice the volume of the stock intercooler, and it only weighs 21 pounds!

A larger, more efficient intercooler will reduce air charge temperatures over the stock intercooler preventing the power loss that occurs from air charge temperature increase, maintaining higher, more consistent power levels.

This intercooler is good for up to 600 HP, a great intercooler upgrade for street and competition use!

Purchase the Steeda Focus ST Front Mount Intercooler for your 2013,2014,2015,2016,2017,2018 Ford Focus ST from Steeda Autosports today!

Product Benefits
  • Rated at up to 600 horsepower!
  • Specially designed end tanks for maximizing efficiency
  • Twice the capacity of your stock intercooler
  • Comes with Steeda logo

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports
Made in USA: Yes

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended
Install Time: About 3 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools
Print Instructions:

Vehicle Fitment:

Transmission Type: Manual
Fits Model Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
Focus Model: ST

Customer Reviews

Awesome product!!
First off, install was a breeze. Intercooler mounted right up where stock was. Big difference in charge temps and no loss of power. Great buy!!!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Kris Schaffer from Morton WA. on 4/23/2019
Steeda FMIC
Install went well, would be easier with two people but I was short on volunteers. Only issue on the install was holding the intercooler in place to get the bolts started. Excellent fit and finish. Price was great.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) Terry Johnson from Louisiana. on 12/4/2017
Love it
Installed this today. Absolutely wonderful FMIC. Build quality, fitment and airflow are fantastic. I removed my FSwerks FMIC to put this on instead. Even being 200+ cubic inches larger, the air flow is much better. I regret going with FSwerks in the first place (both were $500 - The Steeda was on sale). I will admit it was a bear getting it on by myself, but it only took me two hours total - given that I had prior experience with the FSwerks kit. Anyway, I would 100% recommend this.
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Reviewed by: John Stewart from Denver. on 7/14/2017
Runs so much cooler
Install got postponed a few days but finally got it on. Took a little over two hours with with people. Its amazing how much cooler it runs. Intake temps are way down without all the air ducts too. I wish I git a fmic a long time ago I am a little jealous of how well the lettering shows on the 15s. It sits just a bit high on the 13/14.
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Reviewed by: Santiago C. from Florida. on 11/18/2016
Perfect addition to any Focus ST
Perfect addition to any Focus ST. The charge air temps are not much higher than ambient temp and I live in the center of Phoenix...This was a must-have for my car and allows me to get easier and safer power in combination with my intake and Stratified tune.
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Reviewed by: Anthony P. from Arizona. on 10/30/2016
Nice Intercooler
Took me about 3 hours to get the passenger side lower bracket. Finally used some suggestions on here, and got it on with the help of a floor jack and some beat up hands. It's warm and humid here today in Michigan, and I'm only seeing 4 degrees above ambient on the few pulls I did Also, I was amazed at how small the stock is.
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Reviewed by: Art M. from Michigan . on 7/12/2016
Thanks steeda!
Got the cooler installed yesterday. No a single issue during the install. Hardest part was getting the bottom tabs right but couldn't have taken more than 10 minutes of maneuvering. Thanks!
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Reviewed by: Vance R. from Florida . on 4/25/2016
Steeda, well done
Installed Steeda FMIC and Rally Armor mud flaps, car looks so much more aggressive! FMIC wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Didn't really have many issues. Very happy with the results!
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Reviewed by: Warren B. from California . on 2/19/2016
Definitely worth it
Got mine installed today, took two of us about 3 hours total. I had two fitment issues. The one mounting clip I removed from the stock intercooler had a protruding collar on the inside of the clip that was too big to fit inside the hole on the Steeda. I had drill out the hole on the Steeda IC to make the clip fit. It was only one of the clips that had this problem (passenger side). The other was that I had to slightly bend the lower mounting brackets upwards on the Steeda IC to have enough clearance for it to fit up on to the lower mounting tabs on the car. Overall the install was easier than expected. Fitment is great and build quality is awesome. Definitely having two sets of hands is a major help. Both in removal and installation. Performance wise, this thing is a beast. I did a hard 1-2-3-4-5 pull up to a way too fast speed and never saw charge temps more than 9 degrees above ambient. I could pretty easily hit 2x ambient before. I installed my VT big mouth snorkel at the same time so I'm sure that helps too.
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Reviewed by: Harry T. from Texas. on 1/3/2016
