Ford Mustang GT 2018 Style OEM 5.0L Intake Manifold (2011-2019)

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This OEM 2011-2019 S550 Mustang GT 5.0L Coyote engine intake manifold is great for adding additional horsepower to your Ford Mustang. Installation for this genuine Ford part is an easy, direct bolt-on. In stock and ready to ship today at Steeda.

Part Number: 162 JR3Z-9424-A

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If you want to give your V-8 2011-2017 5.0L Coyote some more power, this original equipment 2018 Mustang GT factory intake manifold is a great way to do it without breaking the bank.

Since it's a genuine Ford OEM part, installation is an easy, direct bolt-on that allows increased airflow, resulting in increased power.

It does require OE IMRC delete for proper function and omits the factory engine cover on earlier models. For the best performance, this intake manifold can also be ported for even greater airflow. For 2011-2014 S197's IMRC lock out is required and 2015-2017 S550's may retain IMRC with a custom tune.

Product Benefits:

  • Increases Air Intake Flow
  • Increases Horsepower
  • Bolt-On OEM Fit

CA Residents: Cancer and Reproductive Harm WARNING

Hi everybody Brian from Steeda, discussing the 2018 Intake Manifold swap for Coyote-equipped Mustangs. Specifically the S197 model years 2011 to 2014 as well as the S550 model years 2015 to 17. What did it make 20, 30, 40, 3, horsepower! Oh man, stay tuned.   With each evolution of vehicle and engine we see progress. We see refinements and we see additional horsepower and torque, of course that's most important to us. We'll start with the Gen. 1 Coyote in the 2011 to 2014 Mustang S197 models and the Coyote really changed that car pretty dramatically. Then into the Gen. 2 engine for the 15 to 17 Mustang it evolved even more. Gained more horsepower, gained more torque and some more RPM up top. Then came the Gen. 3 Coyote and with it came additional horsepower and additional torque. You see where we're going here as this progress has happened. The 2018 Intake Manifold has been quite a craze! In fact we've seen this happening since the 60's where you take a larger intake manifold, put it on a car that previously had a smaller more restrictive manifold and it makes power. So is that true for this, well yeah I mean it really does make some power! We really want to talk about where these advantages will work best for you where we've noticed the power gains because it's important to note that as great as the 2018 Intake Manifold is, is it ultimately suitable for you. We know this thing draws a wide audience and immediately you F-150 owners are probably asking the question, why didn't you mention us. It's not personal honest, the reality is that we want to recommend this for certain applications and the F-150 simply isn't one of them. Now if it's a full custom build, you're doing cams and you're modifying the truck to ultimately rev much higher than great but I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself. The reality is that the engine was equipped differently than the Mustang engine. It won't make use of the shorter runners on this manifold as well as well it would the stock manifold. So it's going to make more torque and horsepower, usable horsepower earlier with the stock manifold. So I hate to disappoint you this is something we wouldn't recommend for you F-150 owners.   All right now back to the Mustang guys. We're going to kind of go along with this F-150 thing a little bit too. For you S197 guys some of you should heed the same advice we're giving to the F-150 owners. If your car is a 6R80 equipped vehicle, meaning it has an automatic transmission and you still have the stock torque converter again proceed with caution and we're going to get more into this in just a moment but the reality is that you don't want to spin that factory torque converter up to too high of an RPM. Otherwise sometimes some bad things can happen. So who in the world is this manifold good for? I mean let's face it in the 15 to 17 model cars comparing the two, one to another on the exact same car and we saw three horsepower gain. Go ahead and comment below, blow us up! Comment below, I dare you! The reality is, we saw three horsepower gain up until the factory redline on the 15 to 17. The same thing has been true for the 11 to 14s. A little bit of a gain but nothing too crazy, until you get to higher RPM. So here's where this thing kicks in. So many of you have read 30, 40, 50 horsepower. Holy Cow! People are trying to sell you on something. The reality is that the tune makes the biggest difference. RPM makes the biggest difference. If your car is a street car and you're just cruising around putzing around. If you like the look of the manifold, which again it looks like a manifold. Great that's fine do what you want to do it's your car. If you're looking for performance understand that performance is really going to start to shine above 6000 RPM. F-150 guys you don't typically see that. S197 automatic guys well if you build that transmission you're going to the drag strip or road racing the car quite a bit, then you're going to see that all the time. There is benefit to this thing and it makes a lot of power beyond the factory redline. So again we want to make sure that we're dispelling any sort of well sales pitch here in what you're getting. It does make a great impact and a great improvement in those higher RPM ranges. So those of you that are getting out and auto crossing and driving the snot out of your car, this absolutely is something you want to do. If you're drag racing and constantly winding the car up in the RPM band. If you've installed cams, Oh man! Comp Cams in particular. You want the extra flow of the intake manifold. Especially because you're going to be living at the higher RPM range so often and as noted, the tune is what's so important.   For you S197 guys this is a pretty straightforward installation but you would need to get yourself some IMRC lockouts. The IMRC is the Intake Manifold Runner Control. There are intake runners inside this that are vacuum controlled and ultimately open and closed depending on vacuum that's coming from the engine and well as obviously they open, shortens the runners. That's where you get your high RPM use, well S197 had a single stage manifold from the factory. So to put a dual stage manifold like this onto the early cars doesn't work so well. So you have to lock out the IMRC, because of this we actually would definitely recommend that you take a look at the Boss 302 Intake Manifold. That is a single stage manifold, also provides high RPM usage and it's a very similar price point to the 18 Plus Manifold. Not saying again you can't do it. Some of you have different options or different things that you're after. Maybe you've reached out to Brett Barber or Auto Mafia as far as porting the manifold and you're good to go but just keep in mind for the S197 you will need IMRC lockouts.   For you S550 guys 15 to 17 owners, the car already has a Dual Stage Intake Manifold on it. The advantage of going to the 2018 Manifold isn't at the lower RPM, in fact it's going to drive nearly identical. This is why we said for a street cruiser it doesn't make as big of a difference to you but for those of you that are really winding out the cars, you're taking above 67-6800 RPM it really ultimately gives you another 700 or 800 RPM to work with beyond where the factory manifold was. Because the 2018 Plus Intake Manifold is also a dual stage, we definitely recommend retaining that and one of the pieces that we offer is VMP's Wiring Kit. It's a plug and play kit to help convert your 2018 Intake Manifold to the setup that's originally on your 15 to 17. Now this manifold will ultimately require a tune because the sensors on the IMRC's the Intake Manifold Runner Control System will ultimately trigger a check engine light. So you will want to run a tune plus you want to be able to take advantage of the additional RPM and the air flow you're going to get at those higher RPM. So again definitely do a tune with the swap, otherwise it is a direct replacement. Bring your throttle body right over to this manifold and even the intake that you're already running the cold air intake and we're hoping it's a Steeda Closed Air Box but the reality is you can retain the intake that you're running and that's one of the reasons why this intake has been so popular. It's priced extremely well. It's a direct bolt-on. It's compatible with so many different cold air kits again we hope that you're utilizing ours but we know there's other items out there and again nice pieces that this will work with and it's really straightforward as far as installation it's pretty clean. You do need to keep in mind that your engine cover and some other things really can't be utilized once you put this on but if you're getting to this point of performance and growing and evolving with your car probably not using that engine cover anyway.   So there you have it, the manifold of manifolds! 1,000 horsepower, guaranteed! All right, all right, slow down, slow down. The reality is we want to dispel a lot of rumors there's a lot of people out there selling things. You know, crazy amounts of horsepower and the reality is tuned for tune up until about 6,700 RPM there's very little difference between this and the 15 to 17 manifold. You S197 guys you're going to pick up a little bit more in the earlier RPM but the reality is you may still want to consider that Boss 302 Manifold. Otherwise if you're going to do this make sure you get the lockouts. 15 to 17 guys makes you get the VMP Harness. Utilize all the drivability of the 15 to 17 Manifold in the 18 plus Manifold as well. Keep that additional Runner Control, Intake Runner Control active and this is a great manifold and a great purchase for those of you living in that higher RPM range and let's face it, that's all of us that are racing. road racing. auto crossing and drag racing. If it's drag racing or road racing or auto crossing you ultimately have times when you need to wind out that gear a little bit longer or possibly short shifts that you're not changing gears mid corner. Having a wider power band will benefit you ultimately more usable power and making the car a little bit easier to drive. Making it easier drive means that you as a driver will ultimately be faster. That's especially if you're autocrossing and road racing the car. Drag racing again you're going to want to wind it out as long as you can so that you're staying in that really narrow point of the power band where the car is traveling the fastest accelerating the fastest to bring those ET's down and those trap speeds up.   This is a great time for you to tell us which manifold you've chosen. What kind of power you're making and what are you doing with your car. We love reading what our viewers are doing because it's such a great way for us to learn as a company. Well how our customers are using the parts that we're offering and the reality is within our own cars we ultimately want to keep getting faster and faster. We want to improve them and make them better. We also want to share products with you that do the same. So your feedback is incredible! Definitely post below and give some more viewers something to read for sure or give us a call we're happy to discuss our experiences with you. The benefits and what might suit you best, for your vehicle.   To learn more about this and many of the other great products we offer for the Mustang and other Ford vehicles visit us at To see the latest and greatest things that are up to with our cars check us out on Social Media. Thank you so much for watching, we appreciate it. Steeda, Speed Matters!
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Manufacturer: Ford Genuine Parts

