S&B Filters Cold Air Intake 2.7L/ 3.5L F-150 Raptor (Cotton Cleanable Filter) (2018-2021)

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S&B Filters great looking F-150 3. 5L cold air intake system fits like stock and performs to the highest standards. The 50 state legal S&B Cold Air Intake kit drops right in place of your stock intake system and doesn't require tuning.

Part Number: 281 75-5122
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S&B Filters great looking F-150 3.5L cold air intake system fits like stock and performs to the highest standards. The 50 state legal S&B Cold Air Intake kit drops right in place of your stock intake system and doesn't require tuning. The large box keeps the cool air in and unwanted engine heat out. The cold air inlet scoop feeds cold air directly to the filter, eliminating power robbing engine heat. The intake tube is designed for smooth airflow and less restriction.The end result is cooler, less turbulent air in and more horse power and torque out. The filter itself features premium silicone rubber that can withstand temps up to 400F. Silicone is tough yet elastic enough to stretch to form a perfect seal. The same silicone rubber is used in the inlet, coupler, and tube sleeve. A unique silicone box seal allows the intake tube to pass through the air box, isolating vibration and engine movement while keeping out unwanted heat. The clear lid makes for easy filter inspection letting you know when it time to service your filter. S&B's extendable series filters can be cleaned using a dry clean source of high pressure air allowing up to 30,000 miles before end of filter life.

Warning: Not approved for sale in California or states that require a California E.O. #. This part has been designed and is intended for off-road application only. Installation of this part on a vehicle that is driven on public roads may violate U.S. and Canadian laws and regulations.

Product Benefits:
  • Extra horsepower, torque, throttle response, and fuel economy
  • 40.0 % more airflow than the stock intake
  • 99.24% efficient @ 402 CFM (ISO Coarse Dust)
  • Clear lid for easy inspection of extendable filter

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING www.p65warnings.ca.gov.

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda.com. Here today to show you how we installed this S&B Cold Air Intake on our 19 F-150. Now this intake increases airflow, it's 50 state legal and it's designed for the 2.7 and 3.5 liter turbo engines for the 2018 through 2021 F-150. Now we're big fans of S&B components and this air intake is no exception. It's a closed airbox design, so this means that the air taken into the engine is insulated from the engine heat, so this means colder air intake temperatures. This means more timing, more performance and better fuel mileage. Installations really straightforward. Should only take you about 1 hour. Can be done in your garage or even on your driveway and only requires typical household tools. As mentioned before, this is a cold air unit so it's a closed top. Now S&B has integrated a clear opening so you can see the filter and know exactly when it needs to be cleaned. Steve's gonna walk you through the installation of this cold air kit step-by-step. Tools that we use to complete the installation include: A straight head screwdriver, a Philips head screwdriver, a pair of slip-joint pliers, a pair of standard pliers, a 13 millimeter socket, and 11 millimeter socket, a 10 millimeter socket for the battery, a 7 millimeter socket an extension, a drive ratchet, a 13 millimeter ratchet, and a 10 millimeter ratchet. Always when you're working on a car, it's best to take the negative battery terminal off. Just so there's no problems, no accidents. Slips right off. All right I'm using a 7 millimeter socket to take the worm clamps off you can also use a screwdriver if you don't have a 7 millimeter. Okay there's a snap here, just pull up. This is the air filter, the stock air filter. Take that out. Now there's a 13 millimeter headed bolt. You're going to reuse this bolt so keep track of it. Okay now we're going to take these pins off. Just take a screwdriver in between and pop it out. This is just a two-piece fin. This pushes in an opens a little wider to make it lock in place. Now there's the two little pins that you have to remove from the back of the air box. Okay we're just going to pull out the whole box. Now this, this rubber grommet and this bushing is going to be reused. You got to remove this metal piece. It's just pushed in and the rubber bushing it goes just like that and then the box comes out. Just like that. Now I'm going to finish removing the air tube. Alright I'm going to attempt to get this worm clamp on the back. They have it hidden. It’s a little difficult to get to. Okay, now we have to remove the air sensor. Alright, just push it, push in the little tab and pull out the electrical connector. All right you got to rotate it counterclockwise and then just pull it pull it out. That's the sensor this gets reused of course. All right now we're just going to assemble some pieces on the new airbox. This is a rubber gasket material make sure you put the little tab down. It slips right on and take the larger worm clamp. Now the worm clamps that they give you in the kit, uses a eight millimeter socket, five sixteenths eight millimeter or straight screwdriver. Okay here's where we're going to reinstall the grommet. See the hole, you put the rubber grommet in and then you push this through from the inside. All right now we're going to install this. It just slips on and it's held in place by these little clips. So one goes in from the outside, one goes up from the inside and they just joined together and clip together. Here we go. Here's a bracket we have to install for the one valve. It's a 7/16 headed bolt and nut you can also use an 11 millimeter. Now we're gonna reinstall the bolt and we took out of the other box. We're going to install the supplied pins. You just stick it in and push it down. This temporarily slipped a coupler on. The same with this side. They supply a jumper for the air meter because it's relocated in a different position. So I'm just going to plug that in and plug it into the air sensor. A little awkward to get to, but not to bad. Alright that's clicked in. Now I'm just going to tighten the hose clamp. I'm going to be using an eight millimeter socket you can use a 5/16 again or straight screwdriver. I like to align everything so it looks see having a worm clamp here and a worm clamp, there this looks a little neater. A little more professional. Okay now we're going to go ahead and put the air filter that we dropped in here on. All right we'll tighten it up. The plastic cover. Okay they supply a little rubber O-ring and the screw to go in there. The holes a is a little bit small so, just try and get it on the best you can. Push it on or you can just grab a hold of the rubber O-ring and screw it on. Whichever you want to do. Stick it in the hole. Just snug not to tight. Double check all our connections. I'm going to go ahead and read assemble the negative cable on the battery.
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Manufacturer: S&B Filters

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Fits Model Year: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
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