Very happy
Got mine installed last night. Everything went smoothly except wedging it into the stock location. What a PITA. Took me about an hour to finally get it to slide in, and I can't tell you exactly how I did it; it just decided to go in. Might be easier with two people (I have no car friends close by) As far as performance goes; amazing. I would typically run 10% above ambient when cruising, and now I'm closers to 0.5%. I also noticed that when I was stuck in traffic I would get heat soaked, same as stock, but then I would romp in it, and temps would go back down quickly. Very happy with the product and price. Thanks Steeda.
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Reviewed by: Tye N. from Florida . on 12/2/2015
Great purchase
Okay, just went for a good "spirited" drive for probably about 20 miles. Temperature is about 100 degrees out. FMIC is probably the single best bolt on mod you can do. The car doesn't skip a beat now. It pulls hard time after time compared to before where horsepower would drastically degrade in this hot weather. I'm glad I purchased this.
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Reviewed by: Frank A. from Tennessee . on 10/11/2015
Love it
Intercooler installed. Build quality is superb. It showed up in the mail this afternoon and I was going to do it tomorrow. I got bored sitting here tonight and figured what the hell. Install couldn't get any more simple, took 2 hours total. Seriously, now that I know exactly how these are assembled, I bet I could knock one of these out in 1 hour or so. Anyways, the factory intercooler is an absolute joke. Sitting next to the Steeda, the thing is a pile of crap. The car is so damn consistent now, I love it.
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Reviewed by: George I. from Florida . on 7/23/2015
Buy this, buy this now!
Some minor differences for the '15 Focus ST, but nothing to cry over at all and sent corrections into Steeda, so hope they update the instruction sheet soon. Install took approx. 2 hours on my own. VERY easy, NO drilling, and very thorough instructions otherwise. I live in FL and ambient temps are low 90's right now (July). I was seeing charge temps around 160-178* at full throttle and boost on the OEM piece. Charge temps are now at approx. 104* and ambient around 91*. BIG improvement!! Buy this, buy it now!
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Reviewed by: Aaron S. from Florida . on 4/7/2015
Must have
This is a must have product for the Focus ST as the OEM intercooler is inadequate and does not keep charge temperatures low enough for desired performance. With this and the cold air intake from Steeda I've noticed improvements in acceleration, maintaining power over longer periods of driving time. The acoustics of the turbocharger system has come to life changing the way the car feels and sounds.The installation took two hours with the help of a friend. The Steeda intercooler comes with helpful instructions and attached pictures. Overall, installation was straightforward and no drilling is required as the COBB intercooler does. Great quality products and helpful staff goes a long way.
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Reviewed by: Trevor H. from Georgia . on 2/10/2015
Great product at a great price
I chose the Steeda intercooler because of its price point. It's a well built piece. The installation was easy and straight forward. Took about 2 hours. It's unbelievable how dinky the stock intercooler is when you have it off the car. No wonder it's past it's potential once you start to modify the car. The Steeda intercooler definitely keeps up much better with the performance the car can deliver and should have come this way from the factory.
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Reviewed by: John N. from Texas . on 1/20/2015
Intercooler keeps intake temps between 5 and 10 above ambient. I must say that I was impressed about the finish of the intercooler as well. Nice job again steeda. This is why I keep coming back.
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Reviewed by: George A. from California . on 12/31/2014
Easy install
Ok first off instructions are great step by step. It was very easy to put in fit and finish was excellent. For the price quality and fit is first class thanks for supplying us with a first class product at a very good price..
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Reviewed by: Ben S. from Georgia . on 11/28/2014
Excellent Product
The install of the Street/Comp Intercooler on my 2014 Ford Focus ST made a world of difference. That coupled with my COBB and Ford Racing Products Cold Air Intake and the COBB Off The Shelf Stage 2 Tune make the Focus ST a rocket. Pulls hard in every gear.
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Reviewed by: Jacob A. from Texas . on 9/3/2014
Love it
I love this $499.00 intercooler. Perfect setup for the Focus ST! Compared to the others this IC is almost unmatched at anything below $800.00. Shipping was super fast, packaging was good, quality is high. Really impressed with it's performance per the numbers from Accessport V3.
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Reviewed by: Andy N. from Florida . on 6/23/2014
There are no reviews for this product!

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