Steeda Fusion Front Mount Intercooler - 1.6L/2.0L (2013-2020)

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Steeda's intercooler fits 1.6L / 2.0L Ecoboost CD4 Fusion and is an efficient bar and plate design with high flow end tanks to keep pressure drop to a minimum that produces maximum RWHP.
Part Number: 555 3702
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Fusion enthusiasts rejoice! Steeda has released their new modular design intercooler for 1.6L and 2.0L Ecoboost motivated Fusions. At the heart of this intercooler is a monster 28" x 7" x 3.5" core and CFD designed free flowing end tanks. Weighing in at a svelte 15 pounds, this efficient lightweight aluminum design has more than 200% volume as the OE piece, as well as greater usable heat dissipating surface area. Depending on your engine, the OE temp sensor may be at either end of the intercooler. To consolidate the different applications into one unit, Steeda's charge air cooler has cast mounting bosses at each end and a CNC machined billet block off plug. While the OE intercooler is adequate for normal driving unmodified cars, adding upgrades, boost and spirited driving will tax the OE plastic cooler. This upgraded FMIC is a great foundation to build your upgrades upon and can actually extend engine life due to cooler internal engine temps and reduction of possible detonation under high boost pressures.

Features and Benefits:
  • Lower inlet temps for more horsepower
  • Low pressure design yields higher boost from OE turbo
  • Maintains factory active grille shutters

Purchase the Steeda Intercooler for your Ecoboost powered Fusion from Steeda Autosports today!

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Fusion friends rejoice! Brian from, here today to show you our Front-Mount Intercooler for the 2013 plus 1.6 liter and 2 liter EcoBoost Engines. We all love the EcoBoost Powertrain because it makes good horsepower and good torque because of the size of the turbo. When we run a forced induction engine and particular turbocharger that runs off of exhaust gas, there's inherently extra heat added to the system and as this heat is passed back to the intake this means higher intake air temperatures, this means the ECU is gonna pull back timing ultimately is going to pull back the boost levels and really what this means to you is less horsepower, less thrills. Your Fusion is equipped with a front mount intercooler already but it's a very small unit and what this means is again if you're accelerating hard let's say second, third gear, fourth gear. Just simply getting onto the highway, when that heat soak starts working its way into the intake manifold and the intake air temperature sensor senses that. It's gonna start pulling back that power and that's a crucial time whether your getting onto the highway or if your at the racetrack, we need that power. So our solution is much more volume actually 200% more volume than the factory intercooler but this still fits in the exact same place and retains the factory shutters. The way we're able to increase the volume this much with our intercooler, is by utilizing a bar and plate design. This is a much more effective use of the allotted space we had in the factory location. As noted a moment earlier this is a direct replacement for the factory intercooler. It will retain the factory grille shutters and all the necessary hardware is provided for simple installation and no modifications to the car are required. Our low pressure design will not only allow the factory turbo to run at a higher boost level, but also to do so more consistently and for longer periods of time. This means more performance for you and speaking of more performance for you, we've seen you guys doing some pretty crazy turbo upgrades which this is going to be perfect for. So please tell us below how much power is your car making and what turbo setup do you have? If you enjoy the content of this video please share with other Fusion friends. If you want to learn more about this and many of our other great products for the Fusion and other Ford vehicles please visit us at Don't forget to follow us on social media and most importantly have a great day!
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Fitment & Features


Manufacturer: Steeda Autosports

Installation Information:

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Install Time: About 2 1/2 Hours
Tools Required: Basic Shop Tools, Flat screw driver, 1/4" Ratchet, 7mm Socket, 8mm Socket, 10mm Socket, T20 Torx bit, T25 Torx bit, T30 Torx bit, 5mm Allen key
Print Instructions: Installation Instructions

Vehicle Fitment:

