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2024 S650 Mustang Details

All New 2024 Mustang Header

The Ford Mustang has reigned as the best-selling sports coupe in the world for the past seven years, and Ford aims to keep it that way with the new 2024 Mustang. With nearly 60 years backing the model, engineers and designers have always strived to achieve a thrilling vehicle that builds upon the last. Each generation has pushed the boundaries of innovation, technology, and lineage in order to excite drivers and improve performance. The 7th generation Mustang will continue this pattern, blending modern styling with iconic designs while bringing segment-first technology to the “S650” Mustang. The following specs, details, and information will give you the latest on the all-new 2024 Mustang.

2024 Mustang Specifications

  • Engines: 5.0L V8 or Turbocharged 2.3L Four-Cylinder
  • Mustang GT Horsepower: 480+ HP
  • Mustang Dark Horse Horsepower: 500 HP
  • Transmissions: 6-Speed Manual or 10-Speed Automatic
  • Exterior Color Options: Vapor Blue, Yellow Splash, and more!
  • Available as Coupe or Convertible
  • Sale Date: Summer of 2023

The New 2024 Mustang | Everything You Need To Know

What's New Exterior Specs Interior & Tech Engine & Drivetrain Suspension & Brakes Dark Horse Availability 2024 Mustang & Steeda Gallery FAQs Pre-Release Info & Teasers

2024 Mustang: What's New?

2024 s650 mustang dash view

Ford didn't hold back with this next generation of the pony car. The 2024 Ford Mustang will get a fully revamped interior that is designed for driver experience. Technology and convenience have also improved inside the Mustang with more screens and personalization. Inspired by the 1960's models, Ford designed this generation of the Mustang to have sharper edges and "heritage-inspired" styling. The heart of the Mustang will be either the 4th-gen 5.0L Coyote V8 engine or a new 2.3L four-cylinder turbocharged EcoBoost engine.

2024 Mustang: Exterior Specs

Mustang S650 GT side shot

The 7th generation of the Mustang is a striking blend of modern and vintage. Angular body lines like the Mustangs of the past are apparent in the new generation. Along the same lines, the upper grille design was influenced by 1960's models, and the iconic Tri-Bar lighting is utilized in both the tail lamps and the LED headlights. Combined with the Mustang's low, horizontal front brow, Ford gives everyone a visual reminder that the Mustang has not lost its heritage.

2024 s650 mustang tri-bar headlights

Like the previous generation, each trim level of the “S650” will get a unique front end. Compared to the EcoBoost, the GT features bigger, more menacing grille openings that are engineered to improve airflow. Mustangs will sport new hood vents, a revised front splitter, and a new rear diffuser. These changes improve the aerodynamics and the balance of the 2024 Mustang.

Those after convertibles need not worry; the 7th generation Mustang will be available with a fully lined and insulated fabric roof. A single-handle center latch and one-touch activation make it a breeze to put the top down and enjoy the open air. The drop-top will not cost you your trunk space either, thanks to its compact design. Able to fit up to 2 golf bags, the Mustang will have segment-leading trunk space.

2024 s650 mustang bronze wheels

Ford knows personalization is important to Mustang owners and offers opportunities for such from the factory. 11 exterior color options are available, including the new Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash. To dress up your pony car, new stripe colors and designs are available from Ford. Brake caliper colors may also be selected, with black, red, and grabber blue available. Any color you choose will look great behind a completely new array of 17” to 20” alloy wheels.

To top off these exciting exterior changes, a new Mustang Design Series gives buyers more customization when they order. A Bronze Design Series Appearance Package, available on both non-PP and PP EcoBoost and GT models, equips your Mustang with Sinister Bronze alloy wheels and bronze badging.

