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Green Filter Focus/Focus ST High-Performance Air Filter (2010-2018)

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Green Filter is a leader in performance air filtration and has been proven to perform at the track. Chosen by racing professionals to help them win races, you can be sure that this panel air filter for 2010-2018 Focus' will improve power and reduce restriction.

Great performance. By taking input from racing professionals and performance engine manufacturers, the filters have been designed to deliver more power and meet the demands of high-horsepower and the track. Whether you are after more power, better gas mileage, or reliable filtration, this panel filter is a great addition to your Focus.

Features & Benefits:
  • Designed to perform
  • Can increase fuel efficiency
  • Improves power
  • Reduces restriction
  • Washable and reuseable
  • Durable construction

2013-2020FordEscape2.0LL4F/IAll Models
2010-2020FordC-max II2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2010-2020FordC-max II1.6LL4F/IAll Models
2010-2020FordC-max II1.6LL4DSLAll
2010-2020FordGrand C-max2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2010-2020FordGrand C-max1.6LL4F/IAll Models
2017-2019FordEscape1.5LL4F/IAll Models
2016-2019FordKuga II1.5LL4DSLAll Models
2015-2019LincolnMKC2.0LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2019LincolnMKC2.3LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2019FordKuga II1.5LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2019FordGrand C-max1.5LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2019FordGrand C-max1.5LL4DSLAll Models
2015-2019FordC-max II1.5LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2019FordC-max II1.5LL4DSLAll Models
2014-2019FordTransit Connect1.6LL4F/IAll Models
2013-2019FordKuga II2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2017-2018FordKuga II2.0LL4F/IAll Models
2017-2018FordEscape2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2016-2018FordTransit Connect1.5LL4DSLEuro 5,2017 All Models,2016 All Models
2016-2018FordFocus III2.3LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2018FordTourneo Connect1.5LL4DSLEuro 5,2017 All Models,2016 All Models,2015 All Models
2015-2018FordFocus RS2.3LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2018FordFocus III1.5LL4DSLAll Models
2015-2018FordFocus1.0LL3F/IAll Models
2014-2018FordTransit Connect1.0LL3F/IEuro 5,2017 All Models,2016 All Models,2015 All Models,2014 All Models
2014-2018FordTourneo Connect1.0LL3F/IEuro 5,2017 All Models,2016 All Models,2015 All Models,2014 All Models
2014-2018FordFocus III1.5LL4F/IAll Models
2014-2018FordFocus ST2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2013-2018FordFocus ST2.0LL4F/IAll Models
2012-2018FordGrand C-max1.0LL3F/IEuro 5,2017 All Models,2016 All Models,2015 All Models,2014 All Models,2013 All Models,2012 All Models
2012-2018FordFocus III2.0LL4F/IAll Models
2012-2018FordFocus III1.0LL3F/IAll Models
2012-2018FordFocus2.0LL4F/IAll Models
2012-2018FordC-max II1.0LL3F/IEuro 5,2017 All Models,2016 All Models,2015 All Models,2014 All Models,2013 All Models,2012 All Models
2010-2018FordFocus III2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2010-2018FordFocus III1.6LL4F/IAll Models
2015-2016FordTourneo Connect1.5LL4DSLAll
2014-2016FordTransit Connect1.6LL4DSLAll
2014-2015FordTourneo Connect1.6LL4DSLAll
2014-2015FordTourneo Connect1.6LL4F/IAll
2014-2015FordKuga II1.6LL4F/IAll
2012-2015VolvoV40 II1.6LL4F/IAll
2010-2015FordGrand C-max1.6LL4DSLAll
2010-2015FordFocus III1.6LL4DSLAll
2013-2014VolvoV40 Cross Country1.6LL4DSLAll
2013-2014VolvoV40 Cross Country1.6LL4F/IAll
2012-2014VolvoV40 II1.6LL4DSLAll
2010-2014VolvoV70 III1.6LL4DSLAll
2012-2013FordKuga1.6LL4F/IAll Models
2009-2013Mazda31.6LL4DSLAll (from June 2009)
2007-2013VolvoC302.0LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2013VolvoC301.6LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2008-2012FordKuga2.0LL4DSLAll Models
2007-2012VolvoS40 II1.6LL4F/IAll,2007 From 8/07
2007-2012VolvoS40 II1.6LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2007-2012VolvoS40 II1.8LL4F/IAll,2007 From 8/07
2007-2012VolvoS40 II2.0LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2012VolvoV501.6LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2007-2012VolvoV502.0LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2011-2011FordFocus XR52.5LL5F/IAll Models
2009-2011FordFocus XR52.5LL4F/IAll
2007-2011VolvoC301.6LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2011VolvoV501.6LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2009-2010FordFocus II2.5LL5F/IRS
2009-2010FordFocus XR52.5LL4F/IAll Models
2007-2010FordFocus II2.0LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010FordFocus II1.8LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010FordFocus II1.6LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010FordFocus II1.6LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010FordFocus II1.4LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010VolvoC302.0LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010VolvoS40 II2.0LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2007-2010VolvoV502.0LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2008-2009VolvoC70 II2.0LL4DSLAll
2007-2009FordFocus II2.0LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)
2007-2009VolvoC301.8LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2009VolvoV501.8LL4F/IAll (from August 2007)
2007-2008FordFocus II1.8LL4DSLAll (from August 2007)

warningWARNING: California Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm;

Installation Difficulty:
Tools Required:
No Tools Required
Estimated Install Time:
(approx.) 3 Minutes
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