All-Electric Cobra Jet Drag Car Unveiled From Ford Performance

Ford Performance's all-new Cobra Jet 1400

For the first time in Ford and Mustang history, the team at Ford Performance has unleashed a silent 1400 horsepower beast. The all-new Cobra Jet 1400 electric is the most potent purpose-built drag Mustang ever built. With the capability of running a low 8-second quarter-mile, 1200 LB/FT of torque, and a trap speed of over 170 miles per hour. This new breed of venom is ready to hurt some feelings!

As an industry leader, Ford has always been paving the way for others to follow when it comes to all-out performance. It is no different from the Mustang Cobra Jet 1400 electric. Below you will find comprehensive details on this magnificent creation from our friends over at Ford Performance.

Electric Cobra Jet 1400

Engineering & Design

Unlike the internal combustion-powered Cobra Jet Mustangs of the past, this new breed of Cobra has a silent bite. Ford Performance collaborated with other industry-leading electric vehicle manufacturers to engineer this new snake. Dave Pericak, Director of Global Icons at Ford, said: "Electric powertrain is an entirely new way to push the boundaries of performance in a Mustang, the all-electric Cobra Jet is the trendsetter for new technology, power, and innovation to test new limits." It is an opportunity for Ford and the Mustang to capitalize on since the Mustang Mach-E is coming to dealers this year.

To ensure the success of the Cobra Jet 1400 program, suppliers and fellow industry contacts were brought on to help with their areas of expertise in electric vehicles.

  • Watson Racing: developed the chassis support and roll cage to ensure that all that torque doesn’t flex when it counts most.
  • MLe Racecars: helped by tuning, designing, and building the Cobra Jet to Ford Performances’ full specifications.
  • AEM EV: provided the necessary software, motor calibration, and controls to ensure the most efficient way for all 1400 horsepower to hit the ground running.
  • Cascadia: supplied the actual electric motor powerplant and inverter to create the insane amount of horsepower and torque that this Cobra Jet is capable of.

Ford Performance Cobra Jet 1400 Electric

Why Electric?

For many years now, automotive manufacturers have been pushing the boundaries of what electric cars are capable of doing. Ford is no different, just recently the introduced to the world, 2021 Mustang Mach-E it became a rollercoaster of emotions for Mustang enthusiasts due to its change of formula for the Mustang we all know and love.

With that said, it is good to note that electric vehicles are not all that bad; for example, they produce immediate torque right from the starting line. Combustion engines have to build torque as the motor goes through its progression. The efficiency difference is staggering when compared to the electric powerplant. Ford's primary purpose in developing this is simple; engineering new powerplant options that can be suited for track use applications. No better way to showcase this incredible modern automotive racing technology than in Mustang.

We believe a lot of good will come out of this for future power train and engine development in the future. No better time to be a Mustang and Ford enthusiast than right now!


Pushing New Boundaries

For over a century, Ford has been setting the gold standard for high-end performance amongst the automotive world and racing. The all-electric Cobra Jet 1400 is yet another example of why Ford is ahead of the competition at all times. As testing continues to develop, we look forward to seeing what kind of records the Ford Performance team can push with this new breed of venom.

It is no lie that we here at Steeda love the traditional way of how Mustang muscle has always been. But we genuinely look forward to seeing what new heights our favorite pony car is capable of soon. One thing is for sure we are looking forward to seeing what it does against the competition and its gasoline-powered Cobra Jet siblings in the coming future.

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Image Credit: Ford, Ford Performance