2024 Mustang Paint Colors - Steeda
Click the image to download our all-in-one Steeda 2024 Mustang Color Guide!

2024 Mustang Paint Colors

  • Yellow Splash
  • Vapor Blue
  • Rapid Red
  • Ingot Silver
  • Grabber Blue
  • Dark Matter Gray
  • Carbonized Gray
  • Atlas Blue
  • Blue Ember
  • Oxford White
  • Race Red
  • Shadow Black

2024 Mustang: Interior & Technology

Mustang S650 Interior

Inside of the Mustang, the interior has been reworked. The new interior brings buyers the most advanced and driver-focused Mustang to date, with new screens, a new layout, and more. First to come to everyone's attention is likely the massive curved screen. This seemingly single piece is actually made up of two separate parts. The 12.4” digital instrument cluster is located directly in front of the driver and is customizable. Buyers can optionally configure the cluster to blend seamlessly with a 13.2” SYNC 4 center stack. These two sections, the cluster and center stack, get hidden behind a large, curved, single piece of integrated glass.

Drivers will get a unique experience in the Mustang with the car being centered around them, similar to a fighter jet. The curved dash gives the driver easy visibility of all the customizable displays. Ford based the instrument cluster on the same Unreal Engine 3D graphics engine that is used in video games to display animated designs and drive-mode-specific graphics. A contoured flat-bottomed steering wheel adds to the experience further, with race inspired styling, increased legroom, and easier seating when getting in and out.

2024 s650 mustang recaro seats

The Mustang gauges will feature an up-to-date copper theme, similar to what is used on the Mach-E. The instrument clusters will change based on the drive mode that is selected, but nearly everything in the displays, along with ambient lighting, can be set to selected tones. Vehicle setup information will be displayed in real-time through renderings as drivers select personalized drive mode settings. Adjusting the settings will be done through the touchscreen. Splash screens with animations will welcome you back to your vehicle.

Buyers have their choice of standard cloth seats with optional Micro-Suede Vinyl inserts and black seat belts or upgraded interiors with Premium models. Both EcoBoost and GT Premium models include upgraded wrapped and accent stitched instrument panels and trim. The EcoBoost Premium comes with 'Active X' synthetic leather seats in a variety of colors. The GT Premium models get leather seat inserts. Higher series models benefit from a full-leather steering wheel, the ability to choose the color of accent stitching, different seat perforation in the seat inserts, and color-coordinated, asymmetric accent striping on the seat belts.

A wireless charging pad that can be integrated with the center console and USB ports that are mounted above the driver's seat adds more convenience. Mount track cameras and more while keeping a clean cabin with the ceiling-mounted USBs. SYNC 4 is fully compatible with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto so that you can get excellent navigation, entertainment, and functionality. Ford Streaming and the built-in Amazon Alexa plays music and podcasts with voice commands. The optional B&O Sound System has been tailored to the 2024 Mustang's interior and delivers an unparalleled sound. Ford Power-Up software update capability is present in the “S650”, like the Mach-E.

No longer will you need to set up a camera or have a friend record to hear what your car sounds like to others. A notable feature that many enthusiasts will enjoy is the new Remote Rev feature, allowing owners to rev the Mustang's engine remotely via the key fob.

More interesting new technology includes Ford Co-Pilot360 and Active Pothole Mitigation - included with the Performance Package. The Ford Co-Pilot360 consists of Speed Sign Recognition, Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go, Lane Centering Assist, Reverse Brake Assist, and Evasive Steer Assist. Active Pothole Mitigation continuously monitors steering and brake input, the vehicle body, and suspension, then adjusts the suspension to respond to the changes.

Some may be familiar with the FordPass app, an app that unlocks a variety of features for your Mustang. Owners can connect with their 7th generation Mustang via the app to access the free information and features. The information and features are vehicle health and status, vehicle location, scheduling a start time, door locking and unlocking, remote start and stop, and more. Users can check oil and fuel levels, service history, and warranty information as well.

2024 Mustang: Engine & Drivetrain

Ford has gifted us with a new, 4th generation of the Coyote V8 along with this 7th generation Mustang. This 5.0L Coyote will be the most powerful naturally aspirated engine of any Mustang GT with the help of an advanced dual air intake box and dual-throttle body design. This new intake system will help reduce induction loss by allowing for greater airflow rates. The 2.3L Turbocharged EcoBoost engine is an all-new variant that is a great fit for buyers that want a fun-to-drive car that is efficient.

