The Hoonifox: Lunacy At Its Finest!

Most often than not, if you're an enthusiast who loves the smell of burning rubber, methanol, and American horsepower, you know who the head Hoonigan in charge is! For over ten years, Ken Block has been shredding the streets of rally racing, drifting, and delivering the most insane automotive content on the planet. In the world of Ford Performance, he has pushed boundaries on what performance is capable of within any generation of Mustang, including the likes of many Ford models, such as the Focus RS, Fiesta ST, and F-150 Raptor.

He has always been pushing the limits on what is capable within the automotive world. Even when times have slowed down for our industry, he is still hard at work, creating the most insane creations to date. Just as you thought the 1965 Ford Mustang Hoonicorn was lunacy, he took it to another level, by creating a twin-turbo methanal injected Roush-Yates V8 making a mind-shattering 1400 horsepower to all four tires, this is what is known as the Hoonicorn V2. When things couldn’t get any crazy with Frankenstein Mustangs, he just released the most lunatic Fox Body Mustang on the planet. The Hoonifox is Ken Blocks’ latest madness creation in the Gymkhana lineup, needless to say; this ‘Stang is going to be the craziest of the bunch in Gymkhana history.

Hoonifox Front Quarter Shot


As most Mustang and automotive enthusiasts know, we never know what crazy dream Ken Block is going to draw up next. Just as the Hoonican V1 and V2 were thought to be the most incredible creation from the mind of the legend himself. He shatters the industry standard yet again, by creating the Hoonifox which seems to the most obsurd and amazing Fox Body ever concieved, from the front quarter view, you can tell the design shares very similar characteristics with the '65 Hoonicorn, such as the widebody structure, massive hood scoop, and fender flares. It is very easy to tell, this Fox Body is the next evolution forward in the Hoonicorn Mustang realm.

You can tell it was clearly developed for functionality in mind, as Block plans to use it for his upcoming Gymkhana film. Ken says he took design cues from eighties era motorsports to come up with the Hoonifox. He used many characteristics from Fox Body era Mustangs including Ford factory race cars. It is evident to see where the wide body fender flare innovation comes in the shared similarties of IMSA and world race cars. Cues from a 1964 Shebly Cobra can be attributed with the large header to exhaust side pipes, which we might add will probably sound phenomenal. All of this innovation combined seems to have been well thought out and developed for the next tire slaying machine!

Hoonifox Three Quarter Viewpoint


Well, if we know Ken Block well enough, his style is the craziest and most extreme in the world of modern automotive and racing. Some of his latest creations are utter mind-blowing in the likes of the Escort Cosworth, F150 Hoonitruck, and Raptortrax. One language that all of these builds share is complete lunacy, but at the time are built for one purpose in mind. Taking the already beautiful Fox Body and only making it grander, Block seems to want to tie in everything the third-generation Mustang had to offer.

The rearview is a mix of race-inspired functionality with everything you would expect out of a Fox Body era 'Stang. Design elements include rear-window louvers, mid-eighties Mustang style taillights, widebody fender flares, and a massive rear diffuser. This design shows a classic mix of functionality and purpose to take a beloved Fox Body Mustang into the absolute extreme. It will be interesting to see what the final product is when the car is complete.

Hoonifox Front Viewpoint


As of right now, we don't know a lot about what is going to be powering this new beast; all we can do is speculate at this time. Currently, the car only exists in a beautiful 3D rendering stage where we can see it virtual world. With that said, if we think about this in-depth, this tire slayer will likely have a very similar engine to the Hoonicorn V1. Looking at the picture above, it shares a very similar hood scoop design that comes from the Roush-Yates NASCAR engine, this version of the Hoonicorn produced a whopping 800 brake horsepower to all four wheels.

We suppose there could be several options to choose from, such as the Ford GT's EcoBoost 3.5L twin-turbo only cranked up to eleven, possibly a pepped-up version of the Predator Shelby GT500 engine, or a similar formula as was in the Hoonicorn V2. All of this remains to be unseen as at this time as the build goes from rendering to reality. What we can confirm right now is a few variables, it will have Toyo R888R tires on all four corners, and come equipped with a rally-spec all-wheel-drive system to help slay all four tires, just like the Hoonicorn Mustang.

Everyone at Steeda is very much looking forward to this Monster Fox Body being born soon and hitting the streets. We can't wait for the head Hoonigan to absolute go full send mode with this beast. Stay tuned to all our social media and Steeda central for all things Hoonifox Mustang!

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Image Credit: Hoonigan Industries, Ken Block, Ford Performance