2021 Mustang Refresh Spied!

2021 Mustang Refresh Spy Shot

Thanks to our good friends over at Mustang6G, we were able to see some photos of a supposed 2021 Mustang refresh with a revised front fascia! With the speculation of the all-new 2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1 floating around, it is no wonder that Ford is gearing up for a facelift on the S550 front end to keep things fresh. For the last three years now, Mustang enthusiasts have been used to the edgy and in-your-face look when the 2018 Mustang dropped back in late 2017. Ford is truly keeping us on our heels to keep us guessing at this point in time. We are certainly excited about this potential refresh that is coming very soon!

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Potential 2021 Mustang Refresh Spotted! (2/7/2020)

At first glance, there’s a strong possibility that Ford might be trying to mess with us using those Lincoln center caps in the Performance Pack Wheels. But behind that, it is clear that we can see the Mustang Bullitt red-painted six-piston front Brembo calipers along with painted rear red-painted calipers.

2021 Mustang Refresh Side Shot

One of the biggest variations between the current car and the supposed 2021 refresh Mustang is the placement of where the turn signals and fog lights reside, along with the differentiation of LED to halogen lighting usage. You can also clearly notice that the reflector in the headlamp is amber in the current car vs in the 2021 test mule it appears to be a grey reflector in the headlamp.

2021 vs 2020 Mustang Front Headlight

After further inspection of these spy shots, you can see that this is likely a euro-based test mule due to the white sequential tail lights, orange side marker, and red rear fog light. Now, maybe this could just be for testing purposes for a global-production-only vehicle, however, time will tell with as more news develops.

2021 Mustang Test Mule Rear

From head-on, it is very clear that this 2021 Mustang has a much narrower upper grille than the 2018-2020 Mustangs. The shark bite grille is much more assertive than years past, which is something we definitely would like to see. That in-your-face look has been a Mustang staple over the last 3 years. We’d certainly love to see more grille options with this refresh, than in years past.

2021 Mustang Front End

Overall, we think that this Mustang should be a continued success with the S550 platform since it debuted back in 2015. All of us here at Steeda look forward to seeing more of what this pony will have to offer! So, stay tuned to the Steeda site and social channels for the latest information on the 2021 Mustang Refresh!

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Image Credit: Mustang6G