2024 s650 mustang shifter

A 10-speed automatic transmission will be available on all models and can reconfigure its shift patterns to match the selected drive mode in almost an instant. Ford carried over the 6-speed manual transmission to the 2024 Mustang as well, giving 5.0L V8 owners the ability to row their own gears and feel connected to the power of the naturally aspirated V8. The manual transmission comes with standard rev-matching to maintain peak torque and improved precision.

Electronic stability control, transmission control settings, steering efforts, and engine response can be quickly adjusted by the driver through 6 available Drive Modes. Normal, Sport, Slippery, Drag, Track, and a customizable setting with up to 6 individual profiles. Each mode displays graphics in the instrument panel as you select it.

2024 Mustang Horsepower & Torque Specs

  • Mustang EcoBoost: 315 HP / 350 TQ
  • Mustang GT w/o Active Exhaust: 480 HP / 415 TQ
  • Mustang GT w/ Active Exhaust: 486 HP / 418 TQ
  • Mustang Dark Horse: 500 HP / 418 TQ

2024 Mustang Horsepower & Torque Specs - Steeda Click the image to download our all-in-one Steeda 2024 Mustang Horsepower & Torque Specs Guide!

2024 Mustang: Suspension, Chassis & Brakes

The 7th generation Mustang features quicker steering ratios and reduced steering wheel compliance to improve cornering dynamics. This will help connect the driver to the car for an improved driving experience.

2024 s650 mustang grabber blue brakes

An electronic drift brake is segment-first technology that is perfect for the track. This enables customers to easily slide their Mustang and make use of the RWD configuration. Visually and functionally similar to a mechanical handbrake, this is an exciting addition to the 2024 Mustang. The Performance Electronic Parking Brake is standard on all Performance Pack equipped Mustangs. Designed for both novice drivers and expert drivers, the Performance Electronic Parking Brake is a system that can be utilized by drivers at all levels.

When the Mustang EcoBoost or GT is optioned with the Performance Pack, it will be equipped with a load of track-focused features, including a strut tower brace and Torsen limited-slip differential. Optional MagneRide active suspension, wider rear wheels and tires, and bigger 390mm front and 355mm rear Brembo Brakes. Exclusive with the GT Performance Pack adds brake ducts for better cooling and a standard auxiliary engine oil cooler. When equipped with the Performance Pack, optional Recaro seats and an optional active exhaust are available.

2024 Mustang: Dark Horse

2024 Dark Horse Mustang Sub Header

The Dark Horse Mustang Package is an option that offers peak performance. The Dark Horse stands apart from the other offerings of the 2024 Mustang with 500hp from the factory and performance specifically for the American street and track. More than 3 years of work went into developing the Mustang Dark Horse into the beast that it is. Since the Mustang Bullitt in 2001, this is the first new performance name from Ford.

Included with the Dark Horse are piston rods borrowed from the GT500's 760hp Supercharged 5.2L Predator engine. A unique Tremec 6-speed transmission with an oil cooler or an optional 10-speed automatic transmission is available. Dual throttle bodies and intakes help the special Coyote variant breathe through openings in the front grille. Standard with the manual transmission is a 3D printed titanium shift knob. The automatic has sport paddle shifters that help with faster shifting. To improve track performance, NACA brake ducts, an auxiliary engine oil cooler, a rear axle cooler, and a more capable lightweight radiator with more powerful fans are included.

A larger rear sway bar, heavy-duty front shocks, 19” Brembo 6-piston front calipers with 13.9” rotors, a Ford Performance-designed strut tower brace and K-brace, a Torsen rear differential, standard Pirelli P Zero (PZ4) tires, and staggered 19x9.5 and 19x10 wheels ensure performance that excels. MagneRide is standard on the Dark Horse, improving handling for the impressive machine.

