Budget Friendly 2015-2023 Ford F-150 Upgrades

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When it comes to your F-150, we know you want only the best. The best lighting, best sound, and just about everything else are what you expect when building your truck. Ever since the start of the F-150 line, these trucks have been incredibly popular as work vehicles, recreational vehicles, and family vehicles alike. With a plethora of engine options available over the years, it is possible to make a completely unique combination of upgrades. The F-150 quickly became one of the most customizable vehicles on the market and has remained so today.

modified f150

In the 2015-2023 F-150, the creativity goes even further. With these trucks offering a lot of value for not much money in some configurations, it is easy to understand their popularity even today. Modern F-150s have multiple engine options as well including turbocharged ones and hybrid options. One thing that has not changed over the decades has been the enthusiasm around these trucks, with each generation paving the way for new truck enthusiasts to build their engines and chassis as much as they want to. For these new enthusiasts with the 2015-2023 Ford F-150, there are more than enough upgrades to make your truck truly yours.

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Budget Ford F-150 Lift Kits

One of the first upgrades most F-150 enthusiasts go to is suspension. Just like most trucks, the F-150 looks incredible when lifted. Lifting your F-150 gives you improved visibility, and better ground clearance, and allows for more aftermarket work like wheels, exhaust, and more. However, most people will just see this as a chance to modify their truck to stand out, and for that reason, there are many lift kits we carry for you to modify your truck properly. Designed for various chassis configurations, as well as different generations, these lift kits offer a great base to start modding your truck.

lifted f150

For a happy medium of lifting your truck, a range of 3”-4” is the perfect amount for most people. Lift kits are not an inexpensive upgrade for sure but the quality is the most important aspect when doing any suspension work. If you want a good price of entry while getting serious quality the ReadyLift 3.5” SST Lift with 1” SST Driveshaft Lift Kit is the way to go. The cost of this kit, while still pricer than many other upgrades, undercuts most suspension upgrades like this by hundreds of dollars. These upgrades are known as solid parts for your build and you can be sure that your F-150 will look and ride how you want it to be.

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Budget Ford F-150 Lighting

An important part of any build on any vehicle is proper lighting, and on the F-150 lighting is incredibly important. For your front lights, you need them to be bright and visible so not only the truck can look good but also be seen by other drivers in the dark on major roadways. With many lights, you get what you pay for, but some lights like the Spyder F-150 LED Light Bar Projector Headlights are able to be a serious value in terms of price while not skimping on quality. These lights are stylish and unique enough to make your truck stand out. With their sleek styling, these lights will light up the night, whether that means on the road or at a local meet.

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When modifying lights, you can't leave out upgrading the taillights, especially with how many people will be seeing them. The Anzo F-150 Taillights are a great way to stand out. With their simple yet stylish design, these flights will completely transform the rear of your truck. These taillights are unique in their styling and have incredibly good quality for their price. Constructed of the same material as the factory parts, these taillights are durable, luxurious, and will help you stand out just about anywhere you go.

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Budget Ford F-150 Exhaust

One absolute must-have upgrade on your F-150 is an upgraded exhaust. With louder exhaust, your truck can make its presence known much easier. While some exhaust options are just loud and toneless, a properly done exhaust can sound awesome and bring more character into your truck's arrival. A proper exhaust makes your truck sound more performance-oriented than just cutting off mufflers and resonators. When upgrading your exhaust, some brands can get pricey for their parts, but there are systems for every budget.

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For the budget-minded truck enthusiast, there are a few upgrades to your exhaust that can make your truck sound like a new vehicle. One of the best options when shopping for a full exhaust upgrade for your truck while not breaking the bank comes from MBRP. The MBRP XP Series Dual-Exit Cat-Back Exhaust is one of the best sounding exhaust options on the market for these trucks and costs dramatically less than the majority of other exhausts. This exhaust is a great option regardless of the price point thanks to the quality of the metal used and the metalwork that pieces the parts of the exhaust together.

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Budget Ford F-150 Power Upgrades

One of the most important upgrades to many F-150 owners is the power adder upgrade. For many vehicles, this is done with a tune, a forced induction system like a turbocharger or supercharger, or nitrous generally, especially in naturally aspirated V8 models. However, in already boosted vehicles, specifically, the EcoBoost motors found in Ford vehicles, tunes, intakes, and other add-ons are perfectly capable of adding horsepower. With a few simple upgrades as well as a tune, you can get massive power benefits out of engines like the 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 that will easily outrun many other vehicles.

f150 ecoboost upgrades

For the EcoBoost owner looking to get the most out of their truck and out of their money, upgrading your cold air intake and tuning can net you over 60 horsepower easily. When upgrading your EcoBoost, a kit like the Steeda 2.7L/3/5L EcoBoost Power Package might be exactly what you need to get the extra power you've always wanted your truck to have. These intake and tuner combinations are rated to provide up to 65 horsepower and 120 ft-lb of torque, a major step up from the factory output. With an aggressive look, this upgrade will transform your engine bay too along with the performance changes.

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