Performance Exhaust Guide for the 1994-1998 Mustang

If you have been rocking the 90’s vibe in your 1994-1998 Mustang, you know that there are few sounds better than that classic V8 sound they make. These Mustangs have a major following for their ease of upgrading and working on them, as well as for their ease of maintenance since they were straightforward in their layout. As a result, the SN95 is still receiving upgrades and improvements in the racing world. If you have been looking for your chance to get in on the classic Mustang world, now is one of the best times there is to do so!

The 1994-1998 Mustang has a classic muscle car sound that is insanely uncommon and hard to find today, and for that reason people have begun creating new interest in this platform. If you want the absolute easiest way into the classic muscle car sound, the SN95 is one of your best options into the segment, and there are tons of aftermarket exhaust parts available. With so many, it might be difficult to figure out which aftermarket exhaust setup is the best for your 1994-1998 Mustang in terms of sound and performance benefits. Thankfully, here at Steeda we have gone through and figured out which exhaust options are the best for your '94-'98 Mustang to get the most from it.

Cat-Back Exhaust Mid-Pipes Mufflers

sn95 mustang catback

SN95 Cat-Back Exhaust

If you are getting ready to do custom exhaust on your SN95, you’re not exactly short on options to choose from. The 1994-1998 Mustang had a major following in the market as its only competition was the Camaro, and as a result the car was a sales success. As well as actual performance, the SN95 offered a large aftermarket exhaust selection, exactly what muscle cars and pony cars need to be successful. Unfortunately, there are not many available exhausts for the V6 engine, so we will gloss over it quickly. For those, your best bet is an aftermarket muffler (which we’ll go over later in this list). However, the aftermarket for the other two engine variants more than makes up for the lack of parts for the V6 Mustang. Both the GT and the Cobra offer a variety of cat-back exhaust setups to ensure you get the sound you want from your car.

In the GT model, the best-sounding and best-performing exhaust is the Flowmaster Outlaw Cat-Back exhaust. The Outlaw is known for getting an aggressive and loud exhaust note while not being obnoxiously loud or annoying to others. The Outlaw exhaust option faces the ground which makes it echo and as a result sounds even louder than it actually is. The Outlaw gives you that classic muscle car experience in a semi-modern shell. This setup is nice and bassy in tone and sounds more aggressive than nearly any other exhaust setup.

In the Cobra, the best exhaust available is the Flowmaster Force II Cat-Back exhaust. The Flowmaster Force II brings back the classic exhaust sound more than the Outlaw system while being slightly quieter as well. These changes make it more manageable for many people, plus it better accents the Cobra’s style and personality. It is a bit more of a raspy sound to it, similar to high-performance Fox-Body Cobras and GTs. If you like the classic Cobra exhaust note, the Force II is the best exhaust you can buy for your car.

sn95 mustang bbk h pipe

SN95 Mid-Pipes

If you are looking to change the tone of your exhaust but don’t want to make it too loud, or possibly you just want to develop your own sound by pairing it with an aftermarket muffler, you can change out your resonators and replace them with a performance mid-pipe setup! Mid-pipes offer more versatility for increasing sound and performance while being more cost-friendly to do.

pype xpipe sn95

If you want to upgrade your V6 Mustang, you can install the Pypes Catted X-Pipe which will not only increase your car’s exhaust volume but will also give you dual exhaust. The Pypes setup will make it so you can run dual exhaust which will help increase power and noise in your car, making it more performance-oriented than ever before. Paired with a Flowmaster muffler, you can make your V6 SN95 sound better than ever before while increasing your horsepower as well.

If you’d like to increase that muscle car sound on your Mustang GT without making it too loud, BBK has the perfect solution. The BBK H-Pipe with Cats adds the perfect amount of exhaust rumble to it without sounding obnoxiously loud. The BBK mid-pipe offers owners the chance to either bring a subtle exhaust change to their car or the chance to add aftermarket mufflers to the X-pipe in order to increase the volume dramatically.

sn95 mustang mufflers

SN95 Mufflers

An easy way to improve your Mustang’s exhaust note is a simple muffler installation. By replacing the factory mufflers with higher-performance options, you can completely change the exhaust of your 1994-1998 for generally pretty low-cost including labor. When installing aftermarket mufflers, you have a wide variety of options to choose from but only three actually stand out among the others. These mufflers work well on each of the motors found in the '94-'98 Mustangs including the V6, and will give you a whole new style to your car.

One of the best sounding mufflers you can buy for your 1994-1998 Mustang is the Flowmaster Super 44 which brings that classic Mustang sound into the car. The Flowmaster Super 44 comes in two setups for different offsets and gives the car a slight rasp to the exhaust while opening up the engine sound as you drive. This muffler is fairly cheap in price when compared to the price of other exhaust options while providing high-quality sound and materials.

Like the Super 44, the Flowmaster Super 10 provides that classic muscle car feeling and sound but this one is more aggressive. More along the lines of classic hot-rod, the Super 10 brings a surprising lope to the exhaust and on startup the exhaust roars to life with a deeper tone than the Super 44.

The third option of the three best mufflers for the SN95 is the Pypes M80 muffler. The M80 starts to bring the sound closer to that of the S197. The Pypes M80 muffler pairs well with H-pipes and can make your SN95 sound as aggressive as you could have ever wanted it to be. The Pypes muffler is notorious for bringing out a lot of sound in any exhaust setup, and in the 5.0 liter V8 found in the Cobra it makes the exhaust note sound more like that found in a high-performance racing platform.

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