With the Handling Package, the owner gets better aerodynamics and greater downforce than any new Mustang with a rear wing and integrated gurney flap like that of the Ford GT. Stiffer springs, larger front and rear sway bars, meatier Pirelli Trofeo tires, 19x10.5 front wheels, and 19x11 rear wheels make this package a worthwhile investment. For those who spare no expense and compromise on nothing, lightweight carbon fiber wheels from Carbon Revolution are available.

2024 Dark Horse Mustang

The interior of the Dark Horse sports a thicker suede flat-bottomed steering wheel with Bright Indigo Blue accent stitching. Anodized silver paddle shifters contrast the dark interior in cars equipped with the 10-speed, and a dedicated drive mode button is easily accessible with the driver's thumb. The blue stitching is continued in the seats, door panels, shifter gaiter, and center console. Unique blue seat belts provide an exclusive look to the interior. Adding the optional Dark Horse appearance package earns you Deep Indigo Blue seats with special perforation that hints at blue below the material. A Black Alley finish - dark metallic gloss - gives the interior trim, bezels, and vents a stealthy look. To top off the interior, the 12-speaker B&O Sound System and subwoofer deliver incredible audio.

At the front, Ford placed a bold shadow graphic that surrounds darkened LED headlamps. This blends perfectly with the gloss black grille and angular nostrils. A special lower front bumper with high gloss ‘fangs', lower side skirts, a fixed rear wing, darkened quad-tip exhaust, and a race-inspired diffuser add to the presence of this monster. Dark Horse badging graces the fenders, trunk, and door sills, while a dark anodized version of the running pony accents the front of the Mustang perfectly. Dark Horse graphics appear on the instrument panel and digital display. Each Dark Horse will have a unique chassis number.

Blue Ember metallic paint is only available on the Dark Horse. This color is a cool dark shade that turns warm when light hits it. Applied or painted graphics can be added along the roof and down the hood in a variety of colors and styles. An optional Appearance Package gives owners Dark Notorious Blue Brembo brake calipers with a Grabber Blue logo.

2024 Mustang: Availability

Those looking to purchase the 7th generation Mustang will have to be a little patient. The 2024 Mustang will become available for sale in the U.S. beginning in the summer of 2023.

2024 Mustang at Steeda

Steeda is excited for this next chapter in the Mustang's life, and we look forward to helping 2024 Mustang owners personalize their cars and push the pony car past competitors on the track. This 7th generation vehicle offers new opportunities for R&D, and our team is excited to continue pushing the envelope! Ford has delivered another incredible vehicle, and it will be a pleasure to highlight where this generation Mustang excels.