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Fits Model Year: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

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Bang for the buck
Don’t think twice about it. This manifold is really amazing.
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2018 intake
Very good choice for more hp...can't go wrong, get the tune....and the cold air intake.
Did you find this helpful?  6 of 8 Found Helpful
Must get
Love this thing. Shipped super quick. Unfortunately showed up damaged, but Steeda customer service was excellent and got a replacement out super speed. Best customer service I’ve experienced in this industry so far. The intake manifold made a big impact...the price for this thing makes it a no brainer mod everyone should do. It’s ridiculous.
Did you find this helpful?  3 of 3 Found Helpful
2018 Intake
The OEM 2018 intake manifold sold by Steeda got to my house within a few days of ordering, was well packaged and fit my 2011 Mustang GT perfectly. I even found an easy way to modify the stock engine cover to fit. On top of all of that, Steeda's price is considerably less than any other place that sells this manifold
Did you find this helpful?  21 of 21 Found Helpful
18 manifold
installed this on my 15 gt with the lock out kit. my 15 gt equipped vortech runs to 7800 rpm with out a glitch. this my first non suspension mod i have purchased from steeda. and as always everything went well!
Did you find this helpful?  14 of 14 Found Helpful
2015 mustang gt pp1
Made my GT breath allot more, pretty easy to install, I would definitely recommend for anyone to install this 2018 manifold. If you have a 2011 to 2017 and for the budget, you won't regret it one bit.
Did you find this helpful?  38 of 39 Found Helpful
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