Fits Model Year: 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020

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Yes it clears the Active Cruise Control sensor (almost)
Picked this up for my 14 2.0 (FWD) during install I noticed The Active Cruise Control sensor sits right in the front and was worried about fitment issues. Pulled the ACC out and installed the Intercooler like normal, no issues there. I started To put the ACC back in place and it was very tight fit. But doable. I feel If I had More time I could Grin the small amount of clearance I need On the mounting bracket for the ACC and would be all clear. I had The Active Grill Shutters turned off in my tune so I didn’t Need to reinstall those at the time. As of this writing I have Only driving around town so have to long term reviews for the Steeda Intercooler at this time.
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Verified Buyer   from Vineland NJ on 9/6/2021
Very worthwhile modification. Very tight fit, forward splash shield doesn't fit with this installed. Intake temperatures are lowered by a very significant margin, almost to ambient while boosting.
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from Winnipeg, Manitoba on 7/30/2021
Good product, Very tight fit
Overview: This product does what it's supposed to. It definitely cools the charge air temps. The directions could have been better but the general idea was there for my 2020 Fusion Titanium AWD. It wasn't exactly plug and play which was a tad disappointing but nothing a little brain power and force couldn't fix. Really tight fit in my application, had to modify a few things. Performance: I had the opportunity of seeing different stages / ways to cool charge temps after initially getting the wrong intercooler sent to me. In my testing, before doing anything to the car I would generally see charge temps about 30* above what the intake temp sensor was displaying. After taking the active grill shutters off without upgrading the FMIC, charge temps were only about 10-15* above intake temps. After finally installing the FMIC, charge temps were about the same as what the intake temp sensor was showing. Without a tune, you can feel that the car is a bit sluggish down low, but this is easily fixed with a tune. Noticeable difference at 60mph+, car continues to pull / doesn't seem to fall on its face as hard. Install: As noted before it wasn't exactly plug and play for my 2020 Titanium AWD, it was a bit of a hassle but not impossible. Give yourself more than 2.5 hours to complete this project just in case you have to make your own adjustments to get the intercooler to fit. An extra set of hands also helps. Overall: Not a bad product, snug fit, lowers temps, needs a tune (IMO) to avoid low end power loss / lag, top end power gains (lack of loss of power?) are definitely noticeable. You'll certainly have to work for it.
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from Saint John IN on 4/26/2021
No problems
Love the product. Shipped in very secure packaging. Install took a bit, but that's mostly on me. Taking out the old intercooler took way more time than putting the new one in. Very worth it
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from Auburn on 12/24/2020
Awesome upgrade
Intercooler is top notch. Easy installation and great performance.
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from Portland OR on 10/28/2020
Shoulda got this year's ago
Install was easier than I had read. It is a tight fit. Best part is temps stay 10-12 degrees above ambient at 23lbs of boost. Could use longer grille shutter bolts cause with the included spacers the stock bolts only grab a few thread's but it works.
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from IL on 8/31/2020
Worth the price
Very well made part. It makes the stock intercooler look like a toy. My intake temps are now consistently much cooler than with the stock part. It fit right in with no trimming needed. I did have to fab some brackets. I guess I found the one difference between a 2017 Fusion and a Lincoln MKZ.
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Verified Buyer   from FLorida on 5/16/2020
Ford fusion 2.0L steeda intercooler
The intercooler itself is a pretty expensive price for a intercooler but let me tell you that $600 your about to spend will be totally worth it. To start the steeda intercooler is 200% bigger and made of aluminum. This will 1, lower the air temperature entering your engine because the intercooler is 200% bigger than the stock plastic cooler creating more power. 2, since the steeda intercooler is built out of light wieght aluminum it can withstand more horse power, torque, throttle respond and much more. To install the intercooler you will habe to take the bumper off and than you can take your shutter system off as well. I decoded to rip mine off and not put it back on in order for more air to hit the fenders of the intercooler and cool it down even better. If you do that do note that there are two electrical connectors that are atached to the shutters, you will need to remove these and just plug them back in and zip tie them off somewhere inside the bumper to avoid any check engine lights. From there on out its super simple you will see your old plaster piece of crap intercooler and the first thing youll do is remove the O2 sensor from the factory intercooler and then once thats all finished loosen up the cupplers holding the factory intercooler on along with the 4 bolts along the 4 corners of the intercooler and yours good to remove. Than just put the new intercooler in place hand tighten the bolts make sure the hoses are secured properly and tighten them lossy after everythings in please tight everything down firmly making sure the hoses are all the way on the who tightening process. After all that put the shutters on if you choose lol than the bumper and your all set! I would recommend getting a tune for best performance results
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Verified Buyer   from Depew, NY on 3/15/2020
Fantastic upgrade for the 2.0
The Steeda FMIC has made a huge difference in power consistency. I run 93 Octane with a JMS Boostmax set to max and pulls are much more uniform. The computer is no longer pulling timing (potential power) because of excessive intake temps due to heat soaking of the stock IC.
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Verified Buyer   from on 1/6/2020
Very Pleased - Well worth the investment.
I am very pleased with this purchase. I believe that I am achieving notable gains in my acceleration and boost levels. The product is robust, looking and feeling well engineered. Of all the modifications I have done to my car, swapping in the Steeda FMIC was one of the easiest, thanks to Steeda deliberate effort to engineer a product that fits like a glove into the available space. I am very please with the performance and the aesthetic of this product.
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Verified Buyer   from Kalamazoo, MI on 10/17/2019
A must have upgrade
Having done pretty much every other basic bolt on and having the car tuned you quickly notice the car quickly heat soaks if you push the car. install was very easy as long as you make sure to transfer the rubber bushings from the factory intercooler. Car runs way cooler and makes a major difference, love it.
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Verified Buyer   from Pennsylvania on 9/8/2019
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