2024 Mustang Gallery


  • What engine is in the 2024 Mustang? A 2.3L Turbocharged Four-Cylinder or 5.0L Naturally Aspirated V8.
  • When will the 2024 Mustang go on sale? The 2024 Mustang will become available in the U.S. beginning in the summer of 2023.
  • What changed with the 2024 Mustang? Ford redesigned the exterior and the interior of the 2024 Mustang. The front fascia and large, driver-focused digital instrument panel are the most notable of these changes.
  • Does the 2024 Mustang have a drift mode? 2024 Mustang's equipped with a Performance Pack will get the Performance Electronic Parking Brake standard, designed to be an electronic drift brake.
  • What comes with the 2024 Mustang Performance Pack? The 2024 Mustang Performance Pack will get a variety of upgrades, including a strut tower brace and a Torsen Limited Slip Differential. The GT will have additional upgrades and other upgrades are optional.
  • Does the 2024 Mustang have dual intakes? Yes, the 2024 Mustang GT will come with a dual air intake box and dual-throttle body.
  • What is the Mustang Design Series? The 2024 Mustang has an optional Bronze Design Series Appearance Package that adds bronze badging and Sinister Bronze alloy wheels to an EcoBoost or GT model.
  • What are the new Mustang colors? The 2024 Mustang has 2 new colors available. Vapor Blue and Yellow Splash. New stripe designs and colors are also available.
  • Does the 2024 Mustang have a new hood? Yes, the 2024 Mustang has a redesigned hood with a single vent in the front center of the hood.
  • Is there a convertible 2024 Mustang? Yes, the 2024 Mustang is available as a coupe or convertible.
  • Can you get the 2024 Mustang with the 7.3L Predator engine? Ford has only confirmed the 2.3L EcoBoost and 5.0L Coyote engine.
  • Can you get the 2024 Mustang with the 6.8L engine? Ford has only confirmed the 2.3L EcoBoost and 5.0L Coyote engine.
  • Does the 2024 Mustang GT make 500hp? Ford has only confirmed that it will be the most powerful Mustang GT yet.
  • Where can I buy a 2024 Mustang? You can order a Ford Mustang online or at your local dealer.
  • Will the new Mustang be a good track car? The 2024 Mustang will certainly be a good car for autocross, drag racing, and track events.
  • Will the 2024 Mustang have MagneRide? MagneRide active suspension will be optional on the 2024 Mustang.
  • What is an S650 Mustang? S650 is the rumored chassis code of the 2024 Mustang. This would be similar to the previous 6th generation Mustang, the S550. The S650 chassis code has not been confirmed by Ford.
  • Is there a 2024 Mustang Cobra Jet? Ford has not announced a Cobra Jet model, there are rumors of a Cobra Jet manifold to be released.
  • Is there a hybrid 2024 Mustang? No, Ford has not announced a hybrid 2024 Mustang.
  • Is there an electric 2024 Mustang? Currently, the only electric Mustang is the Mustang Mach-E SUV. Ford has not confirmed an electric Mustang sports car.

Pre-Release Information, Updates and Teasers

On June 2nd, 2022, Ford released a video with the quote "The all-new 7th-generation Mustang is coming" with an audio clip playing as it said this. In the video, looking at the lettering in the word generation you can see a manual transmission shift pattern. This confirms for many enthusiasts that our favorite gearbox will still be sticking around into the newest generation of the Mustang. Additionally, listening to the video makes the engine more obvious as well. With a smooth-revving V8 playing behind the text, paired with the manual gearbox going by the shift opint in the video, we now know that the S650 will keep the ever-classic driving setup the Mustang is known for.

Mustang S650 Front Bumper Leak - 4/14/2022

Mustang S650 GT Front Fascia

Mere days after seeing the interior of the newest Ford Mustang, the biggest look at the new muscle car forced its way to the front page. An alleged spy photo of the European-spec EcoBoost Mustang was shared on FordAuthority, showing a much flatter and more boxy front end. While the splitter is fairly aggressive in style, the car looks much more toned down than the current S550 generaiton of the Mustang. With the blockier interior that we saw only days prior, the now blocky exterior matches well and ties the car more closely together. With headlights that look to be from the Mach-E SUV, we can also tell that this is the European market vehicle by the oversidzed rear mirrors and rectangular license plate bracket.

2024 s650 mustang ecoboost

The more impressive GT did break cover slightly after the EcoBoost's debut. With a dramatically more aggressive front end, the GT boasts a large (hopefully funcitonal) hood scoop as well as multiple blocky and aggressive vents. The flat hoodline keeps the car aggressive above the new headlights and helps the car's body lines flow more evenly from what we can see.

Mustang S650 Interior First Look - 4/11/2022

2024 mustang s650 interior steering wheel

We finally have gotten our first look at the inside details of the new Mustang S650 thanks to some quick shots from The Drive, and we can see quite a few changes from the current S550 generation. First and foremost, the interior still retains some aspects of the S550, such as the shifter and the paddle-shifter setup for the automatic gearbox. This image shows that the car is still driver-focused, but without knowing for sure if the manual transmission will stick around in every year of production we can't be sure of the performance aspects.

2024 s650 mustang interior

One of the obvious changes is the shape of the steering wheel. Compared to the current interior, the wheel is chunkier and has more grip points at the 10 and 2 positions. The airbag is more rectangular than it has been in years with the only one before being the Fox Body model. The gauges have been replaces by large screens which are angled to face the driver more than ever before. With a more driver-focused cabin, the Mustang does lean more towards driving than many others, but moves away from the classic muscle car styling in the process.

2024 s650 mustang

Moving towards the buttons and dials, there looks to be a button for auto start-stop in an effort to save fuel when sitting in traffic. This, paired with the automatic transmission, should make the S650 a comfortable vehicle to use in traffic and daily use. Additionally, many knobs have been replaced with on-screen controls, such as climate control. Thankfully, going by the dashboard there is still an active exhaust system and different drive modes.

2024 s650 mustang

As more info comes out about this car, make sure to stay here at Steeda for any breaking news about the upcoming S650 Mustang. We are dedicated to providing our customers with every detail we can find on the upcoming iteration as we are already excited to upgrade one to its fullest potential.

Image Credit: TheDrive

2024 mustang engine testing shelby gt350

Mustang S650 Engine Update - 3/30/2022

As more and more details slowly emerge about the upcoming Mustang, we have gotten even more excited than before. With the camouflaged video, we got a taste for a large V8, but now more information has emerged about the Mustang's new engine option. After Ford patented a new 6.8L V8 for the F-150, new speculation has led many to believe it will be available in the Mustang as well. This would also explain the massively raised front end on an odd Shelby gt350 test mule, as the intake on the 6.8L pushrod V8 is in the front and does not curve as it does on the Coyote.

Recent patents and inside information about the S650 Mustang have shown that there is one new feature from the GT500 being incorporated into the car: the flat-bottom steering wheel. Although many other companies have been selling vehicles with these steering wheels for years, the Mustang has never been available with it outside of the Shelby GT350 and GT500. While this may not seem like much to non-enthusiasts, a flat-bottom steering wheel is generally associated with high-performance driving, and finally fitting one to the Mustang is a good attempt to prove the enthusiast nature of the car.

Other information that has been found about the car is that some of the concepts feature dual rear calipers for the brakes, meaning either a heavier vehicle or a faster one in order to require such improved stopping power. With the larger engine, it makes sense to improve stopping power. Although we don't know how much power to expect from the upcoming Mustang, it is safe to assume it will be a decent bit more powerful if the brakes needed to be reworked and made more capable.

While further speculation as to the designs have been made, there have been no certain appearance changes noted yet past the spy photos we had seen prior. The only change recently seen on the car has been the inclusion of a convertible model. This was to be expected since the Mustang has always offered a convertible variant so people can enjoy open-top driving. As more is seen about the new 2024 Mustang S650 we will learn what performance capabilities we can expect and will be able to plan the development of an even faster car.

camouflaged 2024 s650 mustang

Today, we got our first look at the new S650 generation Mustang in a very long time. Caught testing in Michigan by Mustang7G member Jarstang, this is the first time we've seen the new Mustang without body cladding from the S550 generation Mustang. The pictures, while still showing a heavily disguised car with full-body camouflaging is the first look at the new sheet metal bodywork of the car. With the possibility of new engine options underneath the hood, the new Mustang will most likely start the path towards a new era of the Mustang nameplate.

test car camo s650 mustang

At first glance, the S650 test mule looks generally the same as the current S550 generation of the American icon. However, upon closer inspection, there are slightly noticeable differences throughout the images of the car. The roofline still looks aggressively raked backward but not sloping fully down for the fastback effect currently found on the Mustang. The return of this roofline sounds appealing with regards to styling and the car's heritage. Additionally, the car keeps a similarly shaped profile and rear end in terms of the decklid and diffuser making it seem like it will carry some of the panels or general design from the S550.

camo s650 2024 ford mustang

With all of these similarities, there are some major differences as well. The most obvious is found in the headlights of the car. Gone are the three boomerang-shaped running lights and in return come two LED lights similar to what is found in the GT supercar. The grille looks slightly larger than the current model but retains the same general shaping as well as the lower grille shape. The taillights look reworked as well, running LEDs as well but still continuing the look of the current-generation Mustang. The car seems to be sitting very high for a sports car, so it leads us to believe there is either a new suspension change or possibly additional gearing on the wheels themselves to increase power.

We are excited to see what is to come with the new S650 generation of the Mustang in 2024 as well as what we can do to it to make it perform even better than ever. With the new challenges of these cars as they debut, we get excited and anticipate the aftermarket will grow quickly, especially for us.

Mustang S650 Spy Photos

Ford created the most successful and legendary muscle car in the history of American automotive history. The S550 Mustang, in its sixth year of production, means it is heading towards the end of its generation cycle. It means the Mustang team has some big shoes to fulfill because of the most successful modern Mustang to date. In the last few years, there has been speculation on what the next generation Mustang would be in the form of the S650 chassis platform. We are very excited to see what the Mustang and Ford Performace team come up with in terms of power, styling, and performance. Throughout the rest of this article below, we'll explain our thoughts and speculation on what the S650 Mustang could become.

Unqiue Rear Brakes, Potential AWD & More - 2/11/2021

2020 Shelby GT500 Rear Brakes Shelby GT500 Rear Brakes

Thanks to our friends over at Ford Authority, we were able to get a close-up shot of a new test mule of the S650 Mustang coming for the 2024 model year!

The biggest takeaway here is the rear brakes pictured below. This is a different brake combo than what we've seen on the new GT500, so we're eager to see what comes of this new development. It certainly could be just a packaging change, or it truly could be hints of AWD coming for the Mustang sooner than we think! Either way, we're excited for what's to come, so be sure to stay tuned here at Steeda for the latest info on the S650 Mustang!

2024 Mustang S650 Test Mule Rear Brakes

2024 Mustang S650 Test Mule Front

2024 Mustang S650 Test Mule Side

2024 Mustang S650 Test Mule Rear

2024 Mustang S650 Side Shot Concept

Design Speculation

For some time, there has been constant speculation and rumors about what the next-generation Mustang will become. After six successful generations of America's favorite pony car Ford will have to pull out all the stops to create the most magnificent pony ever to leave the stable. Rumors have been floating around that this seventh generation will have the most impactful technology such as all-wheel drive, a hybrid powertrain to boost horsepower and torque, and a completely revised chassis to bring the Mustang into a new era.

The picture above is a rendering that has been floating around the Mustang community on the S650 could be. From our take, we think that this new pony to the stable will continue the long lineage from all six previous generations but pushing into the future with more technology, engineering, and all-new drivetrains to offer to a wider variety of people. Due to the incredible success of the S550 Mustang, as well as the success of the Coyote 5.0L V8, Voodoo 5.2L Flat Plane Crank, and Supercharged 5.2L Predator V8 we, like every Mustang enthusiast, is interested to see how after nearly sixty years Ford will continue the heritage of the breed.

2024 Ford Mustang Concept S650

Arrival In 2022

The entire Mustang community is anxious to see what Ford will do to the seventh-generation stallion. Unlike the past six generations, the all-new pony will most likely be the most revolutionary in design, technology, drivetrain choices, and sophistication. For instance, the image above from our friends over at Autocar is a concept design that is the next adaptation of what could be America's favorite pony ever built. We here at Steeda think that the S650 is going to be an evolution to what the current Mustang is right now. Due to the lack of knowing what drivetrains, components, and information, we can't give cold hard facts on what it performs.

We know from recently recorded sources that it will arrive in 2022 as a 2024 model. We certainly hope Ford will continue with the Coyote 5.0L V8 but transforming it to a more powerful evolution of the first three generations of all-out Mustang performance. It will be tough for the Mustang team to one-up the S550 Mustang because of the immense success Ford has created within the most potent and best-performing pony to ever come out of the stable. Everyone at Steeda is looking forward to the next evolution of the American legend and its competition amongst its competitors.

Stay right here for all the latest news and information for the 2024 S650 Mustang and all the updates to come!

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Image Credit: Autocar | Mustang7G